Dino Force (ダイノフォース Dino Force) is a Grass Move Card which was only available in the Japanese arcade and is the Non-sign Move for Grass.


Grass Move Dino Force

Dino Force arcade card (Japanese Kakushin 4th Edition)

  • Japanese Kanji: 恐竜戦隊 (Dinosaur Squadron)
  • Attribute: Grass
  • Sign: Critical
  • Usage Condition: This Move activates when you win with your dinosaur's Sign.
  • Effect: Hit your opponent with your tail, press the two buttons shown onscreen to flip them into the air, then press the three buttons shown to call 5 Tupuxuara to fly past and hit them in midair! Finally, press the four buttons shown to call 3 Minmi to charge and ram them as they fall, after which 3 Muraenosaurus will rise from a nearby pond and shoot a trio of water bursts at them!
  • Other: This Move equips to the dinosaur's Critical Move slot. During its usage, it will end early if you don't press the right buttons in the right order.


It was only available in the Japanese version.


  • Tupuxuara is the only creature featured in this card's effect to be found elsewhere in the arcade game (Green Impulse, Tupuxuara Dive).
  • Minmi is the only creature featured in this card's effect to be featured as a standalone dinosaur card in any medium (TCG).
  • Muraenosaurus is the only creature featured in this card's effect to not be found anywhere else in any Dinosaur King media, or to not have any non-Grass instance (Tupuxuara Dive, Normal Move; TCG's Minmi, Earth Dinosaur).




Parasaurolophus (attempting to) use Dino Force; successful attempt starts at 1:41


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