Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

The Doppelgänger Alpha Gang are seemingly the present-day ancestors of the series' main Alpha Gang from the future, only featured in Double or Nothing.


Alpha Gang Doubles

Doppelganger Alpha Gang

Calling themselves the Alpha Gang, they are a low-profit crime syndicate based somewhere in Japan around Sanjo City whose four members look and sound almost but not quite exactly like the Alpha Gang based at Zeta Point (specifically, like Dr. Z, Ursula, Zander, and Ed). They are led by another man called "Dr. Z" who also loves dinosaurs, and have a member named "Mursula" who also dislikes being called old, though the other two aren't named. Their MO centers around dressing up as the opposite gender to avoid being recognized, carrying party streamer guns (that look cartoonish in the dub only), and their only goal is money.


They are interrupted during an attempted bank robbery in Sanjo City by the D-Team, being scared away by Chomp's summoning, their Dr. Z being fascinated by the experience. Seeing them on the news, the main Alpha Gang tracks them down to pass themselves off as long-lost twins, asking for money but both parties finding out the other is also broke.

They devise another scheme, this time going to rob a Las Vegas casino, but bumble the attempt by misusing the others' tricks they'd traded to ensure cooperation (slashing wrong on the Alpha Scanner and using the fake guns too early). Main Dr. Z grabs the Scanner back and summons Terry to scare off the guards and break into the gold vault in the basement, revealing the whole "twins" thing was just a scam and taking the loot. Outside, the D-Team defeat their dinosaurs and the twin Alpha Gang jumps in to try stealing the gold back, but Zoe's Pteranodon snatch it away during the scuffle. Cornered by security, the main Alpha Gang escapes down a sewer, leaving the twin Alpha Gang to be arrested. Afterwards, the D-Team and Rod, Laura, and Seth separately speculate on whether they really were related to the Alpha Gang.


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