Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

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  1. Are Max and Zoe a pair?
    1. No. In all technicalities, there are no pairings in the show besides the parents; as you can see, no one was obviously dating or marrying, except for the three pairs of parents. Also, pairings are based on personal opinion - and in my professional opinion, none of them can be completely paired, without argument. --✯DQ13|Talk Contribs


1 why did dinosaur king get in a rushed discontinuation

they just wanted to get it done.

Wikia Questions[]

  1. Where do you get all the cards?
    1. I get them from various sources. Usually I get them from either KyoryuKing.com or DinosaurKing.com.tw. However, most Secret cards are from TheSellerofJapaneseCulture's blog. --✯DQ13|Talk Contribs
  1. Why is fan art not allowed anymore?
    1. I recieved complaints about the fan art. Also, it started getting out-of-hand, so I now delete all new fan art. --✯DQ13|Talk Contribs