Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Dr. Cretacia is Rex Owen's mother and Dr. Ancient's wife.

Character Design[]

Like her son, Dr. Cretacia has short blonde hair. She wears a pink suit with white cuffs at the end, a blue vest, and glasses.


Like her butler, Jonathan (his Japanese name being "Jurasson"), Dr. Cretacia's name is parody of a time period in the Mesozoic Era, specifically the word "Cretaceous" which is the ending period of the Mesozoic Era and the extinction of the dinosaurs.


Dr. Cretacia has a rather outgoing personality, unlike her husband's more cool and reserved one. She can also be quite silly, which the Taylors say will mean she'll like Dr. Owen. She and her husband also love Rex very much.


Dinosaur King[]

As revealed in Tricks of the Traitor, Drs. Ancient and Cretacia found the Stone Tablets in the future, building the Backlander time machine powered by them to rescue dinosaurs from the past as cards. Dr. Cretacia was unknowingly pregnant with Rex at the time, giving birth in the past as Dr. Ancient assigned their robot butler Jonathan to protect the baby. Their expedition was sabotaged, however, by their partners the Alpha Gang, and on a return trip, the two scientists were ejected into the time vortex.

In the finale, it was discovered that their capsules had been retrieved (though not specified as to how), and they reunited with their now older son. They attempted to bring Rex, the Alpha Gang, and the dinosaur cards back to the future…

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

…but were forced back to the present by the attacking Spectral Space Pirates. The Ancients met with the Taylors and Drakes, waiting to meet Dr. Owen, their son's adoptive father, but Max's house was teleported away by Gabbro while hunting down the Ancients. Aboard the Space Pirate ship, Ancient and Cretacia were forced by Spectre to build a Cosmos Stone Detector, though they stalled and sabotaged the project as best they could.

After rejecting a trade attempt by the D-Team for six of the Cosmos Stones, Dr. Ancient forcing Jonathan to fly away, they were eventually rescued after docking with the Space Pirate ship amid the Dark Pterosaur in the series finale. The Backlander disabled, the crew from the future takes the Pirates' ship back instead.


  • Other than some interactions with Spectre in her own "style", Dr. Cretacia does very little independent of either her husband or the entire group of kidnapped parents.
  • Rex inherited her blonde hair.



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