Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the twenty-second release of the Japanese arcade game. Its cards have no equivalents as the English version ended before it could adapt them, and the Taiwanese version was replaced by the Japanese version in Taiwan. It was preceded by the Kakushin 3rd Edition and followed by the Kakushin 5th Edition Super Ω.


The releases roll on! Introducing new Dinosaur, Super Dinosaur, Move, and non-sign Super Move Cards, plus several special cards: Super D-Team dinosaur combined cards, two Secret Eggs, and a Super Secret Dinosaur! This wave's Dinosaur Cards form a panoramic prehistoric landscape when placed together.



Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition release poster

  • Japanese Set Name: Mezameyo! Aratanaru Chikara!! 4th Edition (目覚めよ!新たなる力!! 第4紀) (Wake Up! New Power!!)
    • Japanese Release Date: May 28, 2009
  • English Equivalent: None (discontinued)
  • Taiwanese Equivalent: None (replaced by Japanese)
  • Number of Cards in Wave: 96
    • 41 Dino Cards, 27 Move Cards, 28 Super Move Cards
  • Number of New Cards: 19
    • 14 Dino Cards, 3 Move Cards, 2 Super Move Cards
  • Dino Card Rarity Breakdown:
    • Gold: 8
    • Silver: 6
    • Bronze: 5
    • Regular: 8
    • Super: 9
    • Combined Cards: 3
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Card List[]

Cards named in bold are new to this wave.

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
001-竜 Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Gold Lethal
002-竜 Stegosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Tie Recovery
003-竜 Anatotitan Dinosaur Grass Bronze Tie Recovery
004-竜 Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Paper-Paper
005-竜 Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Regular Warning
006-竜 Albertosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Tie Recovery
007-竜 Irritator Dinosaur Water Regular Warning
008-竜 Lambeosaurus magnicristatus Dinosaur Grass Gold Blunder
009-竜 Gigantspinosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Lethal
010-竜 Lanzhousaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Rock-Rock
011-竜 Cetiosaurus Dinosaur Water Bronze Paper-Paper
012-竜 Albertaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Bronze Rock-Rock
013-竜 Panoplosaurus Dinosaur Earth Bronze Lethal
014-竜 Rugops Dinosaur Wind Bronze Warning
015-竜 Gondwanatitan Dinosaur Water Regular Rock-Rock
016-竜 Udanoceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Rock-Rock
017-竜 Polacanthus Dinosaur Earth Regular Tie Recovery
018-竜 Indosuchus Dinosaur Wind Regular Rock-Rock
019-技 Diving Press Move Normal N/A N/A
020-技 Critical Seal Move Normal N/A N/A
021-技 Death Grind Move Normal N/A N/A
022-技 Neck Crusher Move Normal N/A N/A
023-技 Rush To Move Normal N/A N/A
024-技 Elemental Power Move Normal N/A N/A
025-技 Venom Fang Move Normal N/A N/A
026-技 Pawpaw Power Move Normal N/A N/A
027-技 Move Break Move Normal N/A N/A
028-技 ACT Dice Move Normal N/A N/A
029-技 Stuffing Beam Move Normal N/A N/A
030-技 Technique Up Move Normal N/A N/A
031-技 Defense Burst Move Normal N/A N/A
032-技 ACT Missile Move Normal N/A N/A
033-技 Surprise Banana Move Normal N/A N/A
034-技 Soft Beam Move Normal N/A N/A
035-技 Pounding! ACT Darts! Move Normal N/A N/A
036-技 Smiling Hamburger Move Normal N/A N/A
037-技 Naughty Curry and Rice Move Normal N/A N/A
038-技 Exciting Naporitan Move Normal N/A N/A
039-技 Good Luck Omurice Move Normal N/A N/A
040-技 Exciting Strawberry Cake Move Normal N/A N/A
041-技 Happy Purin Move Normal N/A N/A
042-技 Archaeopteryx Charm Move Normal N/A N/A
043-技 Galli Rush Move Normal N/A N/A
044-技 Struthio Rush Move Normal N/A N/A
045-技 Dromiceio Rush Move Normal N/A N/A
046-炎 Volcano Burst Super Move Fire N/A N/A
047-炎 Death Fire Super Move Fire N/A N/A
048-炎 Crimson Flame Super Move Fire N/A N/A
049-炎 Heat Eruption Super Move Fire N/A N/A
050-炎 Flare Sword Super Move Fire N/A N/A
051-水 Shockwave Super Move Water N/A N/A
052-水 Futaba Mega Cannon Super Move Water N/A N/A
053-水 Ocean Panic Super Move Water N/A N/A
054-水 Aqua Javelin Super Move Water N/A N/A
055-雷 Electric Charge Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
056-雷 Blitz Counter Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
057-雷 Inazuma Phalanx Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
058-雷 Plasma Anchor Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
059-雷 Lightning Ax Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
060-土 Earth Barrier Super Move Earth N/A N/A
061-土 Quake Saber Super Move Earth N/A N/A
062-土 Sand Trap Super Move Earth N/A N/A
063-土 Giga Rock Hammer Super Move Earth N/A N/A
064-草 Nature's Blessing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
065-草 Super Impact Super Move Grass N/A N/A
066-草 Dino Force Super Move Grass N/A N/A
067-草 Green Impulse Super Move Grass N/A N/A
068-草 Thorn Whip Super Move Grass N/A N/A
069-風 Cyclone Super Move Wind N/A N/A
070-風 Kagerou Super Move Wind N/A N/A
071-風 Air Raid Storm Super Move Wind N/A N/A
072-風 Sonic Blast Super Move Wind N/A N/A
073-風 Jet Shuriken Super Move Wind N/A N/A

