Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Dr. Ancient, alongside his wife, created the Dino Bracer for the D-Team during Mesozoic Meltdown.

Character Design[]


Dr. Ancient's English name is simply the word "ancient", meaning "old", like the dinosaurs he studies. Like most "Dr." characters in the dub, he isn't given a first name.



Dr. Ancient is a Paleontologist who, alongside his wife, discovered the Element Stones. With their technology, they found out that the dinosaurs pleaded help from extinction; it was then that the they built the Backlander to travel back in time bringing along the Alpha Gang as well. When Dr. Z decided to become Dinosaur King, he created the first move card; he summoned Acrocanthosaurus & Ampelosaurus to fight in the process. Dr. Ancient was displeased, but even more so with Seth for trying to evolve dinosaurs into the ultimate weapon, with only in Seth's ways of being pleased.

He and the other parents were kidnapped by Spectre in order to aid him in finding the Cosmos Stones. Dr. Ancient pleaded that Spectre not gather all seven for the consequences that the stones will cause, but Spectre never listened.



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