Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

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This is not an actual dinosaur page. This is only a guideline to help organize the dinosaur pages.

General Statistics[]

[[File:(Kyoryu King Museum image)|thumb|210px|full-sized (Dinosaur)]]

  • Name: (genus and species)
  • Name Meaning: (meaning of the genus name, not including the species; the etymology is placed next to it, in parenthesis and abbreviated as etym.)
  • Diet: (Herbivore, Carnivore, Piscivore, Omnivore)
  • Length: (length in meters (with feet in parentheses))
  • Time Period: (Early/Middle/Late Triassic/Jurassic/Cretaceous)
  • Classification: (one to three incremental clades that recognizably and accurately show its place on the family tree separated by "-->", try to include a family level ("-idae") clade somewhere)
  • Place Found: (make it as accurate as possible)
  • Describer: (the person who created the dinosaur's official name)

Dinosaur King Statistics[]

Arcade Stats[]

[[File:(some good-looking arcade card)|thumb|210px[if landscape, no size if portrait]|(Dinosaur) arcade card (name the wave it's from)]]

  • Attribute: (Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Grass, Wind, Secret, or Normal)
  • Sign: (Rock, Paper, or Scissors)
  • Power: (the dinosaur's health, the larger-text number)
  • Technique: (the dinosaur's technique, the smaller-text number)
    • Compatibility: Tab # [only if featured in a wave which shows the tabs]
  • Attack: [only if featured in a wave which shows the stats]
    • Sign (Critical): (Critical sign)
    • Sign/Sign: (the other signs are equal)
  • Types:
    • (Type Name) (name languages and series it has this type; new lines as necessary)
  • Arcade Nickname:
    • Japanese: (Japanese symbols)
    • English: (English words)
    • Taiwanese: (Mandarin symbols)
  • Card Rarity: (only if Gold, Silver, or Bronze)
  • Owner: (only if notably owned in Story Mode)
  • Nickname: (only if appearing in Dainason)
  • Other: (any other info)


(specify if only available in the Japanese version)

  • Japanese [list all waves and special cards featuring it like this:]
    • (Series) (number) Edition (New [if first wave]; ###-竜; (Type Name) Type [if applicable])
  • English
    • (Series) (number) Edition (New [if first wave]; ###-Dino; (Type Name) Type [if applicable])
  • Taiwanese
    • (Series) (number) Edition (New [if first wave]; ###-龍; (Type Name) Type [if applicable])

Anime Stats[]

[only if applicable]
[[File:(Anime card screenshot from episode)|thumb|(Dinosaur) anime card]]

  • Attribute: (probably same as above, but be sure)
  • Name: (only if nicknamed by characters, but it probably won't be)
  • Owner: (list owners in order: "Wild", "Max Taylor (D-Team), etc.; sometimes there are multiple dinos, so use a semicolon to separate them)
  • Location: (debut location, one per season if applicable)
  • Debut: (name of first episode it notably featured in, linking numbered episode page)
    • Appeared In: (number all episodes it even briefly appeared in, linking named episode page redirects)
  • Dinosaur Defeated: ("None" if appropriate)
  • Other: (anything else to note)

Move Cards[]

[only if applicable]

(Linked Name of Move Card)
(how it works, how it was gotten, and when it was used if it only appeared briefly)

TCG Stats[]

[only if applicable]

Dinosaur variant's name[]

[no variant name heading if only one exists]
[[File:(TCG card image)|thumb|(Dinosaur) TCG card]]

  • Attribute: (likely same as above, but be sure)
  • Sign: (Rock, Paper, Scissors, often different from arcade)
  • Power: (attacking power)
  • Level: (the 1-digit number)
  • Life: (number of stars)
  • Card Code: (wave abbreviation)-###/###
  • Card Rarity: (Common, Silver Rare, or Gold Rare; Colossal Rare listed separately)
  • Image From: ("(cropped, if appropriate) (wave abbreviation) arcade card" or "Ep. (#) anime scene" or "(new art)")
  • Other Forms: (in-TCG Alpha, Black, or Spectral Armor forms, not variant forms, they're already on the page) [only used in the basic dinosaur's listing, not variants]
  • Other: (any special notes, only used in special cases)
  • Abilities/Flavor Text: [whichever is appropriate]
[Name of Ability in brackets] if applicable
(text of ability with same bold words or flavor text in italics)

DS Stats[]

[only if enough info is available; it probably won't be, fold this info into Arcade Stats if it doesn't warrant its own section]

  • Attribute: (rinse, repeat)
  • Owner: (which non-player character always uses it)
  • Other: (typically to note a special unlock code)


[if appropriate]

Dinosaur King[]

[if in season 1; describe its appearances and story rolls, even minor cameos, each episode getting a new paragraph]

Mesozoic Meltdown[]

[if in season 2; same as above]

DS Game[]

[only if it was relevant to the DS game's story, which it probably won't be]

Character Design[]

[only if in the anime]


[describe how it acts and why, trying not to repeat the story explanations from just above]


  • [any unique/interesting/important details that don't fit above, only if applicable]
  • [try to organize the points as arcade, then anime, then TCG, but this is not strictly enforced]



(any templates which list the dinosaur, such as {{Fire Anime Dinosaurs}}, {{Water Dinosaurs}}, {{Gold Rare Arcade Dinosaurs}}, etc.)

[Categories default to the bottom of the page in certain editing formats, but should otherwise be put in through the Add Categories text box at the side; relevant Categories may be "Earth Dinosaurs", "Arcade", "Anime", "TCG", "DS Game", "D-Team", "Alpha Gang", "Spectral Space Pirates", "Dinosaurs with Nicknames", etc.]