Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the second Booster Pack in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game, after the Base Set, and before the Easter Set and Alpha Dinosaurs Attack.


It's the D-Team against the Alpha Gang with new Dinosaurs and Move Cards, and introducing four more Special Dinosaurs with Battle Modes!



Colossal Team Battle card pack

  • Set Name: Series 2: Colossal Team Battle
  • Set ID: DKTB
  • TCG Release Date: 2008
  • Number of Cards on Set: 100
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 50x Common
    • 25x Silver Rare
    • 15x Gold Rare
    • 10x Colossal Rare
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Element/


DKTB-001 Relentless Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKTB-002 Mapusaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKTB-003 Mad Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKTB-004 Prowling Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTB-005 Yangchuanosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTB-006 Prowling Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTB-007 Alpha Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTB-008 Ampelosaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKTB-009 Roaring Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKTB-010 Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKTB-011 Sunrise Shunosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKTB-012 Swift Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Common
DKTB-013 Wading Nemegtosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKTB-014 Alpha Irritator Dinosaur Water Common
DKTB-015 Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKTB-016 Rampaging Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKTB-017 Albertaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKTB-018 Roaming Arrhinoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTB-019 Diceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTB-020 Water's Edge Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTB-021 Centrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTB-022 Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKTB-023 Gigantspinosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTB-024 Grazing Tarchia Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKTB-025 Tuojiangosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTB-026 Polacanthus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTB-027 Pack Protector Dacentrurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKTB-028 Pinacosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTB-029 Saurolophus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKTB-030 Charonosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTB-031 Charging Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKTB-032 Spotted Anatotitan Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTB-033 Edmontosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTB-034 Guardian Fukuisaurus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKTB-035 Leaellynasaura Healer Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTB-036 Megaraptor Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKTB-037 Majungasaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTB-038 War Cry Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTB-039 Gallimimus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTB-040 Rugops Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKTB-041 Indosuchus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTB-042 Troodon Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKTB-043 Dino Stomp Move Normal Common
DKTB-044 Stalemate Breaker Move Normal Common
DKTB-045 Counterattack Move Normal Common
DKTB-046 Pet Pounce Move Normal Common
DKTB-047 Spying Move Normal Common
DKTB-048 Distraction Move Normal Common
DKTB-049 Overextended Attack Move Normal Common
DKTB-050 Pile On Move Normal Common
DKTB-051 Desperate Strike Move Normal Common
DKTB-052 Mega Backup Move Normal Common
DKTB-053 Meteor Strike Super Move Fire Silver Rare
DKTB-054 Flames of Victory Super Move Fire Common
DKTB-055 Ultimate Firestorm Super Move Fire Silver Rare
DKTB-056 Super Tidal Wave Super Move Water Silver Rare
DKTB-057 Whirlpool Renewal Super Move Water Gold Rare
DKTB-058 Stalemate Splash Super Move Water Common
DKTB-059 Ultimate Torrent Super Move Water Silver Rare
DKTB-060 Electric Cascade Super Move Lightning Gold Rare
DKTB-061 Bolt of Vengeance Super Move Lightning Common
DKTB-062 Ultimate Shock Blast Super Move Lightning Silver Rare
DKTB-063 Super Earth Barrier Super Move Earth Silver Rare
DKTB-064 Sacrificial Slam Super Move Earth Gold Rare
DKTB-065 Victory Crater Super Move Earth Common
DKTB-066 Ultimate Earthquake Super Move Earth Silver Rare
DKTB-067 Super Nature's Revenge Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKTB-068 Rejuvenating Light Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKTB-069 Standoff Swipe Super Move Grass Common
DKTB-070 Ultimate Treetop Toss Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKTB-071 Super Cyclone Super Move Wind Silver Rare
DKTB-072 Vanquishing Vortex Super Move Wind Gold Rare
DKTB-073 Gust of Vengeance Super Move Wind Common
DKTB-074 Ultimate Wind Scythe Super Move Wind Silver Rare
DKTB-075 Max Taylor Character D-Team Silver Rare
DKTB-076 Rex Owen Character D-Team Silver Rare
DKTB-077 Zoe Drake Character D-Team Common
DKTB-078 Ursula Character Alpha Gang Common
DKTB-079 Ed Character Alpha Gang Common
DKTB-080 Zander Character Alpha Gang Common
DKTB-081 Terry Special Dinosaur Fire Common
DKTB-082 Spiny (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKTB-083 Spiny Special Dinosaur Water Common
DKTB-084 Chomp Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKTB-085 Tank (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKTB-086 Tank Special Dinosaur Earth Common
DKTB-087 Paris (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKTB-088 Paris Special Dinosaur Grass Common
DKTB-089 Ace (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKTB-090 Ace Special Dinosaur Wind Common
DKTB-091 Mapusaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
DKTB-092 Mad Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
DKTB-093 Ampelosaurus Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
DKTB-094 Roaring Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
DKTB-095 Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare
DKTB-096 Rampaging Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare
DKTB-097 Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
DKTB-098 Saurolophus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
DKTB-099 Guardian Fukuisaurus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
DKTB-100 Megaraptor Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare


  • Intending to complement the Base Set, it lacks Battle Modes for Terry and Chomp, as they were featured in the Base Set, while new small forms were included to be given the deck's new ability.
  • Oddly, the Battle Modes are listed before their small forms. This is the only deck to do so.


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