Dr. Drake is a veterinarian and the father of Zoe and Reese Drake. He was first voiced by Maddie Blaustein[citation needed], and was later voiced by Mike Pollock.


He has brown hair which is mildly spiky and glasses. As a doctor/veterinarian, he usually wears a white coat under the coat he wears a buttoned pink casual shirt with a crimson red tie over it. He also wears brown pants, sandals, and often carries a humorously oversized syringe.


Dr. Drake is a loving animal veterinarian and a close friend of the Taylors'. While he is usually calm and happy go-lucky, when he is on a daring mission to help animals in need, Dr. Drake is quite ambitious, willing to help the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs in spite of the danger.

He begins changing after his capture in Mesozoic Meldown by the Spectral Space Pirates. During his capture he becomes more easily riled up, serious, and heroic, even gaining an amazing amount of feats normal humans don't usually have (such as the ability to fight against the Jark Gels). He also has a fascination for history, which was shown while impersonating Tokugawa in the Edo Period (which basically lead to his heroic nature).


Dr. Drake only appears in the anime along with the rest of Drake family (with exception of Reese). He and his family work as animal veterinarian in Sanjo City and is a close friend to Max's family; his role in series small, but it wasn't until the episode Vaccination Vacation in which he played a big part in helping cure the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs.

In Mesozoic Meltdown, Dr. Drake role was bigger after he and D-Team's parents were kidnapped by Spectral Space Pirates. He accidentally fell out of an escape hatch near the dinosaur cages on the Space Pirates' ship, landing him in Edo Period Japan, where he impersonated Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, though he was unfortunately recaptured by the Space Pirates at the end of the Ancient Japan Arc. He later played a big role in enabling the parents' initial escape from the Space Pirates ship with his knowledge of the location of the escape hatch and the dinosaurs' fear of his giant syringe. Dr. Drake even directly fought against the Gel Jarks.


  • Dr. Drake appears in the artwork on the Megalosaurus Colossal Rare TCG card, however his casual shirt is white rather than pink.


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