Super Dinosaur Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Type
SU34-竜 Super Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU35-竜 Super Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Super
SU36-竜 Super Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Super
SU37-竜 Super Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Super
SU38-竜 Super Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Super
SU39-竜 Super Corythosaurus Dinosaur Grass Super
SU40-竜 Super Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Super
SU41-竜 Super Brachyceratops Dinosaur Lightning Super

Super Secret Dinosaur Card[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Type
SP23-竜 Super Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Secret Super

Pterosaur Legends Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
DT39-竜 Chomp (DinoTector) (Gabu) Dinosaur Lightning Gold Strength
DT40-竜 Ace (DinoTector) (Ace) Dinosaur Wind Gold Tie Defense
DT41-竜 Paris (DinoTector) (Parapara) Dinosaur Grass Gold Recovery
DT42-竜 Terry (DinoTector) (Tirano) Dinosaur Fire Gold Reform
DT43-竜 Spiny (DinoTector) (Spino) Dinosaur Water Gold Lucky 7
DT44-竜 Tank (DinoTector) (Saika) Dinosaur Earth Gold Will-Power
JA14-竜 Gigas (Spectral Armor) (Jark Armor) Dinosaur Fire Silver Poison
JA15-竜 Maximus (Spectral Armor) (Jark Armor) Dinosaur Lightning Silver Poison
JA16-竜 Armatus (Spectral Armor) (Jark Armor) Dinosaur Earth Silver Poison

Super D-Team Combined Cards[]

Card ID Name Character Attribute Type Included Moves
CC-16 Super Chomp (Gabu) Max Lightning Super Rock: Lightning Ax
Scissors: Inazuma Phalanx
Paper: Plasma Anchor
CC-17 Super Ace (Ace) Rex Wind Super Rock: Air Raid Storm
Scissors: Ninja Attack
Paper: Sonic Blast
CC-18 Super Paris (Parapara) Zoe Grass Super Rock: Two Platoon Crush
Scissors: Thorn Whip
Paper: Dino Force

Egg Cards[]

Card ID Name Attribute Included
EGG-020-竜 Secret Egg Secret Deinonychus
EGG-021-竜 Secret Egg II Secret Megalosaurus



  • It is the only Japanese wave of arcade cards with a landscape-oriented release poster.


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