Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Dinosaur World from the intro

Dinosaur World is an area of unspecified time periods (Jurassic-Cretaceous). It is seen many times in the show, especially during Time Warp Battlefields, and appears at the end of Carnival of Chaos, though this might have been merely for visual effect. This is not where Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia went, as they traveled into the past; Dinosaur World is a general location that does not involve travel into the past, though the scenery is similar.


Being one of the main locations of the whole series it is situated in the Mesozoic Era, the Dinosaur World is the centered near the end of the Cretaceous period about 65 mya. However population of dinosaurs from the previous periods, the Jurassic and Triassic also coexist in this area.  Like the actual scenary, it is a tropical open-woodland-like environment surrounded by lush greenery and fenced by a forest of coniferous trees and is also heavily populated by most of dinosaurs within the series. The mainland acts like a wide bridge and is centered by bodies of water from both the Northern and Southern districts. The Northern district has a large lake walled in by mountainous regions and has a waterfall and acts as the watering hole for traveling dinosaurs, the southern district forms a beach and leads out into the ocean where most of aquatic/airbourne reptiles reside and where many of the piscivorous dinosaurs/reptiles such as Suchomimus and Pteranodon use as a hunting ground. Much of the location itself is seen several variations throughout Dinosaur King. The Dinosaur World is first physically seen during the openings of the show itself and during the Dinosaur Encyclopedia segements (though this is only seen in the Asian variations) and appears frequently. It makes it's first debut during the end of 20th episode of Dinosaur King. It is also general setting for the demise of all the dinosaurs during the KT extinction event.

During the end of Dinosaur King and early Mesozoic Meltdown it is revealed that the landscaping of the Dinosaur World was real at somepoint and served as the extinction point for majority of dinosaurs living in that area.

Appearance in the Anime[]

Dinosaur World is often seen when a "big" dinosaur battle begins (Time Warps): the scenery changes (buildings, people, and other modern-day objects still exist, they just disappear from the view of those in the Time Warp and are replaced by Dinosaur World) and the sky becomes a soap bubble-like design with multiple colors.

The scenery has a huge open woodland landscape leading all the way out into the ocean; in the background, there is a large mountain with a waterfall leading out into a pond.

The show's theme song intro, it is the first scene to appear.