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Spectral Armor Deinonychus is an anime-exclusive armored version of Deinonychus used by Shear when she was working for Takeda, but had acquired it from the Space Pirates.


Deinonychus (Spectral Armor) 4

Spectral Armor Deinonychus (pack leader)

  • Species: Deinonychus
  • Attribute: Secret
  • Owner: Shear (Spectral Space Pirates)
  • Location: Ancient Japan, 1572
  • Appeared In: There's No Business Like Shogun Business
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: None
  • Defeated by: Ace
  • Other: This form could be activated by putting the drained grayscale version of Deinonychus' card on Shear's summoner after it was first summoned, but this was not seen, the armored form being summoned directly from the purple Spectral Armor card, despite it working as usual previously.


Mesozoic Meltdown[]

The Deinonychus trio were summoned directly into this form by Shear to attack Chomp and Ace in their DinoTector forms, the two sidekicks distracting them while the pack leader fought Hanzo for possession of the White Cosmos Stone. When the dinosaurs were called away to aid the D-Team against Gabbro and Foolscap's dinos, the Deinonychus helped Takeda's Kunoichi fight Hanzo, chasing him when he fled, but Ace used Ninja Attack to run into them, knocking the two sidekick Deinonychus away (never to be seen again), but the pack leader managed to slice the Cosmos Stone's case out of Hanzo's pocket for Shear to grab before Ace hit it flying into Shear (a hit which eventually cured her amnesia). It fell and its Spectral Armor shattered, returning to its card alone. Rex presumably reclaimed the card.


  • The lead Deinonychus's armor resembles a Wind Dinosaur's save for the tail armor, a six-spiked strip roughly borrowed from a Grass Dinosaur's armor. The sidekicks have only three pieces of armor, a forehead plate and a pair of single-spiked plates on their backs over their shoulders and hips, making them the least-armored of any armor-wearing dinosaurs.
  • As of Jurassic Clash, this is the only Spectral Armor Dinosaur in the anime to not appear in the TCG.



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