Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the sixth Booster Pack in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, after Dinotector Showdown, and before Spectral Armor Shock.


The fight against the Space Pirates has now triggered a battle across time! Special time period Dinosaurs can gain extreme power from new Time Bonus Move Cards, and DinoTector dinosaurs have new abilities that activate when they face their Spectral Armored foes!



Time Warp Adventures card pack

  • Set Name: Series 6: Time Warp Adventures
  • Set ID: DKTA
  • TCG Release Date: 2010
  • Number of Cards on Set: 100
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 50x Common
    • 25x Silver Rare
    • 15x Gold Rare
    • 10x Colossal Rare
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Element/


DKTA-001 Terrifying Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKTA-002 Spectral Armor Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKTA-003 Chinese Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKTA-004 Fearsome Yangchuanosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTA-005 Berserk Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTA-006 Wandering Rajasaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTA-007 Roaring Alioramus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTA-008 Hunting Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKTA-009 Fearless Ampelosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKTA-010 Spectral Armor Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKTA-011 Japanese Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Common
DKTA-012 Pouncing Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKTA-013 Curious Nemegtosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKTA-014 Oasis Gondwanatitan Dinosaur Water Common
DKTA-015 Spectral Armor Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKTA-016 Racing Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTA-017 Grazing Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTA-018 Serene Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKTA-019 Spectral Armor Achelousaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKTA-020 Thundering Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTA-021 Herd Leader Einiosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTA-022 Solid Saichania Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKTA-023 Fierce Stegosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTA-024 Spectral Armor Tuojiangosaurus Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKTA-025 Traveling Tuojiangosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKTA-026 Sure-footed Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKTA-027 Cliff Lexovisaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTA-028 Riverbed Pinacosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTA-029 Spectral Armor Lanzhousaurus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKTA-030 Prosaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKTA-031 Downtown Altirhinus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTA-032 Chinese Shantungosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKTA-033 Twilight Corythosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTA-034 Wary Fukuisaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTA-035 Forest Camo Camptosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTA-036 Mist Hunter Carnotaurus Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKTA-037 Pouncing Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKTA-038 Whirling Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTA-039 Cautious Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTA-040 Spectral Armor Gojirasaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKTA-041 Gojirasaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTA-042 Hunting Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTA-043 Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Secret Gold Rare
DKTA-044 Megalosaurus Dinosaur Secret Gold Rare
DKTA-045 Gladiator Headbutt Move Normal Common
DKTA-046 Tropical Tackle Move Normal Common
DKTA-047 Zen Crush Move Normal Common
DKTA-048 Samurai Power Move Normal Common
DKTA-049 Rippling Roar Move Normal Common
DKTA-050 Desperate Dash Move Normal Silver Rare
DKTA-051 Team Trample Move Normal Common
DKTA-052 Fiery Rage Super Move Fire Silver Rare
DKTA-053 Volcanic Eruption Super Move Fire Silver Rare
DKTA-054 Fire Bomb Super Move Fire Common
DKTA-055 Spectral Shockwave Super Move Water Silver Rare
DKTA-056 Swirling Vortex Super Move Water Silver Rare
DKTA-057 Aqua Whip Super Move Water Common
DKTA-058 Attack Burst Super Move Lightning Silver Rare
DKTA-059 Energizing Sparks Super Move Lightning Silver Rare
DKTA-060 Lightning Strike Super Move Lightning Common
DKTA-061 Quake Saber Super Move Earth Silver Rare
DKTA-062 Quicksand Drain Super Move Earth Silver Rare
DKTA-063 Spike Arrows Super Move Earth Common
DKTA-064 Swinging Smash Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKTA-065 Green Impulse Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKTA-066 Metal Wing Super Move Grass Common
DKTA-067 Spectral Hurricane Beat Super Move Wind Silver Rare
DKTA-068 Stealth Slash Super Move Wind Silver Rare
DKTA-069 Razor Wind Super Move Wind Common
DKTA-070 Max Taylor Character D-Team Common
DKTA-071 Rex Owen Character D-Team Common
DKTA-072 Zoe Drake Character D-Team Common
DKTA-073 Ursula Character Alpha Gang Common
DKTA-074 Ed Character Alpha Gang Common
DKTA-075 Zander Character Alpha Gang Common
DKTA-076 Gabbro Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
DKTA-077 Foolscap Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
DKTA-078 Shear Character Spectral Space Pirates Common
DKTA-079 Terry Special Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTA-080 Terry (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKTA-081 Spiny Special Dinosaur Water Common
DKTA-082 Spiny (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKTA-083 Chomp Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTA-084 Chomp (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKTA-085 Tank Special Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTA-086 Tank (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKTA-087 Paris Special Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTA-088 Paris (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKTA-089 Ace Special Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTA-090 Ace (Dinotector) Special Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKTA-091 Terrifying Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
DKTA-092 Pouncing Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
DKTA-093 Serene Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare
DKTA-094 Traveling Tuojiangosaurus Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
DKTA-095 Prosaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
DKTA-096 Chinese Shantungosaurus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
DKTA-097 Pouncing Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare
DKTA-098 Gojirasaurus Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare
DKTA-099 Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Secret Colossal Rare
DKTA-100 Megalosaurus Dinosaur Secret Colossal Rare


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