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Dinosaur King

Dustberg is a location in North America in the DS game first visited in Chapter 3.


Map - Dustberg

Dustberg Map

According to the Teleporter map, it is located in the central US just west of the Mississippi River, possibly in Nebraska or South Dakota. Accessed through the North American D-Site; it links to West Dust Hills then South Dust Hills in Chapter 3, unlocking East Dust Hills in the Postgame. Being a peaceful location, its map is unlocked by default upon gaining access to it, and no drilling spots spawn.

It has 5 buildings: a D-Site (center north) and Ovi Shop (northeast), the Sheriff's Office (northwest), and 2 incidental houses (southwest and southeast).


Chapter 3

Upon arriving, the player must talk to the D-Site Branch Head, hearing from him and others about workers missing from the nearby dig site and the Great Bird being angry about its Egg being stolen by the Fossil Bandit Holiday. They must talk to Sheriff Watt before the west gate will open.

After clearing the Alpha Gang Depot, Sheriff Watt has arrested the actually helpful Holiday and is searching South Dust Hills for proof of his guilt; the player must attempt to enter the Sheriff's Office to open the south gate and follow.

Following Ursula (1)'s defeat, the hypnotized workers return and new content is available. After following Watt back from South Dust Hills, Holiday explains pretending to be the Egg thief to draw the Great Bird's wrath away from town, and the two vow to track down Detective Dory, directing the player to return the Egg to the stonework pedestal back in South Dust Hills.

Only entering Dustberg's D-Site will allow Minmi to identify the specimen in the Fossil Photo.

Following the loss to Seth (1B), new content is available.

Chapter 4

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Upon arriving, players are alerted that the east gate has been opened.


See also: DS Game Items

Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

  • Glasses (north of Ovi Shop, trade to southeast old woman for Mystery Fossil Muttaburrasaurus in Chapter 3+)
  • Superalloy (from center scientist for Blueprint, trade to Doc for Special-Order Drill in Chapter 3)
  • Small Package (from west courier, deliver to Mr. Dandy for Large Dino Drink in late Chapter 3+; repeatable Postgame)
  • Gold Foot Warmer (from west courier for Wire in Postgame, Wire quest 2/4 (->Polar Point))

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • 1500 chell (report back to courier after delivering Small Package in late Chapter 3+; repeatable Postgame)
  • Large Dino Drink (from Glasses woman for Stone Weight in late Chapter 3+)
  • Bronze Mirror & 1000 chell (from center gentleman for informing every D-Site Branch Head about dinosaur conference in Postgame)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be acquired as set fossils.


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