This is a special card set in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, released after Spectral Armor Shock. At least as of now, it is only available in the French version. A preset random pair of its cards were available in some special Power Pack release.


A new version of the Dinotector Dinosaurs with an exclusive ability.


  • Set Name: Power Pack
  • Set ID: PP1
  • TCG Release Date: 2010
  • Number of Cards on Set: 6
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 6x Colossal Exclusive

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Element/


PP1-001 Terry (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Fire Colossal Exclusive
PP1-002 Spiny (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Water Colossal Exclusive
PP1-003 Chomp (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Exclusive
PP1-004 Tank (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Earth Colossal Exclusive
PP1-005 Paris (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Grass Colossal Exclusive
PP1-006 Ace (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Wind Colossal Exclusive


  • Attribute/Sign: Fire/Paper, Water/Scissors, Lightning/Rock, Earth/Paper, Grass/Scissors, Wind/Rock
  • Power: 1900
  • Level: -
  • Life: 3
  • Abilities:
[Fire/Water/Wind Strengthening] (Terry, Spiny, Ace)
When this Dinosaur attacks, you can reveal your hand. If all of the cards revealed are {Element}, this Dinosaur has 2200 Power during that battle.
[Lightning/Earth/Grass Shield] (Chomp, Tank, Paris)
When this Dinosaur is attacked, you can reveal your hand. If all the cards revealed are {Element}, this Dinosaur has 2200 Power during that battle.


  • Though the pair included is random, there are three specific pairs it could be: Ace and Tank, Paris and Terry, or Chomp and Spiny.
  • The carnivorous dinosaurs have the [{Element} Strengthening] ability to aid in attacks, while the herbivorous dinosaurs have the [{Element} Shield] ability to aid in defense.
  • These are the only Dinotector Dinosaurs to have 1900 Power instead of 2000.



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