Dr. Cretacia is Rex Owen's mother and Dr. Ancient's wife. She is voiced by Lauren Weisman in the English dub.

Character DesignEdit

Like her son, Dr. Cretacia has short blonde hair. She wears a pink suit with white cuffs at the end, a blue vest, and glasses.


Like her butler, Jonathan (his Japanese name being "Jurasson"), Dr. Cretacia's name is parody of a time period in the Mesozoic Era, specifically the word "Cretaceous" which is the ending period of the Mesozoic Era and the extinction of the dinosaurs.


Dr. Cretacia has a rather outgoing personality, unlike her husband's more cool and reserved one. She and her husband also really love Rex so much.



  • Rex also inherited her blonde hair.
  • She has an outgoing and silly personality, much like Dr. Owen.


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