Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the fourteenth release of the Japanese arcade game. Its cards are equivalent to the English Series 2 4th Edition and the Taiwanese New 4th Edition. It was preceded by the 2007 4th Edition and followed by the Gekizan 1st Edition.


A minor update, the Move Cards feature the same artworks as the initial 2007 4th Edition, and the Dinosaur Cards merely have a new color background. Features new Dinosaurs, a new Move, Super Move, and Fossil Dinosaur. Also introducing two types of altered dinosaurs, both with exclusive Types: a trio of Poison Type Alpha Dinosaurs and the Death Type Black Tyrannosaurus!


DK 12c

Japanese 2007 4th Edition+ release poster

  • Japanese Set Name: 2007 4th Edition+ (2007年第4紀+)
    • Japanese Release Date: 2007
  • English Equivalent: Series 2 4th Edition
    • English Release Date: TBA
  • Taiwanese Equivalent: New 4th Edition
    • Taiwanese Release Date: TBA
  • Number of Cards in Wave: 119, +1 Hidden
    • 55 Dino Cards, 0+1 Egg Card, 34 Move Cards, 30 Super Move Cards
  • Number of New Cards: 11
    • 9 Dino Cards, 1 Move Card, 1 Super Move Card
  • Dino Card Rarity Breakdown:
    • Gold: 8
    • Silver: 11
    • Bronze: 8
    • Regular: 28
  • Card Gallery

Card List[]

Cards named in bold are new to this wave.

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
001-竜 Spinosaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Blitz
002-竜 Saichania Dinosaur Earth Gold Charge
003-竜 Carnotaurus Dinosaur Wind Gold Heroic
004-竜 Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Crisis
005-竜 Pachyrhinosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Counter
006-竜 Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Charge
007-竜 Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Silver Hunter
008-竜 Torvosaurus Dinosaur Fire Bronze Hunter
009-竜 Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Bronze Counter
010-竜 Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Bronze Heroic
011-竜 Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Bronze Blitz
012-竜 Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Regular Heroic
013-竜 Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Counter
014-竜 Maiasaura Dinosaur Grass Regular Charge
015-竜 Neovenator Dinosaur Wind Regular Hunter
016-竜 Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Hunter
017-竜 Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Regular Heroic
018-竜 Tsintaosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Counter
019-竜 Irritator Dinosaur Water Regular Hunter
020-竜 Ouranosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Heroic
021-竜 Daspletosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Blitz
022-竜 Alioramus Dinosaur Fire Regular Counter
023-竜 Shunosaurus Dinosaur Water Bronze Hunter
024-竜 Patagosaurus Dinosaur Water Regular Blitz
025-竜 Opisthocoelicaudia Dinosaur Water Regular Crisis
026-竜 Brachyceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Blitz
027-竜 Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Earth Gold Crisis
028-竜 Nodosaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Blitz
029-竜 Dacentrurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Counter
030-竜 Corythosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Counter
031-竜 Deltadromeus Dinosaur Wind Bronze Blitz
032-竜 Eustreptospondylus Dinosaur Wind Regular Crisis
033-竜 Monoclonius Dinosaur Lightning Regular Charge
034-竜 Charonosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Hunter
035-竜 Ampelosaurus Dinosaur Water Gold Hunter
036-竜 Pentaceratops Dinosaur Lightning Gold Hunter
037-竜 Tarchia Dinosaur Earth Silver Heroic
038-竜 Majungasaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Charge
039-竜 Yangchuanosaurus Dinosaur Fire Bronze Charge
040-竜 Anatotitan Dinosaur Grass Bronze Heroic
041-竜 Dicraeosaurus Dinosaur Water Regular Charge
042-竜 Albertosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Heroic
043-竜 Achelousaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Heroic
044-竜 Talarurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Charge
045-竜 Muttaburrasaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Hunter
046-竜 Liliensternus Dinosaur Wind Regular Heroic
047-竜 Gastonia Dinosaur Earth Regular Hunter
048-技 Tail Smash Move Normal N/A N/A
049-技 Stomping Hammer Move Normal N/A N/A
050-技 Diving Press Move Normal N/A N/A
051-技 Critical Seal Move Normal N/A N/A
052-技 Last Power Move Normal N/A N/A
053-技 Kamikaze Tackle Move Normal N/A N/A
054-技 Death Grind Move Normal N/A N/A
055-技 Hell Sand Move Normal N/A N/A
056-技 Tie Break Move Normal N/A N/A
057-技 Critical Notice Move Normal N/A N/A
058-技 Neck Crusher Move Normal N/A N/A
059-技 Atomic Bomb Move Normal N/A N/A
060-技 Dino Swing Move Normal N/A N/A
061-技 Rush To Move Normal N/A N/A
062-技 Counterattack Recovery Move Normal N/A N/A
063-技 Attack Up Move Normal N/A N/A
064-技 Defense Up Move Normal N/A N/A
065-技 Elemental Power Move Normal N/A N/A
066-技 Power Drain Move Normal N/A N/A
067-技 Venom Fang Move Normal N/A N/A
068-技 Hundred Strong Slaps Move Normal N/A N/A
069-技 Recovery Move Normal N/A N/A
070-技 Pawpaw Power Move Normal N/A N/A
071-技 Move Break Move Normal N/A N/A
072-技 Triple Headbutt Move Normal N/A N/A
073-技 Skydive Move Normal N/A N/A
074-技 Saura Healing Move Normal N/A N/A
075-技 Move Seal Move Normal N/A N/A
076-技 Tie Bomb Move Normal N/A N/A
077-技 Life Change Move Normal N/A N/A
078-技 Tie Attack Move Normal N/A N/A
079-技 ACT Dice Move Normal N/A N/A
080-技 Stuffing Beam Move Normal N/A N/A
081-技 Technique Up Move Normal N/A N/A
082-炎 Big Fire Bomb Super Move Fire N/A N/A
083-炎 Fright Blaze Spin Super Move Fire N/A N/A
084-炎 Volcano Burst Super Move Fire N/A N/A
085-炎 Death Fire Super Move Fire N/A N/A
086-炎 Magma Blaster Super Move Fire N/A N/A
087-水 Water Sword Super Move Water N/A N/A
088-水 Flood Strap Super Move Water N/A N/A
089-水 Shockwave Super Move Water N/A N/A
090-水 Aqua Vortex Super Move Water N/A N/A
091-水 Futaba Mega Cannon Super Move Water N/A N/A
092-雷 Giga Raiden Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
093-雷 Thunder Bazooka Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
094-雷 Electric Charge Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
095-雷 Blitz Counter Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
096-雷 Gatling Spark Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
097-土 Big Mole Attack Super Move Earth N/A N/A
098-土 Hell Earthquake Super Move Earth N/A N/A
099-土 Crystal Break Super Move Earth N/A N/A
101-土 Quake Saber Super Move Earth N/A N/A
102-草 Eggs Revolver Super Move Grass N/A N/A
103-草 Metal Wing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
104-草 Nature's Blessing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
105-草 Emerald Garden Super Move Grass N/A N/A
106-草 Super Impact Super Move Grass N/A N/A
107-風 Kamaitachi Super Move Wind N/A N/A
108-風 Ninja Attack Super Move Wind N/A N/A
109-風 Cyclone Super Move Wind N/A N/A
110-風 Dino Illusion Super Move Wind N/A N/A
111-風 Kagerou Super Move Wind N/A N/A

