Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

These are for Anime dinosaurs only.

General Statistics[]

this will be kept the same as the original version <gallery>Full-sized, skeleton here</gallery>

Dinosaur King Statistics[]


[[File:Dinosaur Card here.jpg|thumb|Dino card name]]

  • Attribute: Fire, Water, Lightning, Grass, Wind, Secret, Normal
  • Power: The power (usually larger than Technique)
  • Technique: Technique (usually smaller than Power)
  • Sign: Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Owner: The owner's name and team they're on
  • Name: May not have a name
  • Debut: Episodes which it was seen
  • Other: About its appearance in the show


Move Card Name

[[File:Move Card Image.gif|thumb|Move Card Name]] - only used for the main attacks (not attacks used once or twice, ones used repeatedly)

Description here
Lore title (If applicable)
Lore here here