Dr. Owen (育てるオーウェン Sodateru Ōu~en) is a colleague and a good friend of Spike Taylor. He's also Rex Owen's adoptive father who sent Rex to live with the Taylors, to give a more family enviroment.

He's voiced by Sean Schemmel in the English dub.

Character DesignEdit



Dinosaur KingEdit

In first appeared in Battle at the Pyramids, telling the D-Team that he recently discovered two dinosaurs cards (Ace and Paris ) in Alberta, Canada, in a dig site. When asked how he knew about the cards, it turned out that Spike Taylor had told him about them.

Dr. Owen has some minor roles in the anime as he appeared in a couple of episodes (some that involved him on the D-Team's Adventures). Starting with Dinosaur Amour!, he is shown with Patrick as his assistant. He played a major role between episodes 41 and 44 where he pursues Ursula on a few notes and helps the D-Team capture the dinosaurs with his dinosaur expertise.

Dinosaur King: Mesozoic MeltdownEdit

He and Patrick appear at the beginning of Mesozoic Meltdown to witness Gavro teleporting Max's house away.

He, Patrick, and Reese later appear together in the final few episodes in the D-Lab. Seth and his Cryolophosaurus corner them to draw the D-Team back to the present.


TCG LoresEdit

(DKBD) During the next battle this turn, both battling Dinosaurs have 1 extra life. Search your deck for a Move card and put it into your hand. (Shuffle your deck after you search it.)


  • On the website MyPokito, it says Dr. Owen's first name is Foster.
    • Actually, "Foster" is the title of an adopted parent, so that's not likely his actual name.
  • He is the one who discovered Ace and Paris's Cards in Alberta, Canada.
  • Dr. Owen is noted to be the second ever character to face up against a dinosaur without showing much any hesitation or fear, the first being his best friend Dr. Taylor, who stood against Terry the Tyrannosaurus.
  • His surname might be a refernce to real-world palaeontologist, Richard Owen.


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