Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

East Dust Hills is a location in North America in the DS game first visited in the Postgame.


Map - East Dust Hills

East Dust Hills Map

Accessed from Dustberg in the southwest; it links to the Secret Base in the northeast after the Great Bird flies the player over Mount Tyranno. Mount Tyranno is in the northeast. Vortex Hill is in the northwest; Alpha Droids are different, though comparable levels here.



Seeking to explore, the player discovers several NPCs who have been robbed, beginning to suspect the thief might be the crooked Detective Dory up to new trouble. Reaching the base of Mount Tyranno, a herder refuses to move his last sheep until the player can track down and return the one which wandered off, found at the center crescent lake; after this, the Pteranodon can be called to fly the player over Mount Tyranno to access the Secret Base.


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Main Area[]

The higher-level random encounters (the lower level for Stegosaurus) marked with "-VH" are exclusive to Vortex Hill, though their strategies don't change; Supply Droids do not differ.

Red Super Alpha Droids (Super Tail/Tackle/Swing; Critical 6MP Super if S/P, Fusion if R) [220 chell]
  • Carcharodontosaurus R (Defense) LV56, LV59-VH (Tornado Fire Cannon (R))
    • Starts with Critical Move; beats player's previous winning move. Beats the previous tying move.
  • Amargasaurus S (Attack) LV57, LV60-VH (Tragic Sphere (S)); Lambeosaurus S (Tie) LV58, LV60-VH (Big Foot Assault (S))
    • Starts by blocking player's Critical Move; copies player's last winning move. Loses to the previous tying move.
  • Pachyrhinosaurus P (Tie) LV58, LV61-VH (Lightning Spear (P)); Stegosaurus R (Attack) LV60, LV59-VH (Electric Spines (R))
    • Starts by losing to its Critical Move; loses to player's Critical Move when not using another hint. Repeats the previous tying move.
  • Utahraptor P (Defense) LV60, LV61-VH (Tornado Toss (P))
    • Starts by matching its Hidden Move's sign (using its Critical Move); copies player's last winning move. May on any turn beat any of the player's moves tied for highest MP remaining. Loses to the previous tying move.
  • All use a different move if hit by a Critical Move. All may on any turn use their Critical Move; any except Utahraptor may on any turn use any move tied for highest MP remaining.
  • "Hmm… I know what you're up to! How do you like this!"—if 2 options for player, beats their stronger one.
  • "Ha ha ha! This ought to do the trick!"—uses its Critical Move (distinction unclear).
  • "Hmmmmm… This ought to do the trick!"—uses its Critical Move (distinction unclear).
Red Supply Alpha Droids [5310 Exp, 220 chell]
  • Fukuisaurus R (Crisis) LV40 (Tail Smash, Kamikaze Tackle, Dino Swing; Spiked Tail Smash (R))
  • Fukuiraptor P (Blitz) LV40 (Tail Smash, Kamikaze Tackle, Dino Swing; Spiked Tail Smash (R))
  • Gastonia S (Attack) LV40 (Tail Smash, Kamikaze Tackle, Dino Swing; Spiked Tail Smash (R))
    • Random every turn (no apparent preference); will likely flee following first win after first turn.
    • "Must transport supplies! Must deliver! Stay out of my way! Initiating random mode!"—new dino
    • "Uuunh… You can't have my supplies! Initiating random mode!"—after loss (non-Critical)
    • "Unh… My supplies are in danger! R-Random…"—after loss (Critical)
    • "Stay out of my way! My precious supplies! Initiating random mode!"—after tie
    • "(none)"—after win if staying
    • "Initiating emergency escape! Must escape with my supplies!"—flee after win
Static (optional)
Red Super Alpha Droid [2640 Exp, 250 chell]
  • Monoclonius P (Counterstrike) LV66 (Flash Frill, Energy Bolt, Buzzing Spear; ? Lightning R)
  • Nodosaurus S (Crisis) LV65 (Blaster Rock, Revenge Stone, Dark Earth; Mole Attack (S))
    • Starts with Critical Move; copies player's last winning move and beats player's winning Critical Move. May on any turn use its Critical Move or any move tied for the highest MP remaining. Beats the previous tying move.
    • "Hmmmmm… This ought to do the trick."—uses its Critical Move.
    • "My MP is down. I will use a move that has a lot of MP left!"—uses move tied for highest MP remaining.
    • "Now is the time to go all out!"—if 2 options, uses weaker one.
    • "Ah ha ha! It is no time to be timid!"—if 2 options for player, beats their stronger one.


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See also: DS Item Tables

Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Giant Legs (drill after Vortex Hill dog scares away explorer in Postgame, White Ping)

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Manual (northwest item case)
  • Ultimate Manual (southeast item case)
  • Large Dino Drink (from southwest woman for Ancient Bowl in Postgame; repeatable)
  • Workbook (from center old man for Trilobite Fossil in Postgame)
  • Alpha Call Drop (rescue NPC from optional Droid)

Drilling Table[]

Depths marked by a "*" are not known well enough to be confident of their full item list.

Item (East Dust Hills) White Ping* Yellow Ping Orange Ping Red Ping
Leaf/Sprout/Trefoil/Clover Very Common Very Common Common Uncommon
N. American Fossil (not found) (not found) Very Common Uncommon
Ancient Bowl Rare (not found) (not found) (not found)
Ancient Urn Uncommon (not found) (not found) (not found)
Uncut Diamond Rare (not found) (not found) (not found)
Five-Colored Bead (unknown) Very Rare (not found) (not found)
Dinosaur Feces (unknown) (not found) (not found) Common
Ammonite Fossil (unknown) (not found) Uncommon (not found)
Coelacanth Fossil (unknown) (not found) Rare (not found)
Zamites Fossil (unknown) Very Rare (not found) (not found)
Ginkgo Fossil (unknown) Common (not found) (not found)
Nilssonia Fossil (unknown) Rare (not found) (not found)
Lepidodendron Fssl (unknown) (not found) Very Rare (not found)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be drilled up randomly as N. American Fossils.

The following can be acquired as set fossils.

  • Mystery Fossils:


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