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This is the Episode Listing for Season/Series 1 (ep. 1-49) of the Dinosaur King anime. Season/Series 2 (ep. 50-79) can be found at Dinosaur King Mesozoic Meltdown.

It first premiered in Japan on TV Asahi on February 4, 2007 with the name Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King DKidz Adventure (古代王者恐竜キング Dキッズ・アドベンチャー Kodai Ōja Kyōryū Kingu D Kizzu Adobenchā?). An English dubbed version of the series was released in America on September 8, 2007, launched under the name Dinosaur King on 4Kids TV.


The terms "season" and "series" are varied in their history. Dinosaur King is definitively divided into "part 1" of episodes 1-49 and "part 2" of episodes 50-79, but "part 1" has been further subdivided in some sources. The 4kidsTV website's Dinosaur King page first listed episodes 1-26 under the "Season 1" heading, with episodes 27-44 and 46-49 under "Season 2", skipping the Christmas-themed episode 45, which was later added under "Season 1" while episodes 50 and beyond were added under "Season 2". This was later altered to the current 1-49 "Season 1" in order, while "Season 2" only extended from 50-74, neither 4kidsTV's website nor YouTube channel including 75-79, before the website eventually fell defunct and shut down (some of its YouTube episodes have also been made Private, but most are still viewable, though are not uploaded in order). In response to the initial division of "Seasons" by the 4kidsTV website, this Wiki invented "Series 1" for 1-49 and "Series 2" for 50-79 for clarity, the idea of following the split headings being that "Season 1" ("Series 1" part 1) would be 1-26, "Season 2" ("Series 1" part 2) 27-49, and the expected "Season 3" (="Series 2") 50-79, before 50+ unexpectedly joined 27-49. This 2-series/3-season concept has since fallen out of usage, but some page formatting and text retains the "Series" terms instead of "Season", though it is implied they are of equivalent meaning (and can be capital or lowercase), though "season" is now the primary term and "series" an artifact of this convoluted history.

Plot Summary[]

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Main Characters[]


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Episode Listing[]

  1. Prehistory in the Making
  2. Battle at the Pyramids
  3. Tanks a LOT!
  4. Bungle in the Jungle
  5. Rubble Trouble
  6. Don't Mess With Maiasaura
  7. A Game Show Showdown
  8. Maui Owie!
  9. Dino Snore!
  10. Downtown Runaround
  11. Alpha Bets It All
  12. Alpha's Zeta Point
  13. Escape from Zeta Point
  14. Child's Play
  15. Volcanic Panic
  16. All Fired Up!
  17. Field Of Screams
  18. Dance Evolution
  19. The Big Apple Grapple
  20. Tee'd Off
  21. No Free Lunch
  22. Just Plane Crazy
  23. A Loch Ness Mess
  24. Fashion Victims
  25. A Miner Disaster
  26. Double or Nothing
  27. Carnival of Chaos
  28. Daddy Dearest
  29. Rhino or Dino?
  30. Dinosaur Amour!
  31. Temple Tempest
  32. Falls Alarm!
  33. Battle Royale!
  34. Ninja Nightmare!
  35. Ruff and Ready
  36. Metal Imbalance
  37. Dueling Dinos
  38. Mythical Mix Up
  39. Beast Or Famine
  40. A Mesozoic Mess
  41. Lights, Camera, Destruction!
  42. Planes, Trains and Dinosaurs
  43. Vaccination Vacation
  44. A Kyoto Caper
  45. Santa Saurus!
  46. Full Scheme Ahead
  47. Tricks of the Traitor
  48. One Final Move!
  49. Dinosaur War!


  • As the English episode titles are typed in the small caps style, it can be somewhat difficult at a glance to tell if certain minor words are meant to start with capital letters or not. This can lead to some oddities upon closer examination, like "Double or Nothing" and "Rhino or Dino?" contrasting with "Beast Or Famine", and "Field Of Screams" vs. "Carnival of Chaos". Also, the unusual choice of "Tanks a LOT!" appearing to include an all-caps word.