Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Diving Press (Diving Press ダイビングプレス) is a Normal Move Card.


Arcade Stats[]

Diving Press

Diving Press card (Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition)

  • Names:
    • Japanese: ダイビングプレス
    • Taiwanese:飛土重擊
  • Attribute: Normal
  • Sign: Rock
  • Compatibility Tabs: 1-4 (bad), 5-6 (great)
  • Usage Condition: You have to win at Rock to use this Move, and your Dinosaur should ideally have over 800 Technique.
  • Effect: Kick dirt in your opponent's face, then jump at them, bite their neck, and slam them into the ground!


Anime Stats[]

Normal Move back

Diving Press's anime card's front is never seen

  • Attribute: Normal
  • Owner: Zoe Drake (D-Team) (never used)
  • Used by: Maiasaura
  • Debut: Don't Mess With Maiasaura
  • Used to Defeat: None
  • Effect: Kick dirt in your opponent's face, then jump at them, bite their neck, and slam them into the ground!
  • Other: It was with Maiasaura's Dinosaur Card Capsule and activated with it. Though not defeating Terry, it dealt most of the damage before the final hit finished him. It was claimed by Zoe, but went unused.

TCG Stats[]

Diving Press TCG Card

Diving Press TCG card

+400 or +700; If a Rock Dinosaur uses this Move, it gains +700 Power instead of +400.


  • It was one of the first set of 15 Normal Moves released in the arcade game.
  • In the arcade game, a Dinosaur needs 900-1100 Technique to use this Move to full effect, thereby indicating those with 1000-1200 Strength.
  • Although Diving Press animations are in the DS game data, there are no in-game move cards that use them.
  • As seen in the Gallery below, some dinosaur attacker and target combinations may cause it to appear as if the attacker isn't even biting the target; this is due to there only being one animation cycle for the Move, and as such, not all dinosaur model combinations will match up properly.
  • In real life, it would be impossible for most dinosaurs to perform this Move owing to the bite strength needed; only some large theropods and perhaps ceratopsians would have a sufficient bite strength, though the latter would be largely incapable of the needed leap.
  • Although Diving Press is a Normal Move Card, Don't Mess With Maiasaura incorrectly shows a Grass Move with Maiasaura's card when it is recalled by Zoe's Stone and when Dr. Taylor holds the cards at the end. This was probably an animation mistake, because the D-Team rarely uses Normal Moves.



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