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Dinosaur King

This is the Dinosaur King Wiki's policy regarding uploaded pictures and images.

Allowed Images

All images with correct licensing (Fair Use, Copyright Sega/4Kids Entertainment/Studio Sunrise, etc.) are allowed, unless they break another rule. Any image that does not have the appropriate licensing will be automatically deleted and a warning will be issued to the User that uploads it.

Not-Safe-For-Work images are not allowed in general and will result in a lifetime user ban. This is a children's show, after all.

When uploading images, keep in mind that this is NOT a Dinosaur Wiki! The only non-Dinosaur King images allowed are dinosaur skeletons (photo or sketch); anything else will be deleted.

New Image Versions

If you're trying to upload a new version of an existing file (that you know of), please try to use the pre-made "Upload a new version of this file" function on the original file's page, which skips the need to replace the image on every page it appears. This function only allows images with the same file extension (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc.) to be used, so please prepare your image accordingly if possible; if not possible, simply upload and replace, and the superseded image will be dealt with.

If you do use this option, please ensure that the new image portrays functionally the same thing as the original version as closely as possible and is actually an improvement. If the new image is too different from the original, or is concluded to be a downgrade, then it will be reverted. Attempting to redo your action will result in an in-depth explanation about why you're wrong, but with little chance of discipline unless you persist without a valid argument.

Fan Images

This Wiki discourages all fan images. The only fanmade images allowed are User:JP:OGFreak's chibi dinosaur sketches (as decided by a community vote long ago), and he has long since retired from this Wiki (see Quitting Policy). This also means no Photoshops (including collages of untampered images). If it's not a screenshot of an episode or gameplay footage, or a scan/photo of a card or other product, or you did anything to the image other than rotating, zooming, or cropping, it's (probably) not allowed, at least not on a content page (the nearest Admin, probably User:BioniclesaurKing4t2, will be the final authority on this). You are allowed to keep a gallery of (almost) anything safe-for-work on your own User Page only, including any Photoshops or collages you may make (you have to add them there yourself, or they will be deleted before too long), but please don't overuse this wiggle room, as this Wiki is not a storage facility.