Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Dewey is a minor character who only appears in Tee'd Off.


Dewey is a young boy who works as a caddie for a famous golfer whom he strongly admires. Dewey is pale-skinned like Rex and seems to be the around same age as Laura. Dewey's entire attire resembles much of the typical caddie of the 1930's, wearing a typical caddie hat with riverbed suspenders worn over a purple collared shirt. He has blonde-colored hair and has blue eyes, and wears glasses. He also has freckles on his face.


Dewey is childishly selfish and short-sighted, wanting his favorite player to win and, upon finding the ability to do so, causing trouble to interfere with the players better than her, though learning his lesson by the end after more dinosaurs make things go out of control. He is also smart and devious, tricking Altirhinus into being mad at the Alpha Gang when he was cornered by them.


Dewey finds the Super Impact Move Card in a Card Capsule on a golf course in Augusta, Georgia, and puts it up for trade auction on the internet. When the Alpha Gang come and trick the card away from him after he refuses their trading offers, they accidentally leave him with their Alpha Scanner and Altirhinus card. He uses the dinosaur to scare golfers to try and help Samantha (who is having an off day) win a tournament. The Alpha Gang capture Samantha to get the Scanner back, but Dewey tosses it to them off Altirhinus's head, making it think they threw it and chasing them away. He witnesses the following dinosaur battle from inside the Time Warp, and after Altirhinus and Supersaurus (from Super Impact) are defeated and reclaimed, Dewey gives the cards to the D-Team.



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