Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the first release of the Japanese arcade game. Its cards are equivalent to the English 1st Edition Version 1 (serving for Taiwanese as well). It was followed by the 2nd Edition.


Introducing Dinosaur King to the world, the debut of dinosaur fighting through rock-paper-scissors! Includes a host of Dinosaur Cards, the Technique-targeted Normal Moves, a pair of dino-calling Normal Moves for each Sign, and one Attack Super Move per Element.


DK 1c

Japanese 1st Edition release poster

  • Japanese Set Name: 1st Edition (第1紀)
    • Japanese Release Date: August 2005
  • English Equivalent: Original Edition
    • English Release Date: 2005
  • Taiwanese Equivalent: 1st Edition
    • Taiwanese Release Date: 2005
  • Number of Cards in Wave: 39
    • 18 Dino Cards, 15 Move Cards, 6 Super Move Cards
  • Number of New Cards: 39
    • 18 Dino Cards, 15 Move Cards, 6 Super Move Cards
  • Dino Card Rarity Breakdown:
    • Gold: 2
    • Silver: 2
    • Bronze: 2
    • Regular: 12
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Cards named in bold are new to this wave.

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity
竜-01 Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold
竜-04 Saichania Dinosaur Earth Gold
竜-08 Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Silver
竜-11 Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver
竜-15 Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Bronze
竜-18 Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Bronze
竜-21 Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular
竜-24 Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Regular
竜-25 Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular
竜-27 Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular
竜-28 Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular
竜-30 Neovenator Dinosaur Wind Regular
竜-31 Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular
竜-32 Camarasaurus Dinosaur Water Regular
竜-34 Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Regular
竜-35 Tsintaosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular
竜-38 Irritator Dinosaur Water Regular
竜-41 Ouranosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular
技-01 Tail Smash Move Normal N/A
技-02 Stomping Hammer Move Normal N/A
技-03 Diving Press Move Normal N/A
技-04 Critical Seal Move Normal N/A
技-05 Last Power Move Normal N/A
技-06 Kamikaze Tackle Move Normal N/A
技-07 Death Grind Move Normal N/A
技-08 Hell Sand Move Normal N/A
技-09 Tie Breaker Move Normal N/A
技-10 Critical Notice Move Normal N/A
技-11 Neck Crusher Move Normal N/A
技-12 Atomic Bomb Move Normal N/A
技-13 Dino Swing Move Normal N/A
技-14 Rush To Move Normal N/A
技-15 Counterattack Recovery Move Normal N/A
炎-02 Big Fire Bomb Super Move Fire N/A
水-03 Flood Strap Super Move Water N/A
雷-01 Giga Raiden Super Move Lightning N/A
土-02 Big Mole Attack Super Move Earth N/A
草-03 Metal Wing Super Move Grass N/A
風-01 Kamaitachi Super Move Wind N/A


  • This release alone among the Japanese waves has unusual card code numbering that leaves gaps likely intended to be filled in with later releases, but those releases instead began numbering all cards within them in order starting from 1, leaving recurring cards with a different code number in each wave. The English/Taiwanese 1st Edition Version 2, which included the Japanese 2nd and 3rd Editions' new cards, however, does expand on this spaced numbering format, the new cards fitting into the gaps, but both languages drop this by their own 2nd Editions to number each wave straight through.


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