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Dinosaur King

Dynamic Galaxy (only in the anime; called Dino Galaxy in the Japanese arcade, and Meteor Strike in the English arcade and DS game) is a Secret Move Card exclusive to Deinonychus.


Arcade Stats[]

Meteor Strike

Dino Galaxy in the arcade

  • Name: Dino Galaxy (Japanese), Meteor Strike (English)
  • Attribute: Secret
  • Sign: Rock
  • Used By: Deinonychus
  • Usage Condition: This Move will randomly activate when winning with its Sign.
  • Effect: The lead Deinonychus roars, and a swarm of sidekick Deinonychus shoot down from the sky as rainbow meteors and pelt the opponent!
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, it has no actual card; simply swipe a Rock Normal Move Card listing any recommended Technique to access this Move.

Anime Stats[]

Dynamic Galaxy (Deinonychus) 10

Deinonychus using Dynamic Galaxy on Ace

  • Name: Dynamic Galaxy (at least English)
  • Attribute: Secret
  • Owner: Shear (Space Pirates), Rex Owen (D-Team) (never used)
  • Used By: Deinonychus (2nd)
  • Debut: The No-Fun Shogun
  • Used to Defeat: None
  • Effect: The Deinonychus trio launch themselves high into the air, then bring down a flaming meteor that hits the ground and bursts right in front of their opponent! It hit Ace, but didn't defeat him.
  • Other: Like all Secret Moves, it has no actual card, being an inherent ability usable by the second Deinonychus trio when desired or on command.

DS Stats[]

  • Name: Meteor Strike
  • Elemental Attribute: Mystery (Secret)
  • Hand Sign: Rock
  • MP Cost: 5MP
  • Attack modifier: x1.2 / x1.8 30% of the time
  • Effect: The lead Deinonychus roars, and a swarm of rainbow meteors shoot down from the sky and pelt the opponent, lodging in the ground around them!
  • Other: Like with other Secret Moves, only Deinonychus can create or equip this Move.


  • This was the only Deinonychus attack that Dr. Z's Deinonychus trio didn't use.
  • Though using the same animation, the DS version doesn't seem to show pack member Deinonychus in the meteors or after they hit like the arcade version.
  • Like all Secret Moves, it has no presence in the TCG even though its user does, Secret Dinosaurs there instead being able to use any Element of Super Move assuming they meet the card's other conditions.



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