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Electric Charge (Electric Charge エレクトリックチャージ) is a Lightning Move Card.


Arcade Stats[]

Electric Charge2

Electric Charge arcade card (Japanese Gekizan 3rd Edition)

It is the first After-effect Move for Lightning.

  • Names (Japanese Kanji & Taiwanese): 来雷蓄電
  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates at random when you win with any move button.
  • Effect: After the attack, increase the Attack of the Sign you won with, and heal yourself slightly!


Anime Stats[]

Electric CCCCharge

Electric Charge anime card

  • Attribute: Lightning
  • Owner: Max Taylor (D-Team)
  • Used by: Chomp
  • Debut: Prehistory in the Making
  • Used to Defeat: Terry, Spiny, Saltasaurus, Utahraptor, Tank
  • Effect: A bolt of lightning charges you up, then charge at your opponent, hitting them with a ball of electricity and sending them flying! Though having a standard usage, throughout the season Chomp found a few unique ways to deliver this attack.
  • Other: The Electric Charge card was found by Max along with Chomp's card and the Lightning Stone in his Card Capsule after the small meteor impact near his house. It was Chomp's first Move Card, being his second most-used in season 1 but going unused in season 2.

TCG Stats[]


Electric Charge TCG card

+800; (Only a Lightning Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • Some Lightning Strike arcade cards show the dinosaur with a ball of electricity in its horns similar to Electric Charge, but they can be distinguished by their Signs (Lightning Strike is Rock, Electric Charge is Scissors).
  • Artwork from its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Cards Voltage Boost (06 6th), Electric Cascade (Geki 1st), Bolt of Vengeance (07 2nd), and Static Sphere (Geki 3rd), an altered version is seen on Electric Ivy (07 4th/4th+), and an anime scene featuring it is seen on Mega Bolt (Ep. 26).
  • It was the first Move Card seen and the first Move Card used in the anime.
  • Just as seen with Cyclone, both Moves became attack enhancements instead of effect boosts in the anime due to the absence of the turn-based Rock-Paper-Scissors system seen in the arcade.
  • It was the only Super Move that Chomp used in the first season but not the second.
  • It is used as a "partner effect" in the arcade's 2v2 matches when a Lightning Dinosaur is on a player's sidelines. Electric Charge will sometimes activate whenever the Lightning Dinosaur's fighting partner wins, even if it isn't directly equipped, and its effect will benefit the fighting dinosaur.



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