This is an early release of the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, around the time of the Promotional Set, Starter Set, and Base Set.


Special versions of Dinosaur Cards with abilities based around the toy figures available alongside them.


Figure Set box 1

Dinosaur King figures w/ cards

Figure Set box 2

Dinosaur King figures w/ cards

  • Set Name: Figure Set (descriptive, cards not sold separately)
  • Set ID: DKPM
  • TCG Release Date: 2008
  • Number of Cards in Set: 20
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 20x Common

Card ListEdit

One card remains unknown. Nine others aren't known from good enough images to read their codes, and are presented at the end of the list.

Card No. Name Type Element/


DKPM-002 Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKPM-004 Carnotaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKPM-005 Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKPM-009 Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKPM-011 Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKPM-012 Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKPM-014 Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKPM-015 Maiasaura Dinosaur Grass Common
DKPM-016 Saurolophus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKPM-018 Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Common
DKPM-0?? Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKPM-0?? Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKPM-0?? Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKPM-0?? Styracosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKPM-0?? Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKPM-0?? Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKPM-0?? Saichania Dinosaur Earth Common
DKPM-0?? Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKPM-0?? Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Common


  • The cards to this wave aren't sold in their own packaging, instead being included in groups of 2 with their corresponding toy figures. As a Daspletosaurus is confirmed from the above images to be in at least two different packages, there doesn't seem to be a strict pattern they are grouped into.
  • If one matches the cards in this release with the available toy figures, the unknown card would be either Saltasaurus or Acrocanthosaurus, as there are 21 dinosaur figures but only 20 DKPM cards.


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