Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the seventh deck in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, after Time Warp Adventures and before the Power Pack and Jurassic Clash. At least as of now, it is only available in the French and Thai versions, and as such, any English translations of the card names may vary.


As the Armored Dinosaur showdown draws to a close, the Space Pirates unleash their ultimate weapon: armored Special Dinosaurs of their own, and they are some of the strongest Dinosaurs the D-Team has ever encountered!



Spectral Armor Shock card pack (French)

  • Set Name: Series 7: Spectral Armor Shock
  • Set ID: SAS
  • TCG Release Date: May 25th 2010
  • Number of Cards on Set: 100
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 50x Common
    • 25x Silver Rare
    • 15x Gold Rare
    • 10x Colossal Rare
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Element/


SAS-001 City Stalker Saurophaganax Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
SAS-002 Destructive Mapusaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
SAS-003 Spectral Armor Yangchuanosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
SAS-004 Fiery Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
SAS-005 Razor-tooth Abelisaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
SAS-006 Scary Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
SAS-007 Pack Hunter Albertosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
SAS-008 Spectral Armor Titanosaurus colberti (Isisaurus) Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
SAS-009 Titanosaurus colberti (Isisaurus) Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
SAS-010 Shoreline Titanosaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
SAS-011 Swamp Futabasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
SAS-012 Hammerer Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
SAS-013 Sheltered Camarasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
SAS-014 Starving Opisthocoelicaudia Dinosaur Water Common
SAS-015 Radiant Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
SAS-016 Spectral Armor Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
SAS-017 Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
SAS-018 Energetic Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
SAS-019 Assertive Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
SAS-020 Playful Udanoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
SAS-021 Twilight Centrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
SAS-022 Spectral Armor Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
SAS-023 Growling Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
SAS-024 Hidden Gigantspinosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
SAS-025 Howling Tarchia Dinosaur Earth Common
SAS-026 Spectral Armor Lexovisaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
SAS-027 Persian Lexovisaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
SAS-028 Howling Talarurus Dinosaur Earth Common
SAS-029 Depot Saurolophus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
SAS-030 Grazing Charonosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
SAS-031 Prairie Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
SAS-032 Summit Anatotitan Dinosaur Grass Common
SAS-033 Searching Maiasaura Dinosaur Grass Common
SAS-034 Leaping Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
SAS-035 Mysterious Leaellynasaura Dinosaur Grass Common
SAS-036 Prowling Megaraptor Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
SAS-037 Spectral Armor Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
SAS-038 Tempest Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
SAS-039 Shouting Rugops Dinosaur Wind Common
SAS-040 Wary Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
SAS-041 Roaming Monolophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
SAS-042 Pouncing Troodon Dinosaur Wind Common
SAS-043 Cryolophosaurus Dinosaur Secret Gold Rare
SAS-044 Pawpawsaurus Dinosaur Secret Gold Rare
SAS-045 Aura Excavator Move Normal Common
SAS-046 Confusing Leap Move Normal Common
SAS-047 Simulation Move Normal Common
SAS-048 Cranial Comet Move Normal Common
SAS-049 Shadow Power Move Normal Common
SAS-050 Glow of Life Move Normal Common
SAS-051 Elemental Bonus Move Normal Common
SAS-052 Kamikaze Tackle Move Normal Silver Rare
SAS-053 Spying Move Normal Common
SAS-054 Tyrannical Charge Super Move Fire Common
SAS-055 Fire Cannon Super Move Fire Silver Rare
SAS-056 Aquatic Harpoon Super Move Water Common
SAS-057 Tragic Sphere Super Move Water Silver Rare
SAS-058 Crackling Super Move Lightning Common
SAS-059 Thunder Bazooka Super Move Lightning Silver Rare
SAS-060 Crystal Shards Super Move Earth Common
SAS-061 Earthquake Super Move Earth Silver Rare
SAS-062 Regenerating Whip Super Move Grass Common
SAS-063 Big Foot Assault Super Move Grass Silver Rare
SAS-064 Rumbling Storm Super Move Wind Common
SAS-065 Ninja Attack Super Move Wind Silver Rare
SAS-066 The D-Team Character D-Team Silver Rare
SAS-067 The Alpha Gang Character Alpha Gang Silver Rare
SAS-068 Seth Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
SAS-069 Spectre Character Spectral Space Pirates Gold Rare
SAS-070 Gabbro Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
SAS-071 Foolscap Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
SAS-072 Shear Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
SAS-073 Terry Special Dinosaur Fire Common
SAS-074 Terry (DinoTector) Special Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
SAS-075 Spiny Special Dinosaur Water Common
SAS-076 Spiny (DinoTector) Special Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
SAS-077 Chomp Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
SAS-078 Chomp (DinoTector) Special Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
SAS-079 Tank Special Dinosaur Earth Common
SAS-080 Tank (DinoTector) Special Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
SAS-081 Paris Special Dinosaur Grass Common
SAS-082 Paris (DinoTector) Special Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
SAS-083 Ace Special Dinosaur Wind Common
SAS-084 Ace (DinoTector) Special Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
SAS-085 Gigas Special Dinosaur Fire Common
SAS-086 Spectral Armor Gigas Special Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
SAS-087 Armatus Special Dinosaur Earth Common
SAS-088 Spectral Armor Armatus Special Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
SAS-089 Maximus Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
SAS-090 Spectral Armor Maximus Special Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
SAS-091 Fiery Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
SAS-092 Titanosaurus colberti (Isisaurus) Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
SAS-093 Howling Tarchia Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
SAS-094 Grazing Charonosaurus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
SAS-095 Tempest Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare
SAS-096 Cryolophosaurus Dinosaur Secret Colossal Rare
SAS-097 Pawpawsaurus Dinosaur Secret Colossal Rare
SAS-098 Spectral Armor Gigas Special Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
SAS-099 Spectral Armor Armatus Special Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
SAS-100 Spectral Armor Maximus Special Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare


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