Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King
"Doc" redirects here; for the character commonly called "the Doc" in the anime, see Dr. Z; other Doctors include Dr. Taylor, Dr. Owen, Dr. Drake, Dr. Ancient, and Dr. Cretacia.

Doc and Torr are a pair of DS game NPC brothers who assist the player with upgrading their Drill and Radar Key Items (respectively) throughout the main story. Doc is located outside the D-Site in Euro Town, Europe, and Torr is located just north of the D-Site in Gobi Village, Asia.

Character Design[]

Both Doc and Torr use the same generic blond-scientist-in-labcoat overworld sprite that is also used for several other random incidental characters.


Clearly, their English names are a pun on the word "doctor", a term for a professor or someone smart enough to do Doc and Torr's jobs. Their Japanese names are currently unknown.


The two are devoted to their work and are very generous, graciously giving the player their hard-made new inventions. Doc has no interest in simply holding onto finished inventions, he wants someone else to do that so he can start on his next idea; Torr feels that a good invention is wasted if no one is using it, and eagerly accepts Max and Rex as new honorary brothers deserving of his inventions after hearing they've met his real brother.


The player meets Doc in Euro Town early on in Chapter 1, who wants them to retrieve the Broken Drill from the North Mine; in exchange, he upgrades it into the working Mass-Produced Drill, also giving a shot at fixing their Broken Radar despite it not being his specialty, making the Excavation Radar. He sends them to find the Master Excavator in North Euro Plain for the tutorial on how to use them, though (which is the next required checkpoint in the story). This is needed to dig up Dinosaur Fossils (European Fossils) at the white ping level to expand the player's team.

The player meets Torr in Gobi Village at the start of Chapter 2, who will upgrade their Excavation Radar into the Deluxe Radar once they retrieve the Bamboo from South Gobi Plain. The player must retrieve and exchange the Package for Asian Iron and return to Euro Town before Doc can upgrade their Mass-Produced Drill into the Custom Drill. This is needed to reach both the deeper Asian Fossils and the Dragon Skull at the yellow ping level, which is required for progressing the story.

In Chapter 3 in North America, the player must receive a Gemstone for helping an NPC in West Dust Hills for Torr to upgrade their Deluxe Radar into the Super Deluxe Radar, and complete the Alpha Gang Depot for the Blueprints that exchange for the Superalloy before Doc can upgrade their Custom Drill into the Special-Order Drill. This is needed to reach both the deeper N. American Fossils and the randomly-spawning Dinosaur Feces at the orange ping level, which trades for Explosives that are required for progressing the story.

The short Chapter 4 features no new equipment, but beginning the postgame allows Doc to upgrade the player's Special-Order Drill into the Master's Drill and Torr to upgrade their Super Deluxe Radar into the Ultimate Radar, both for free. This is needed to reach both the deeper African Fossils and also special new Fossils in some previous areas at the red ping level.


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