Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King
At the planetarium, time warp to the time of the dinosaurs!
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Ancient Ruler Dinosaur King: D-Kids Adventure: Take Back Our Earth! (Kodai Ōja Kyōryū Kingu: Dī Kizzu Adobenchā: Bokura no chikyū o torimodose! 古代王者恐竜キング Dキッズ・アドベンチャー・ボクラの地球をとりもどせ!) is a very poorly-known Japanese-only movie stemming from the anime's Pterosaur Legends second season. It was presented only in select Japanese planetariums served by Goto Optical Laboratory Co., Ltd., and was made by SEGA/Sunrise with D&D Pictures Co., Ltd. It has a runtime of 45 minutes, but no available copies or sources are known for viewing it beyond its initial run as of now.

Poster blurb[]

(translated directly)
The biggest dinosaur battle in history!

Ryuta (Max) and the D-Kids (D-Team) fight against the evil space pirate Zanjark (Spectral Space Pirates) across time and space, and return to the present to repair the time machine "Backland" (Backlander). However, it turns out to be a completely different Earth ruled by unknown creatures.

Because the Zanjark changed the past, the history of evolution became strange.

Ryuta and his friends travel through a time warp with Team ACT (the Alpha Gang), and with the guidance of the Pterosaur, they land in the land of the Cretaceous Period, where dinosaurs lived. However, the joy of being surrounded by real dinosaurs is short-lived, as a huge asteroid approaches in the sky.

Will D-Kids be able to restore Earth's history to its original state?

This is an original story that can only be seen at planetariums.

Gabu (Chomp), Ace, and Parapara (Paris) are all coming to the planetarium!


Many details of its story are unknown, including when during the season's timeline it could happen, given the episodes' cliffhanger-connected natures (or if it is an alternate timeline/retelling of the story that does not form part of the main season's events, like the Pterosaur Legends manga), and only three screenshots from the poster are recorded visuals from its content, revealing the presence of wild Iguanodon and Shear. However, online reports and rumors provide several details:

  • At least some of its events (likely the climax) take place 65 million years ago during the last day of the dinosaurs as the meteor falls. This event was previously visited in Alien Parent Trap; it is unknown how the two would both occur, or if this repetition is addressed in the story.
  • The alteration of the present due to a change in the past is a plot point also used in Bad Deal/The Forestfire Effect; it is unknown if the same incident or a different one to those episodes is being portrayed, the movie perhaps borrowing from the anime's main episodes for cost-cutting reasons.
  • At some point in the story, the otherwise arcade-only Two Platoon Crush Grass Move is used, though it apparently wasn't used as part of a battle. Whether it appears as its own Move Card, or as Big Foot Assault and Super Impact being used together (similar to Tee'd Off), or if a wild Seismosaurus and Supersaurus are called in to work together, is unknown.


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