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Spamming is the intentional or non-intentional excessive or repeated adding of unneeded (even if true), simply incorrect, or otherwise nonsensical "information" that clutters the Wiki and passively inhibits the ability of readers to experience the page properly. Intentional spamming will result in warnings and may result in user banning if pushed to extremes.

Spamming is considered an annoyance.


Vandalism is the intentional or non-intentional disruption of the Wiki by adding irrelevant, unsourced, noncanonical, inappropriate, or needlessly insulting information, or by removing or replacing accurate information, such that the ability of readers to experience the page properly is actively damaged or destroyed. Intentional vandalism will almost surely result in some form of user banning, and the worst cases will not receive prior warnings.

Vandalism is considered a crime.


Any user who finds spammed or vandalized pages may, if able, reverse the edits manually or by using the "Undo" edit function (please note that this will only undo the immediately previous edit, and will not work if the page was edited multiple times during the spamming or vandalism).

If a user finds themselves unable to fix the page either by Undo not reaching far enough back or the page being Protected at a level they do not have access to (such as by being new or unregistered), they may contact an Admin (probably User:BioniclesaurKing4t2) about the offense. Admins have access to a more powerful "Revert" edit function which will undo the previous stretch of edits by a single user, and can more easily fix the page if other users have not attempted partial fixes. The full text of previous versions of the page can also be copy-pasted over top of the spammed/vandalized content if needed. (Yes, would-be-vandalizers, it is that easy to remove your edits.)

If entire pages have been created to hold spam or vandalism, only Admins can delete those pages, and must be notified for the problem to be solved. Removing their content and/or adding the {{Delete}} tag are appreciated, but are only temporary measures available to ordinary users.