Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

This is the sixth release of the English arcade game. Its cards are equivalent to the Japanese 6th Edition and the Taiwanese 4th Edition. It was preceded by the 4th Edition and followed by the 2008 Special Edition.


The releases roll on! This wave features more returning Dinosaur Cards not seen since the 1st Edition, plus entirely new Dinosaur, Move, and Super Move Cards. Some Dinosaur Cards feature original artwork different from their Japanese counterparts, with the remainder being slightly re-positioned within the frame, and all images are full-color instead of two-tone like the Japanese wave.


DK-Eng 5c

English 5th Edition release poster

  • English Set Name: 5th Edition
    • English Release Date: 2008(?)
  • Japanese Equivalent: 5th Edition (some Dinosaur Cards use different art)
    • Japanese Release Date: 2006
  • Taiwanese Equivalent: 4th Edition
    • Taiwanese Release Date: TBA
  • Number of Cards in Wave: 86
    • 38 Dino Cards, 24 Move Cards, 24 Super Move Cards
  • Number of New Cards: 9
    • 4 Dino Cards, 3 Move Cards, 2 Super Move Cards
  • Dino Card Rarity Breakdown:
    • Gold: 4
    • Silver: 4
    • Bronze: 6
    • Regular: 24
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Card List[]

Cards named in bold are new to this wave.

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
001-Dino Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Attack
002-Dino Styracosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Gold Defense
003-Dino Saichania Dinosaur Earth Gold Tie
004-Dino Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Grass Gold Defense
005-Dino Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Fire Silver Defense
006-Dino Amargasaurus Dinosaur Water Silver Attack
007-Dino Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Grass Silver Tie
008-Dino Utahraptor Dinosaur Wind Silver Defense
009-Dino Torvosaurus Dinosaur Fire Bronze Tie
010-Dino Baryonyx Dinosaur Water Bronze Defense
011-Dino Torosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Bronze Attack
012-Dino Edmontonia Dinosaur Earth Bronze Defense
013-Dino Shantungosaurus Dinosaur Grass Bronze Attack
014-Dino Ceratosaurus Dinosaur Wind Bronze Tie
015-Dino Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Defense
016-Dino Saltasaurus Dinosaur Water Regular Attack
017-Dino Triceratops Dinosaur Lightning Regular Tie
018-Dino Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Attack
019-Dino Maiasaura Dinosaur Grass Regular Tie
020-Dino Allosaurus Dinosaur Wind Regular Tie
021-Dino Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Attack
022-Dino Suchomimus Dinosaur Water Regular Defense
023-Dino Chasmosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Attack
024-Dino Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Defense
025-Dino Iguanodon Dinosaur Grass Regular Attack
026-Dino Neovenator Dinosaur Wind Regular Attack
027-Dino Tarbosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Defense
028-Dino Camarasaurus Dinosaur Water Regular Tie
029-Dino Eucentrosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Defense
030-Dino Sauropelta Dinosaur Earth Regular Tie
031-Dino Tsintaosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Defense
032-Dino Monolophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Regular Defense
033-Dino Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Fire Regular Tie
034-Dino Irritator Dinosaur Water Regular Defense
035-Dino Einiosaurus Dinosaur Lightning Regular Attack
036-Dino Wuerhosaurus Dinosaur Earth Regular Defense
037-Dino Ouranosaurus Dinosaur Grass Regular Attack
038-Dino Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Wind Regular Defense
039-Move Tail Smash Move Normal N/A N/A
040-Move Stomping Hammer Move Normal N/A N/A
041-Move Diving Press Move Normal N/A N/A
042-Move Critical Block Move Normal N/A N/A
043-Move Final Fury Move Normal N/A N/A
044-Move Kamikaze Tackle Move Normal N/A N/A
045-Move Death Grind Move Normal N/A N/A
046-Move Wall Smash Move Normal N/A N/A
047-Move Tie Breaker Move Normal N/A N/A
048-Move Quick Strike Move Normal N/A N/A
049-Move Neck Crusher Move Normal N/A N/A
050-Move Atomic Bomb Move Normal N/A N/A
051-Move Dino Swing Move Normal N/A N/A
052-Move Haste Move Normal N/A N/A
053-Move Recovery Move Normal N/A N/A
054-Move Attack Boost Move Normal N/A N/A
055-Move Defense Boost Move Normal N/A N/A
056-Move Elemental Power Move Normal N/A N/A
057-Move Power Drain Move Normal N/A N/A
058-Move Venom Fang Move Normal N/A N/A
059-Move Stun Dash Move Normal N/A N/A
060-Move Light Recovery Move Normal N/A N/A
061-Move Tag Team Move Normal N/A N/A
062-Move Move Breaker Move Normal N/A N/A
063-Fire Fire Cannon Super Move Fire N/A N/A
064-Fire Fire Bomb Super Move Fire N/A N/A
065-Fire Blazing Spin Attack Super Move Fire N/A N/A
066-Fire Volcano Burst Super Move Fire N/A N/A
067-Water Water Sword Super Move Water N/A N/A
068-Water Tragedy of the Sphere Super Move Water N/A N/A
069-Water Aqua Whip Super Move Water N/A N/A
070-Water Shock Wave Super Move Water N/A N/A
071-Ltng Lightning Strike Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
072-Ltng Thunder Bazooka Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
073-Ltng Lightning Spear Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
074-Ltng Electric Charge Super Move Lightning N/A N/A
075-Earth Spike Arrows Super Move Earth N/A N/A
076-Earth Mole Attack Super Move Earth N/A N/A
077-Earth Earthquake Super Move Earth N/A N/A
078-Earth Earth Barrier Super Move Earth N/A N/A
079-Grass Egg Attack Super Move Grass N/A N/A
080-Grass Big Foot Assault Super Move Grass N/A N/A
081-Grass Metal Wing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
082-Grass Nature's Blessing Super Move Grass N/A N/A
083-Wind Biting Wind Super Move Wind N/A N/A
084-Wind Ninja Attack Super Move Wind N/A N/A
085-Wind Tornado Toss Super Move Wind N/A N/A
086-Wind Cyclone Super Move Wind N/A N/A

Hidden Card[]

Card ID Name Card Type Attribute Rarity Type
ACT007S-Dino Super Alpha Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Fire Gold Tie


  • The artwork of this wave is in full color instead of the element- or rarity-themed two-tone pattern the Japanese equivalent used, making it one of the single biggest departures in artwork of any adapted wave.
    • Additionally, several dinosaur card artworks were changed completely to original renderings, being one of the only times a card with an equivalent was changed between language versions into art not from another wave, not counting the 2008 Special/Limited Edition cards without 2006 Rainy Season Edition equivalents.


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