Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the second starter deck in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, after the original Starter Set, and was released as an introduction to Dinotector Showdown.


Catch up with some old cards and a few new ones, particularly from Lightning, plus an introduction to the new Armored Dinosaur rules, and a level 7 Dinosaur! Includes Common versions of foil cards found nowhere else!


DKS2 Box

Dino Slash Box

  • Set Name: Starter 2: Dino Slash
  • Set ID: DKS2
  • TCG Release Date: 2009
  • Number of Cards on Set: 35
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 34x Common
    • 1x Silver Rare

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Element/


DKS2-001 Zuniceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-002 Pouncing Irritator Dinosaur Water Common
DKS2-003 Centrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-004 Minmi Dinosaur Earth Common
DKS2-005 Savannah Monoclonius Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-006 Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-007 Achelousaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-008 Swift Udanoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-009 Mighty Diceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-010 Udanoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-011 Jungle Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKS2-012 Alpha Arrhinoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-013 Arrhinoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-014 Shantungosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKS2-015 Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-016 Prowling Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKS2-017 Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Common
DKS2-018 Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-019 Charging Styracosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-020 Dino Stomp Move Normal Common
DKS2-021 Attack Boost Move Normal Common
DKS2-022 Defense Boost Move Normal Common
DKS2-023 Dino Swing Move Normal Common
DKS2-024 Diving Press Move Normal Common
DKS2-025 Thunder Power Move Normal Common
DKS2-026 Surprise Ally Move Normal Common
DKS2-027 Surprise Technique Move Normal Common
DKS2-028 Knockout Blast Move Normal Common
DKS2-029 Elemental Tag Team Move Normal Common
DKS2-030 Static Surge Super Move Lightning Common
DKS2-031 Plasma Anchor Super Move Lightning Common
DKS2-032 Chomp Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-033 Chomp (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKS2-034 Thundering Styracosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKS2-035 Max Taylor Character D-Team Common


  • The cards in this set are scattered from across the Base Set, Colossal Team Battle, Alpha Dinosaurs Attack, Black Dinosaur Rampage, and Dinotector Showdown. No cards are exclusive to this set, only Common versions of previous and new Silver/Gold Rare cards and a Silver Rare Chomp (Dinotector) that's Gold Rare in Dinotector Showdown.
  • Unlike other decks and the previous starter organizing their cards first by Element and then by level, this starter has almost no organization by Dinosaur Element or level.


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