Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the first Booster Pack in the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game after the Starter Set, and before Colossal Team Battle.


The Dinosaur King Trading Card Game is an action-packed, fun, easy-to-play TCG based on the exciting Dinosaur King TV series! Max, Rex, and Zoe (the stars of the TV series) search all over the world for lost Dinosaur cards that have the power to bring dinosaurs from the past back to life! Every episode is an adventure to collect more cards and to ensure that the cards don’t fall into the wrong hands. Whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs!



Dinosaur King TCG card pack

  • Set Name: Series 1: Base Set
  • Set ID: DKCG
  • TCG Release Date: 2008
  • Number of Cards on Set: 160
  • TCG Rarity Breakdown:
    • 94x Common
    • 33x Silver Rare
    • 25x Gold Rare
    • 8x Colossal Rare
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Card No. Name Type Element/


DKCG-001 Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKCG-002 Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-003 Torvosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-004 Abelisaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKCG-005 Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-006 Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-007 Rajasaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKCG-008 Metriacanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-009 Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Rare
DKCG-010 Siamotyrannus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-011 Alioramus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-012 Albertosaurus Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-013 Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKCG-014 Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKCG-015 Titanosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-016 Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKCG-017 Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKCG-018 Shunosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-019 Dicraeosaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKCG-020 Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-021 Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-022 Camarasaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Rare
DKCG-023 Patagosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-024 Nemegtosaurus Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-025 Opisthocoelicaudia Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-026 Irritator Dinosaur Water Gold Rare
DKCG-027 Gondwanatitan Dinosaur Water Common
DKCG-028 Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKCG-029 Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-030 Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKCG-031 Arrhinoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-032 Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-033 Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKCG-034 Udanoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-035 Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-036 Monoclonius Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-037 Achelousaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Rare
DKCG-038 Zuniceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-039 Brachyceratops Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-040 Einiosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKCG-041 Saichania Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKCG-042 Stegosaurus Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKCG-043 Tarchia Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-044 Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-045 Gastonia Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKCG-046 Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-047 Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-048 Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKCG-049 Dacentrurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-050 Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Silver Rare
DKCG-051 Lexovisaurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-052 Wuerhosaurus Dinosaur Earth Gold Rare
DKCG-053 Talarurus Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-054 Minmi Dinosaur Earth Common
DKCG-055 Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKCG-056 Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-057 Altirhinus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKCG-058 Shantungosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-059 Anatotitan Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKCG-060 Iguanodon Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-061 Corythosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-062 Maiasaura Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKCG-063 Tsintaosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rare
DKCG-064 Brachylophosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-065 Fukuisaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-066 Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur Grass Gold Rare
