Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the fifteenth release of the Japanese arcade game. Its cards have no equivalents as the English version ended before it could adapt them, and the Taiwanese version was replaced by the Japanese version in Taiwan. It was preceded by the 2007 4th Edition+ and followed by the Gekizan 2nd Edition.


A new generation has dawned, the Gekizan Editions! Featuring new Dinosaur, Fossil, Move, and Super Move Cards, but also introducing a new feature: DinoTector Armor for two of your favorite anime dinosaurs! Plus, returning Dinosaurs now have shuffled or new Types, adding Reform and Tie Defense to the mix!


DK 13c

Japanese Gekizan 1st Edition release poster

  • Japanese Set Name: Gekitou! Zanjark!! 1st Edition (激闘!ザンジャーク!! 第1紀) (Fierce Fight! Spectral Space Pirates!!)
    • Japanese Release Date: March 18, 2008
  • English Equivalent: None (discontinued)
  • Taiwanese Equivalent: None (replaced by Japanese)
  • Number of Cards in Wave: 69, +1 Hidden
    • 31+1 Dino Cards, 17 Move Cards, 21 Super Move Cards
  • Number of New Cards: 13, +1 Hidden
    • 8+1 Dino Cards, 2 Move Cards, 3 Super Move Cards
  • Dino Card Rarity Breakdown:
    • Gold: 6
    • Silver: 3
    • Bronze: 5
    • Regular: 17
    • TBA: 1
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Card List[]

Cards named in bold are new to this wave.

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
001-竜 Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Hunter
002-竜 Stegosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Hunter
003-竜 Torvosaurus Dinosaur Fire Bronze Heroic
004-竜 Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Bronze Blitz
005-竜 Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Bronze Heroic
006-竜 Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Regular Crisis
007-竜 Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Heroic
008-竜 Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Regular Charge
009-竜 Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Hunter
010-竜 Iguanodon Dinosaur Grass Regular Defense
011-竜 Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Blitz
012-竜 Tsintaosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Hunter
013-竜 Einiosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Charge
014-竜 Alioramus Dinosaur Fire Regular Tie
015-竜 Shunosaurus Dinosaur Water Bronze Tie
016-竜 Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Defense
017-竜 Saurolophus Dinosaur Grass Gold Tie
018-竜 Altirhinus Dinosaur Grass Silver Tie
019-竜 Eustreptospondylus Dinosaur Wind Regular Defense
020-竜 Ampelosaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Counter
021-竜 Liliensternus Dinosaur Wind Regular Defense
022-竜 Mapusaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Reform
023-竜 Titanosaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Tie Defense
024-竜 Afrovenator Dinosaur Wind Bronze Reform
025-竜 Diceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Tie Defense
026-竜 Lexovisaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Tie Defense
027-竜 Camptosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Reform
028-技 Diving Press Move Normal N/A N/A
029-技 Critical Seal Move Normal N/A N/A
030-技 Hell Sand Move Normal N/A N/A
031-技 Critical Notice Move Normal N/A N/A
032-技 Dino Swing Move Normal N/A N/A
033-技 Rush To Move Normal N/A N/A
034-技 Attack Up Move Normal N/A N/A
035-技 Elemental Power Move Normal N/A N/A
036-技 Venom Fang Move Normal N/A N/A
037-技 Recovery Move Normal N/A N/A
038-技 Move Break Move Normal N/A N/A
039-技 Skydive Move Normal N/A N/A
040-技 Saura Healing Move Normal N/A N/A
041-技 Tie Attack Move Normal N/A N/A
042-技 Technique Up Move Normal N/A N/A
043-技 Attack Burst Move Normal N/A N/A
044-技 Anhanguera Dive Move Normal N/A N/A
045-炎 Big Fire Cannon Super Move Fire N/A N/A
046-炎 Volcano Burst Super Move Fire N/A N/A
047-水 Flood Strap Super Move Water N/A N/A
048-水 Shockwave Super Move Water N/A N/A
049-雷 Giga Raiden Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
050-雷 Electric Charge Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
051-土 Rush Spine Super Move Earth N/A N/A
052-土 Earth Barrier Super Move Earth N/A N/A
053-草 Metal Wing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
054-草 Nature's Blessing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
055-風 Ninja Attack Super Move Wind N/A N/A
056-風 Cyclone Super Move Wind N/A N/A
057-炎 Death Fire Super Move Fire N/A N/A
058-炎 Burning Dash Super Move Fire N/A N/A
059-水 Futaba Mega Cannon Super Move Water N/A N/A
060-雷 Gatling Spark Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
061-雷 Plasma Anchor Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
062-土 Crystal Break Super Move Earth N/A N/A
063-草 Emerald Garden Super Move Grass N/A N/A
064-草 Two Platoon Crush Super Move Grass N/A N/A
065-風 Dino Illusion Super Move Wind N/A N/A

Pterosaur Legends Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
DT01-竜 Chomp (DinoTector) (Gabu) Dinosaur Lightning Gold Strength
DT02-竜 Terry (DinoTector) (Tirano) Dinosaur Fire Gold Reform

Fossil Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
KS010-竜 Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Revival
KS011-竜 Iguanodon Dinosaur Grass Regular Revival

Hidden Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
SP10-竜 Megalosaurus Dinosaur Secret TBA Reform



  • This is the first wave in which the included Normal Moves have undergone a reduction in number (and a significant one at that), each previous wave including all Normal Moves thus far introduced.
    • It is also the first significant reduction of Super Moves, though they had previously undergone a small reduction.


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