Fossil Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
KS005-竜 Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Revival
KS006-竜 Saurolophus Dinosaur Grass Gold Revival
KS007-竜 Sinraptor Dinosaur Wind Regular Revival
KS008-竜 Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Revival

Anime Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
AN10-竜 Black Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Death

Alpha Dinosaur Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
ACT008-竜 Alpha Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Silver Poison
ACT009-竜 Alpha Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Silver Poison
ACT010-竜 Alpha Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Earth Silver Poison

Hidden Cards[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Dinosaurs Included
EGG-010-竜 Secret Egg Egg Secret



  • With 119 cards listed on the poster, this is the largest Japanese wave.
  • This is the first release to not feature Tyrannosaurus as Dinosaur Card 001 on the list; though Black Tyrannosaurus is featured prominently at the top of the poster in its place, it is part of the anime card listing, not the main listing.
    • Tyrannosaurus won't be absent from the first slot again until the Kakushin 1st Edition, which will prominently feature Super Tyrannosaurus instead.
    • Tyrannosaurus is also the only card from the initial 2007 4th Edition that isn't in this expanded Plus-Edition. Instead, however, there is a Tyrannosaurus fossil card.
  • Tyrannosaurus' Japanese Fossil card used to be misprinted. According to Japanese SEGA news on January 25, 2008, the barcode of its card is the barcode of Tarbosaurus' Fossil card.
  • Though promo material and the card list poster indicate the Black Tyrannosaurus' card to be of Regular rarity, its cards in the corresponding English and Taiwanese waves appear Gold Rare.


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