DKCG-067 Camptosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-068 Ouranosaurus Dinosaur Grass Common
DKCG-069 Carnotaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKCG-070 Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKCG-071 Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-072 Deltadromeus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-073 Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKCG-074 Neovenator Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-075 Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-076 Sinraptor Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKCG-077 Monolophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-078 Szechuanosaurus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-079 Piatnitzkysaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Rare
DKCG-080 Liliensternus Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-081 Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Gold Rare
DKCG-082 Velociraptor Dinosaur Wind Common
DKCG-083 Tail Slam Move Normal Common
DKCG-084 Attack Boost Move Normal Common
DKCG-085 Defense Boost Move Normal Common
DKCG-086 Diving Press Move Normal Common
DKCG-087 Sand Storm Move Normal Common
DKCG-088 Dino Swing Move Normal Common
DKCG-089 Stomping Hammer Move Normal Common
DKCG-090 Grind Away Move Normal Common
DKCG-091 Atomic Bomb Move Normal Common
DKCG-092 Fire Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-093 Water Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-094 Thunder Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-095 Earth Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-096 Grass Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-097 Wind Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-098 Venom Fang Move Normal Common
DKCG-099 Final Fury Move Normal Common
DKCG-100 Kamikaze Tackle Move Normal Common
DKCG-101 Surprise Ally Move Normal Common
DKCG-102 Surprise Technique Move Normal Common
DKCG-103 Absorb Power Move Normal Common
DKCG-104 Battle Recharge Move Normal Silver Rare
DKCG-105 Pin Down Move Normal Common
DKCG-106 Knockout Blast Move Normal Silver Rare
DKCG-107 Fire Cannon Super Move Fire Common
DKCG-108 Blazing Spin Super Move Fire Common
DKCG-109 Fire Bomb Super Move Fire Common
DKCG-110 Lava Storm Super Move Fire Silver Rare
DKCG-111 Jaws of Flame Super Move Fire Gold Rare
DKCG-112 Supernova Super Move Fire Gold Rare
DKCG-113 Water Sword Super Move Water Common
DKCG-114 Aqua Whip Super Move Water Common
DKCG-115 Tragic Sphere Super Move Water Common
DKCG-116 Vital Soak Super Move Water Silver Rare
DKCG-117 Acid Rain Super Move Water Gold Rare
DKCG-118 Flash Flood Super Move Water Gold Rare
DKCG-119 Lightning Strike Super Move Lightning Common
DKCG-120 Thunder Bazooka Super Move Lightning Common
DKCG-121 Lightning Spear Super Move Lightning Common
DKCG-122 Energy Spike Super Move Lightning Silver Rare
DKCG-123 Voltage Boost Super Move Lightning Gold Rare
DKCG-124 Electric Aura Super Move Lightning Gold Rare
DKCG-125 Earthquake Super Move Earth Common
DKCG-126 Mole Attack Super Move Earth Common
DKCG-127 Spike Arrows Super Move Earth Common
DKCG-128 Boulder Crush Super Move Earth Gold Rare
DKCG-129 Deep Canyon Super Move Earth Gold Rare
DKCG-130 Survival Instinct Super Move Earth Silver Rare
DKCG-131 Egg Blaster Super Move Grass Common
DKCG-132 Metal Wing Super Move Grass Common
DKCG-133 Big Foot Assault Super Move Grass Common
DKCG-134 Emerald Cure Super Move Grass Silver Rare
DKCG-135 S.O.S. Super Move Grass Gold Rare
DKCG-136 Overgrowth Super Move Grass Common
DKCG-137 Razor Wind Super Move Wind Common
DKCG-138 Ninja Attack Super Move Wind Common
DKCG-139 Tornado Toss Super Move Wind Common
DKCG-140 Hurricane Strike Super Move Wind Silver Rare
DKCG-141 Roaring Tempest Super Move Wind Gold Rare
DKCG-142 Whirlwind Super Move Wind Gold Rare
DKCG-143 Max Taylor Character D-Team Silver Rare
DKCG-144 Rex Owen Character D-Team Silver Rare
DKCG-145 Zoe Drake Character D-Team Common
DKCG-146 Dr. Z Character Alpha Gang Silver Rare
DKCG-147 Ursula Character Alpha Gang Common
DKCG-148 Ed Character Alpha Gang Common
DKCG-149 Terry (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Fire Gold Rare
DKCG-150 Terry Special Dinosaur Fire Common
DKCG-151 Chomp (Battle Mode) Special Dinosaur Lightning Gold Rare
DKCG-152 Chomp Special Dinosaur Lightning Common
DKCG-153 Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Colossal Rare
DKCG-154 Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Colossal Rare
DKCG-155 Styracosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Colossal Rare
DKCG-156 Saichania Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
DKCG-157 Stegosaurus Dinosaur Earth Colossal Rare
DKCG-158 Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Colossal Rare
DKCG-159 Carnotaurus Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare
DKCG-160 Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Colossal Rare


  • Intending to complement the Starter Set, the main dinosaur grouping lacks Level 6 Fire and Lightning Dinosaurs because they were Starter Set exclusive. Their Colossal Rare cards are included, though.


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