This page lists the voice cast of the English dub of Dinosaur King and the characters they are known to voice, grouped and listed in rough order of prevalence of their most significant character. Many to most of them are known for main and minor characters from many other 4Kids anime dubs and other cartoons (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Winx Club, TMNT '03, etc.). Especially among the minor-only cast, the voice actors/actresses can have several aliases and, being uncredited in Dinosaur King itself, are listed under the aliases named in the sources that identify them. Those marked with a "(*)" are the voices confirmed directly by the Dinosaur King credits, though their roles are unspecified.

The information on this page is not complete. Voice credit for minor characters is difficult to find, often inconsistent, and nearly impossible to confirm, and as such may not be accurate.

Main Cast plusEdit

Minor Cast onlyEdit

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