Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

East Gobi Plain is a location in Asia in the DS game first visited in Chapter 2.


Map - East Gobi Plain

East Gobi Plain Map

Accessed from Gobi Village in the northwest; it links to Wanderwood Forest in the southeast after the Dragon helps the player cross Sprout Lake. Crescent Pond is located in the northeast, Deadleaf Lake is in the center, and Sprout Lake is in the southeast.


Chapter 2

Entering to find the Dragon Skull, the player is directed to find a pair of Bandits in the southwest. After rescuing them from an Alpha Droid, they admit they stole it but forgot where they hid it, sending the player to Crescent Pond, where it is a set drilling item. After being told to take the Dragon Skull to Sprout Lake, the player must provide a Stone Weight to help repair a bridge they must cross. Placing the Dragon Skull calls the Dragon, a Futabasaurus Suzukii, to take them across Sprout Lake and reach Wanderwood Forest.

Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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Main Area[]

Purple frill-head Alpha Droids (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing) [170 chell]
  • Siamotyrannus R (Crisis) LV17; Patagosaurus R (Blitz) LV18; Monoclonius P (Counterstrike) LV19; Dacentrurus P (Blitz) LV20; Tsintaosaurus P (Defense) LV21; Eustreptospondylus S (Crisis) LV17
    • Starts by blocking player's Critical Move; copies player's last winning move. May on any turn use their Critical Move. Only Siamotyrannus, Monoclonius, and Tsintaosaurus use a different move after being hit by a Critical Move. Loses to the previous tying move.
    • "I should play it safe here."—if 2 options, uses stronger one.
    • "Hmm… What a conundrum."—if 2 options for player, ties their stronger one (though not always inclined to use this dialogue).
Green Supply Alpha Droids [1020 Exp, 170 chell]
  • Fukuiraptor P (Blitz) LV18 (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing)
    • Random every turn; will likely flee following first win after first turn.
    • "My supplies are precious! Initiating random mode!"—new dino
    • "My precious supplies! Initiating random mode!"—after tie
    • "Uuunh… My supplies are valuable! Initiating random mode!"—after loss (non-Critical)
    • "(none)"—after win if staying; also rarely for new dino and after tie
    • "Initiating emergency escape! Must escape with my supplies!"—fleeing after win
Static (required)
Green frill-head Alpha Droid [720 Exp, 200 chell; rare Medium Dino Drink]
  • Monolophosaurus R (Defense) LV18 (Wind Tail, Kamikaze Tackle, Dino Swing)
  • Iguanodon S (Blitz) LV18 (Green Tail, Kamikaze Tackle, Dino Swing)
    • Starts by losing to the player's Critical Move; copies the player’s last winning non-Critical move and uses a non-Critical move if hit by the player’s Critical. May on any turn use their Critical Move. Uses a different move after tying.
    • "What?! Are you able to read my moves?"—copies the player's last move.
  • Doesn’t say "Long live the Alpha Gang" when defeated.
Static (optional)
Green (out of battle)/Purple (in battle) frill-head Alpha Droid [800 Exp, 200 chell; very rare Medium Dino Drink]
  • Monolophosaurus R (Defense) LV20 (Double Deal, Late Bloomer, Attack Boost)
  • Iguanodon S (Blitz) LV21 (Ambush, Defense Surge, Wild Dino Swing)
    • Starts by losing to the player's Critical Move; uses a non-Critical move if hit by a player’s non-Critical and copies the player's winning Critical Move. May on any turn make {some comment(?)} on MP. Loses to the previous tying move.


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Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Dragon Skull (required; drill at Crescent Pond in Chapter 2, Yellow Ping)
  • Metasequoia (required; provide Stone Weight to fix bridge south of center in Chapter 2, trade for Mystery Fossil Altirhinus/Daspletosaurus (if Max/Rex))
  • Spring Water (southwest, for Blazing Chef Bao, trade for Ancient Bowl in Chapter 3+; repeatable)
  • Torn Note (from Shu for Fan Letter after tracking him down in Postgame, points to set Asian/African Fossil Saichania (Tie Type)/Spinosaurus (Tie Type) (if Max/Rex)

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Medium Dino Drink (center west item case)
  • Advanced Workbook (northeast item case)
  • Manual (rescue NPC from optional Droid)

Drilling Table[]

Depths marked by a "*" are not known well enough to be confident of their full item list.

Item (East Gobi Plain) White Ping Yellow Ping Orange Ping* Red Ping*
Leaf/Sprout/Trefoil/Clover Very Common Very Common Uncommon Common
Asian Fossil (not found) Common (not found) Very Common
Stone Weight Uncommon Rare (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Underwear Common (not found) (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Bowl Uncommon (not found) (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Urn Rare (not found) (unknown) (unknown)
Uncut Ruby Very Rare Rare (unknown) (unknown)
Gold Nugget (not found) Very Rare Common (unknown)
Five-Colored Bead (not found) Very Rare Common (unknown)
Mammoth Tusk (not found) (not found) (unknown) Uncommon
Conodont Fossil (not found) Uncommon (unknown) (unknown)
Sycamore Fossil (not found) Uncommon (unknown) (unknown)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be drilled up randomly as Asian Fossils.

The following can be acquired as set fossils.

  • Mystery Fossils:


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