Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the third Booster Pack in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, after Colossal Team Battle and the Easter Set, and before Black Dinosaur Rampage.


Stronger and meaner than before, Dr. Z's new Alpha Dinosaurs, along with Alpha-only Move Cards and Alpha Ally Dinosaurs with abilities to make Alpha Dinos even more powerful, are the latest weapons of the Alpha Gang!



Alpha Dinosaurs Attack card pack

  • Set Name: Series 3: Alpha Dinosaurs Attack
  • Set ID: DKAA
  • TCG Release Date: 2009
  • Number of Cards on Set: 100
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 50x Common
    • 24x Silver Rare
    • 16x Gold Rare
    • 10x Colossal Rare
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Element/


DKAA-001 Alpha Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKAA-002 Alpha Rajasaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKAA-003 Fierce Yangchuanosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKAA-004 Ferocious Torvosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKAA-005 Savage Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKAA-006 Hunting Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKAA-007 Raging Albertosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKAA-008 Alpha Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKAA-009 Grazing Titanosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKAA-010 Alpha Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Common
DKAA-011 Razor-tooth Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKAA-012 Jungle Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKAA-013 Peaceful Patagosaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKAA-014 Pouncing Irritator Dinosaur Water Common
DKAA-015 Alpha Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKAA-016 Alpha Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKAA-017 Wandering Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKAA-018 Mighty Diceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKAA-019 Swift Udanoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKAA-020 Savannah Monoclonius Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKAA-021 Alpha Einiosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKAA-022 Alpha Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKAA-023 Alpha Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKAA-024 Plated Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKAA-025 Roadblock Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKAA-026 Startled Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKAA-027 Iron Spine Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Common
DKAA-028 Alpha Wuerhosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKAA-029 Alpha Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKAA-030 Excited Altirhinus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKAA-031 Alpha Iguanodon Dinosaur Grass Common
DKAA-032 Nesting Maiasaura Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKAA-033 Olorotitan Dinosaur Grass Common
DKAA-034 Starving Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKAA-035 Alpha Ouranosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKAA-036 Alpha Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKAA-037 Alpha Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKAA-038 Swift Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Common
DKAA-039 City Stalker Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKAA-040 Eustreptospondylus Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKAA-041 Sprinting Piatnitzkysaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKAA-042 Alpha Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKAA-043 Elemental Tag Team Move Normal Common
DKAA-044 Reckless Charge Move Normal Common
DKAA-045 D-Team Attack Move Normal Silver Rare
DKAA-046 Alpha Gang Attack Move Normal Silver Rare
DKAA-047 Alpha Dice Move Alpha Silver Rare
DKAA-048 Alpha Explosion Move Alpha Common
DKAA-049 Alpha Droids Move Alpha Common
DKAA-050 Banana Trap Move Alpha Silver Rare
DKAA-051 Flame Fang Super Move Fire Silver Rare
DKAA-052 Mega Fireball Super Move Fire Common
DKAA-053 Raging Inferno Super Move Fire Common
DKAA-054 Aquatic Assault Super Move Water Silver Rare
DKAA-055 Mega Geyser Super Move Water Common
DKAA-056 Water Spout Super Move Water Common
DKAA-057 Paralyzing Shock Super Move Lightning Silver Rare
DKAA-058 Mega Bolt Super Move Lightning Common
DKAA-059 Electric Toss Super Move Lightning Common
DKAA-060 Quartz Slam Super Move Earth Silver Rare
DKAA-061 Mega Crush Super Move Earth Common
DKAA-062 Boulder Blast Super Move Earth Common
DKAA-063 Big Backup Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKAA-064 Mega Healing Super Move Grass Common
DKAA-065 Magical Shot Super Move Grass Common
DKAA-066 Wind Slicer Super Move Wind Silver Rare
DKAA-067 Mega Whirlwind Super Move Wind Common
DKAA-068 Twisting Tornado Super Move Wind Common
DKAA-069 Max Taylor Character D-Team Common
DKAA-070 Rex Owen Character D-Team Common
DKAA-071 Zoe Drake Character D-Team Common
DKAA-072 Dr. Taylor Character D-Team Common
DKAA-073 The D-Team Character D-Team Gold Rare
DKAA-074 Dr. Z Character Alpha Gang Common
DKAA-075 Laura & Rod Character Alpha Gang Silver Rare
DKAA-076 The Alpha Gang Character Alpha Gang Gold Rare
DKAA-077 Seth Character Alpha Gang Silver Rare
DKAA-078 Helga Character Alpha Gang Common
DKAA-079 Terry Special Dinosaur Fire Common
DKAA-080 Terry (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKAA-081 Spiny Special Dinosaur Water Common
DKAA-082 Spiny (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKAA-083 Chomp Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKAA-084 Chomp (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKAA-085 Tank Special Dinosaur Earth Common
DKAA-086 Tank (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKAA-087 Paris Special Dinosaur Grass Common
DKAA-088 Paris (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKAA-089 Ace Special Dinosaur Wind Common
DKAA-090 Ace (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKAA-091 Alpha Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
DKAA-092 Fierce Yangchuanosaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
DKAA-093 Grazing Titanosaurus Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
DKAA-094 Razor-tooth Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
DKAA-095 Alpha Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare
DKAA-096 Wandering Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare
DKAA-097 Plated Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
DKAA-098 Startled Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
DKAA-099 Excited Altirhinus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
DKAA-100 Sprinting Piatnitzkysaurus Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare


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