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Dinosaur King

Dr. Drake is a veterinarian and the unnamed father of Zoe and Reese Drake. He was first voiced by Maddie Blaustein[citation needed] in the English dub, and was later voiced by Mike Pollock.


He has mildly spiky brown hair and glasses. As a doctor/veterinarian, he usually wears a white coat; under the coat he wears a buttoned pink casual shirt with a crimson red tie over it. He also wears brown pants, sandals, and often carries a humorously oversized syringe eventually dubbed "Big Bertha".


Dr. Drake's family name comes from an alternate word for "dragon", whose presence often overlaps dinosaurs in Japanese; this reflects his family's Japanese version name, Tatsuno. Like most "Dr." characters in the dub, he isn't given a first name.

After such variable terms as "mega needle" and "huge hypodermic", his syringe's name "Big Bertha" comes from WWI German artillery, now a popular lexicon term for large "shooting" objects.


Along with his unnamed wife, Dr. Drake only appears in the anime. They work as veterinarians in Sanjo City for all manner of conventional and exotic pets at a business called "Tatsuno Animal Hospital" (in some close shots of a small sign on the wall in both languages) within an establishment called "Pet Town" (in wide shots of the large sign on the building in both languages) (the Pet Town sign is only labeled in some dub airings, despite the original Japanese already naming it with English words), which both treats animals and provides other goods like pet food, and also includes the Drakes' residence. They are close friends of the Taylors, with their children (Zoe Drake and Max Taylor) also being friends.

Dr. Drake is a loving animal veterinarian and a close friend of the Taylors'. While he is usually calm and happy go-lucky, when he is on a daring mission to help animals in need, Dr. Drake is quite ambitious and single-minded, willing to help the Alpha Gang's sick dinosaurs in Vaccination Vacation in spite of the danger of possibly being left behind on Zeta Point.

He begins changing after his capture in Mesozoic Meltdown by the Spectral Space Pirates. During his capture he becomes more easily riled up, serious, and heroic, even gaining an amazing amount of feats normal humans don't usually have (such as the ability to fight against the Gel Jarks with his giant needle). He also has a fascination for history, which was shown while impersonating Tokugawa in the Edo Period (which basically led to his heroic nature).


Dinosaur King[]

Due to his medical knowledge and being trustworthy, Dr. Drake was brought into the dinosaur secret early, briefly tending to Chomp's lack of appetite in Maui Owie!. He can't figure the cause, and is disappointed when the D-Team talks him out of using his giant needle to give Chomp a vitamin D booster, providing chewable pills instead (he doesn't get to use the needle very often).

His dinosaur know-how is invoked again much later in Vaccination Vacation, however, when nearly all the main dinosaurs got sick with the flu after their trip to Siberia. Though Chomp and Ace again refuse his mega needle (disappointing him again), his entire house is teleported to Zeta Point by the Alpha Gang, where he is employed to track down their dinosaurs all across the island and cure them via injections (which he proudly does, the patient's owner not mattering), starting with Tank, and accidentally jabbing Ursula while aiming for Spiny. In his search, he also helps out Chomp's battle by dosing Tank with enough tranquilizer to knock her out. As the house is about to be teleported back, he spots and races off to catch Terry, finally satisfied in life by utilizing his huge hypodermic, but Chomp refuses to let him be heroically left behind and jabs him back to the house in time.

Remembering this, Rod and Laura bring Terry to Dr. Drake again in Full Scheme Ahead, after Seth having him test Fire Scorcher left him too exhausted to move, which the D-Team arrive during to discover the discontent on Zeta Point. Having gathered at Max's house during Seth's subsequent attack on the city in the season finale, the Drakes watch the Backlander leave through time…

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

…only to return immediately, joining in with the Ancients and Taylors for a casual meeting in Alien Parent Trap, only for the house to be teleported away by the Spectral Space Pirates to their ship.

In Two Shoguns are Better than One, it is revealed Dr. Drake has been assigned to look after the Space Pirates' dinosaurs prior to their use, the only one other than the intended target of the Ancients to be given a specific job. While trying to give a Utahraptor a shot, he chases it before being knocked out the garbage chute and teleported down to the surface, relishing in his newfound freedom before being found by Hanzo. This is 1572 Japan and Shogun Tokugawa has gone missing, but Dr. Drake looks enough like him, Hanzo has him act as a stand-in for the time being until he can find the real Shogun. Dr. Drake is brought in disguise as Shogun to Hamamatsu Fortress in The No-Fun Shogun, the people and setting exciting him to no end, having read all about this era. When he hears of Futamata Castle being under siege by Takeda, however, he refuses to send more troops, knowing from history it will fall; he's then distracted by a stray cat he wishes to cure of fleas. But when Takeda invades further to start the Battle of Mikatagahara in Dinosaurs, Ninjas and Bears! Oh My!, his refusal to go into a battle history says he loses is overruled and he's armored up and sent off. In his command tent, he realizes first that despite his army losing, Tokugawa himself escapes, making his survival guaranteed, then realizing that being a fake, his own survival is not in fact guaranteed by history. After being pressured to give the order to charge, he tries finding an excuse to sneak away, but after losing ground east and west in There's No Business Like Shogun Business, checking on their non-existant forces to the south doesn't fly. As their army is scattered, Dr. Drake leaves anyway, fleeing on a horse back to Hamamatsu Fortress, where he orders the gates to be left open because it's what happened in history before racing to find a restroom (which he'd needed all episode in the Japanese version). Having had enough of history and not wanting to be left behind, he climbs out the bathroom window and races off, finding Foolscap and Shear at a Pod Ship and hopping aboard, but as Max catches up to rescue him, the cockpit closes and the Space Pirates fly off with him again, Dr. Drake calling to Max that everyone's okay.

With his knowledge of the escape hatch, Dr. Drake helps plan the parents' escape attempt in Desert Heat, using the dinosaurs' fear of his giant syringe to rile them into stampeding the Gel Jark guards before leading the parents down to the surface. Soon after, they look up in awe at the multitude of desert stars surrounding them, before looking around to see the multitude of Gel Jarks also surrounding them, leading to their swift recapture.

When the D-Team later tries trading six of the seven Cosmos Stones for their parents, they refuse to allow the trade, instead ordering Jonathan to disconnect the ships after sending over family recipes to keep up the kids' hope, the Drakes contributing Zoe's favorite apple pie. Dr. Drake and the other parents are eventually freed in the finale after the D-Team raids the Space Pirates' ship during the Dark Pterosaur battle. After the day is saved, Dr. Drake gives his mega needle to Dr. Z to help with caring for the dinosaurs before the Ancients, Alpha Gang, and Rex leave for the future again.


  • Though not having his own Character card, Dr. Drake appears in the artwork on the Megalosaurus Colossal Rare TCG card, however his casual shirt is white rather than pink.



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