Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the twenty-third release of the Japanese arcade game. Its cards have no equivalents as the English version ended before it could adapt them, and the Taiwanese version was replaced by the Japanese version in Taiwan. It was preceded by the Kakushin 4th Edition and followed by the Kakushin 6th Edition Hyper Battle Museum.


The releases draw towards the end! In this wave, there are no regular Dinosaurs or Normal Moves—instead, it is completely made of every Super Dinosaur and Super Move there ever has been or will be! Includes two new Super Dinosaurs for each Element, the final pair of non-sign Super Moves, and introducing the final character: the Space Pirate Goma, with his uniquely altered and armored forms of Eocarcharia! This wave's Super Moves primarily feature Super, Alpha, Secret, recent, and yet unseen dinosaurs.



Japanese Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω release poster

  • Japanese Set Name: Mezameyo! Aratanaru Chikara!! 5th Edition Chou Ω (目覚めよ!新たなる力!! 第5紀 超Ω) (Wake Up! New Power!! Super Omega)
    • Japanese Release Date: August 6, 2009
  • English Equivalent: None (discontinued)
  • Taiwanese Equivalent: None (replaced by Japanese)
  • Number of Cards in Wave: 100
    • 39 Dino Cards, 0 Move Cards, 60 Super Move Cards, 1 Character Card
  • Number of New Cards: 17
    • 14 Dino Cards, 0 Move Cards, 2 Super Move Cards, 1 Character Card
  • Dino Card Rarity Breakdown:
    • Gold: 1
    • Silver: 0
    • Bronze: 0
    • Regular: 0
    • Super: 38
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Card List[]

Cards named in bold are new to this wave.

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute
001-炎 Big Fire Cannon Super Move Fire
002-炎 Big Fire Bomb Super Move Fire
003-炎 Fright Blaze Spin Super Move Fire
004-炎 Volcano Burst Super Move Fire
005-水 Water Sword Super Move Water
006-水 Tragedy of the Ball Super Move Water
007-水 Flood Strap Super Move Water
008-水 Shockwave Super Move Water
009-雷 Giga Raiden Super Move Lightning
010-雷 Thunder Bazooka Super Move Lightning
011-雷 Lightning Thrust Super Move Lightning
012-雷 Electric Charge Super Move Lightning
013-土 Rush Spine Super Move Earth
014-土 Big Mole Attack Super Move Earth
015-土 Hell Earthquake Super Move Earth
016-土 Earth Barrier Super Move Earth
017-草 Eggs Revolver Super Move Grass
018-草 Big Foot Assault Super Move Grass
019-草 Metal Wing Super Move Grass
020-草 Nature's Blessing Super Move Grass
021-風 Kamaitachi Super Move Wind
022-風 Ninja Attack Super Move Wind
023-風 Tornado Blow Super Move Wind
024-風 Cyclone Super Move Wind
025-炎 Death Fire Super Move Fire
026-炎 Magma Blaster Super Move Fire
027-炎 Crimson Flame Super Move Fire
028-炎 Burning Dash Super Move Fire
029-炎 Heat Eruption Super Move Fire
030-炎 Flare Sword Super Move Fire
031-水 Aqua Vortex Super Move Water
032-水 Futaba Mega Cannon Super Move Water
033-水 Neptune Stream Super Move Water
034-水 Hydro Cutter Super Move Water
035-水 Ocean Panic Super Move Water
036-水 Aqua Javelin Super Move Water
037-雷 Blitz Counter Super Move Lightning
038-雷 Gatling Spark Super Move Lightning
039-雷 Inazuma Phalanx Super Move Lightning
040-雷 Thunder Driver Super Move Lightning
041-雷 Plasma Anchor Super Move Lightning
042-雷 Lightning Ax Super Move Lightning
043-土 Crystal Break Super Move Earth
044-土 Quake Saber Super Move Earth
045-土 Gaia Mountain Super Move Earth
046-土 Big Rock Roller Super Move Earth
047-土 Sand Trap Super Move Earth
048-土 Giga Rock Hammer Super Move Earth
049-草 Emerald Garden Super Move Grass
050-草 Super Impact Super Move Grass
051-草 Dino Force Super Move Grass
052-草 Two Platoon Crush Super Move Grass
053-草 Green Impulse Super Move Grass
054-草 Thorn Whip Super Move Grass
055-風 Dino Illusion Super Move Wind
056-風 Kagerou Super Move Wind
057-風 Air Raid Storm Super Move Wind
058-風 Hurricane Beat Super Move Wind
059-風 Sonic Blast Super Move Wind
060-風 Jet Shuriken Super Move Wind

Super Dinosaur Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Type
SU42-竜 Super Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU43-竜 Super Majungasaurus Dinosaur Wind Super
SU44-竜 Super Shantungosaurus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU45-竜 Super Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Super
SU46-竜 Super Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU47-竜 Super Opisthocoelicaudia Dinosaur Water Super
SU48-竜 Super Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU49-竜 Super Titanosaurus Dinosaur Water Super
SU50-竜 Super Torvosaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU51-竜 Super Sinraptor Dinosaur Wind Super
SU52-竜 Super Tsintaosaurus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU53-竜 Super Talarurus Dinosaur Earth Super
SU54-竜 Super Carnotaurus Dinosaur Wind Super
SU55-竜 Super Altirhinus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU56-竜 Super Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Super
SU57-竜 Super Diceratops Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU58-竜 Super Camarasaurus Dinosaur Water Super
SU59-竜 Super Alioramus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU60-竜 Super Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Super
SU61-竜 Super Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU62-竜 Super Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Super
SU63-竜 Super Corythosaurus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU64-竜 Super Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Super
SU65-竜 Super Brachyceratops Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU66-竜 Super Saichania Dinosaur Earth Super
SU67-竜 Super Anchiceratops Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU68-竜 Super Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Super
SU69-竜 Super Rajasaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU70-竜 Super Monolophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Super
SU71-竜 Super Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU72-竜 Super Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU73-竜 Super Tarchia Dinosaur Earth Super
SU74-竜 Super Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU75-竜 Super Dicraeosaurus Dinosaur Water Super
SU76-竜 Super Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU77-竜 Super Liliensternus Dinosaur Wind Super
SU78-竜 Super Eocarcharia Dinosaur Fire Super

Super Secret Dinosaur Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Type
SP24-竜 Super Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Secret Super

Armor Dinosaur Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
JA17-竜 Eocarcharia (Spectral Armor Omega) (Jark Armor Ω) Dinosaur Fire Gold Tie Recovery

Character Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Team
CZ-06 Goma Character Space Pirates (Zanjark)



  • Needless to say, this is the only wave without regular Dinosaurs or Normal Move Cards. Consequently, the main card list begins with Super Moves instead of Dinosaurs; this hasn't happened since the 1st Edition uniquely gave a separate numbered list to each of Normal and every Element of Super Move.


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