Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Dino Stuffer (Stuffing Beam ぬいぐるびーむ in the Japanese arcade) is a Normal Move Card. It was only included in the arcade game.


Dino Stuffer

Dino Stuffer arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition)

  • Attribute: Normal
  • Sign: Rock
  • Compatibility Tabs: All
  • Usage Condition: You have to lose against your opponent's Critical Move to use this Move; it activates immediately after the move buttons are pressed.
  • Effect: When you lose to your opponent's critical move, a floating Alpha Mech flies over your opponent and emits a signal down over them, turning them into a stuffed toy, preventing them from attacking!



  • There are 10 different stuffed toys that your opponent can be turned into, with one for each of the seven Elements, including two for each Water and Earth (sauropods, spinosaurs, stegosaurs, and ankylosaurs each have their own), and one for Alpha Dinosaurs (also featured in one of Pounding! ACT Darts!' effects).
    • Owing to their groups' varied body designs, the Secret and Alpha Dinosaur toys seem to be themed recolors of the generic theropod of the Fire Dinosaur toy.
  • Artwork from one of its various arcade cards is seen on the TCG Move Card Alpha Sonar (07 4th/4th+).
  • From tournament footage presented by current sources, it can be noted that this Move is extremely common to be used among players, quite possibly due to its capability of preventing a Critical Move attack.



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