Egg Attack (Eggs Revolver in the Japanese arcade) is a Grass Move Card.


Arcade StatsEdit

Grass Move Egg Attack

Egg Attack arcade card (Taiwanese 3rd Edition)

It was the third released of the three Attack Moves for Grass.

  • Names:
    • Japanese Kanji: 朋卵弾丸 (Eggs Bullet)
    • Taiwanese: 酷卵左輪 (Cool Eggs Revolver)
  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Rock
  • Attack boost: 200 (Non-Critical); 300 (Critical)
  • Technique boost: 50
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates when you win with Rock.
  • Effect: Call out a trio of Oviraptor (only one Oviraptor in the DS game) who shoot a storm of eggs at your opponent!


TCG StatsEdit

Oviraptor TCG card

Egg Blaster TCG card (DKCG)

  • Name: Egg Blaster
  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Rock
  • Card Code: DKCG-131/160, DKJC-0??/100
  • Card Rarity: Common (DKCG), Thai Common (DKJC)
  • Image From: 07 1st(+)/S2 1st arcade card (DKCG), 07 2nd/S2 2nd arcade card (DKJC)
  • Effect:
+1000; (Only a Rock Grass Dinosaur can use this Move.)


  • It is the only Super Move Card available as a Fossil Card and is the 21st Fossil card in the arcade.
  • It is called "Egg Blaster" in the TCG, and "Egg Machine Gun" is a stronger version of Egg Attack in the DS Game that is a Grass Fusion Move which gets stronger in an Earth Battlefield.
  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Magical Shot (5th), and an altered version of one is seen on Spore Storm (6th).


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