Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

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February 2012[]

What is your favorite attribute? (882 votes)
  • Fire (190)
  • Water (66)
  • Lightning (101)
  • Earth (44)
  • Grass (63)
  • Wind (99)
  • Secret (319)

August 2012[]

If there were to be a third series of the Dinosaur King anime, would you want it to include Super Dinosaurs? (290 votes)
  • Yes (255)
  • No (22)
  • No Preference (13)

May 2019[]

(yikes that wait)

Should there be a separate Wiki for the TCG (trading card game) to keep track of all its unique stats? (867 votes)
  • Yes (663)
  • No (104)
  • No Preference (100)

[Result: stats split into Arcade/Anime/TCG sections to list unique details separately]

December 2020[]

If you could give a new extension to only one media branch of the franchise, which would you expand?
(Old Poll format replaced with update of Wikia/Fandom base website, all votes lost without record; relative final scores reflected from memory.)
  • Arcade (far second place)
  • Anime (outright victor)
  • TCG (some)
  • DS (minimal)
  • Manga (minimal)

[Without an apparent new Poll format, or at least one the Head Admin can currently utilize due to browser incompatibility, new polls are on hold indefinitely.]