Dinosaur King

Dr. Owen (育てるオーウェン Sodateru Ōu~en) is a colleague and a good friend of Spike Taylor. He's also Rex Owen's adoptive father who sent Rex to live with the Taylors, to give him a more family-based environment. He is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the English dub.

Character Design

Dr. Owen has short dirty blond hair with turquoise eyes and glasses. He wears a hat with an aquamarine shirt with a brown vest and brown pants and matching stockings, along with 18th century style shoes.


Dr. Owen's surname might be a reference to real-world palaeontologist, Richard Owen, from whom Rex's full name may be derived. Like most "Dr." characters in the dub, he isn't given a first name.


Though a scientist, he can act rather childlike at times, such as being overly happy when he's enjoying something, dealing with anything dinosaur-related (he and Dr. Taylor even have a special dance for it), or whenever he sees Ursula (whom he is hopelessly in love with, not reciprocated), but can also have temper tantrums, usually when someone in particular is carelessly ignoring his scientifically accurate input on dinosaurs.

His greatest desire is to give Rex the best family experience he can, which is why he sent him to live with the Taylors, as his job keeps him from spending time at home, and also pursues Ursula, wanting Rex to have a mother. He also gives an embarrassed Rex a book on dating for dinosaur nerds.


Dinosaur King

It is revealed during a flashback in The Big Apple Grapple that he found Rex as a baby in a strange pod at the feet of the Barosaurus skeleton display at the New York Museum of Natural History, choosing to adopt him.

He first appeared in Battle at the Pyramids, telling the D-Team that he recently discovered two dinosaurs cards (Ace and Paris) in Alberta, Canada, in a dig site. When asked how he knew about dinosaur cards, it turned out that Spike Taylor had told him about them, the only person not directly associated with the D-Lab to be informed.

Dr. Owen has some minor roles in the anime, mostly in scattered episodes. His first notable appearance is in The Big Apple Grapple, where the Alpha Gang is after the Dinomond amber he recently found, he falls in love with Ursula on sight, uses his wheel-extending car to get the D-Team past traffic, and proposes to Ursula with a dinosaur bone ring (and is rejected), wanting to give Rex the mother he deserves. Starting with Dinosaur Amour!, he is shown with Patrick as his assistant; he and Reese are in Mexico on a dig, and he also sees and chases Ursula again. He has another big role in Lights, Camera, Destruction!, where he was working with (and being ignored by) Stanley Spinoberg on a dinosaur movie in Hollywood, getting locked in a prop coffin by the actor Ursula was chasing after he gave Dr. Owen his costume, letting her confuse him for the actor and making him think she loved him back until he popped out and she saw who she was really talking to. He next appeared in A Kyoto Caper enjoying the geisha with Dr. Taylor before protecting the geisha-dressed Ursula from Fukuisaurus, determining it liked shiny objects, letting its hideout be found.

He was unable to make it to meet Drs. Ancient and Cretacia, Rex's real parents, before they left for the future…

Mesozoic Meltdown

…luckily getting another chance when they were immediately forced back to the present. However, right before he and Patrick reach the Taylor house, they witness Gabbro arriving and teleporting it away, reporting it to the others. They were quickly teleported back off the Backlander by Dr. Z for distracting Ursula as they attempted to fix it, getting left behind shortly after when the ship accidentally took off through time with no destination.

He, Patrick, and Reese later appear together in the final few episodes in the D-Lab. Seth and his Cryolophosaurus corner them to draw the D-Team back to the present. After the day is saved, he proposes to Ursula one last time (and is rejected yet again) before the Ancients and Alpha Gang leave for the future.


TCG Stats

Dr. Owen TCG card

During the next battle this turn, both battling Dinosaurs have 1 extra life. Search your deck for a Move card and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.)


  • On the website MyPokito, it says Dr. Owen's first name is Foster.
    • Actually, "Foster" is the title of an adopted parent, so that's not likely his actual name.
  • He is the one who discovered Ace and Paris's cards in Alberta, Canada.
  • Dr. Owen is noted to be the second ever character to face up against a dinosaur without showing much any hesitation or fear, the first being his best friend Dr. Taylor, both of whom stood against Terry the Tyrannosaurus, Dr. Owen poking a rotting tooth to note his bad dental health when Terry tried roaring to threaten him.



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