Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Darkwood Forest is a location in Asia in the DS game first visited in Chapter 2.


Map - Darkwood Forest

Darkwood Forest Map

Accessed through southeast South Gobi Plain in the center south; it contains Rod's boss battles in the southeast. There is a constant overworld flowing mist cloud with no in-battle effects.


Chapter 2

Entering to race Rod to find the new Stone Fragment, the player will find the second well-digger in the far west. After finding he already has it, the player faces Rod (1) to retrieve the lower right Stone Fragment.

The player must return to rescue the Woodcutter from an Alpha Droid in the center north to acquire the Forest Tree Charm to be granted entry into East Gobi Plain.

Chapter 3

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Chapter 4

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The player can return to face Rod (3) to retrieve the lower right Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Hip Pack, unlocking a Mystery Fossil Alpha Einiosaurus.

The player can return later to face Rod (4) repeatedly, and also face a static Droid to unlock a Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Chasmosaurus.


See also: DS Game Battles

Main Area[]

Green frill-head Alpha Droids (Tail Attack, Tackle, Swing) [50 chell]
  • Tarbosaurus S (Defense) LV15; Camarasaurus P (Tie) LV14; Eucentrosaurus R (Defense) LV13; Sauropelta S (Tie) LV15; Tsintaosaurus P (Defense) LV14; Monolophosaurus R (Defense) LV13
    • Starts by blocking player's Critical Move; copies player's last winning move. May on any turn use their Critical Move. Loses to the previous tying move.
    • Only Tarbosaurus, Eucentrosaurus, and Tsintaosaurus will use a different move after being hit by a Critical Move.
    • "Heh heh heh… This ought to do the trick!"—Critical.
    • "Ngh… What a conundrum…"—if 2 options for player, ties their stronger one.
    • "Ngh… Now I bet you'll try to beat that last tie move!"—loses to ties.
    • "Heh heh hee… I'll just keep that up!"—repeats a win.
Static (required) 1
Purple (out of battle)/Green (in battle) frill-head Alpha Droid [720 Exp, 200 chell; uncommon Medium Dino Drink]
  • Dilophosaurus S (Defense) LV18 (Last-Ditch Strike, Attack Burst, Revenge Frill)
  • Wuerhosaurus P (Defense) LV19 (Rejuvenation, Heavy Kamikaze Tackle, Move Super Block)
    • Starts by losing to its own Critical Move; uses a non-Critical move if hit by a player’s non-Critical and beats the player's winning Critical Move. May on any turn use their Critical Move or use any move tied for the most MP remaining. Loses to the previous tying move.
    • "Ngh… Now what…?"—if 2 options, uses stronger one.
    • "Ngh… What a conundrum…"—if 2 options for player, ties their stronger one.
Rod (1) [3600 Exp, 250 chell; very rare Medium Dino Drink]
  • Chasmosaurus P (Attack) LV22 (Tail Smash, Even Terms, Thunder Swing)
  • Torosaurus R (Attack) LV22 (Thunder Tail, Thunder Tackle, Dino Swing)
  • Alpha Einiosaurus S (Crisis) LV24 (Paralysis Machine, Thunder Tackle, Dino Swing)
    • "I'm gonna play it safe for now. I won't let you have it your way!"—uses player's Critical Move (new Dinosaur).
    • "Wh-What…?! I see what's coming! Take this!"—block player's Critical Move (after hit by non-Critical).
    • "What?! Better expect a different move this time!"—uses different move (after hit by Critical).
    • "I'm just getting started! I see what's coming! Take this!"—beats his last move.
    • "I'll show you a major move!"—uses his Critical Move.
    • "What?! You saw that coming?! I'll stop that tying move!"—beats ties.
    • "Hmmm… I'd better not use any moves with low MP…"
    • "Um… Time to make it or break it!"—if 2 options for player, he beats their stronger one.

The player must leave then return to Darkwood Forest to encounter this battle.

Static (required) 2
Red frill-head Alpha Droid [800 Exp, 80 chell; rare Medium Dino Drink]
  • Tsintaosaurus P (Defense) LV20 (Tail Smash, Green Tackle, Dino Swing)
  • Shunosaurus R (Counterstrike) LV21 (Tail Smash, Blue Tackle, Dino Swing)
    • Starts by losing to the player's Critical Move; copies the player’s last winning non-Critical move and uses a non-Critical move if hit by the player’s Critical. May on any turn use their Critical Move. Uses a different move after tying.
    • "What?! Are you able to read my moves?"—copies the player's last non-Critical move.


This battle is only available upon returning for the first round of postgame rematches. Previous hints are also used, but not repeated here.

Rod (3) [5580 Exp, 250 chell; common Workbook]

These battles are only available upon returning for the second round of postgame rematches. Previous hints are not used.

Boss (permanent, repeatable)
Rod (4) [5850 Exp, 250 chell]
  • Alpha Einiosaurus S (Crisis) LV65 (Thunder Tail, Electric Charge, Thunder Swing; Full Charge (P))
  • Saichania P (Tie) LV65 (Electric Spines, Grand Defense, Earthquake; ? Earth R)
  • Super Alpha Chasmosaurus P (Blitz) LV65 (Lightning Strike, 8MP Lightning S, Buzzing Spear; Maximum Voltage (R))
    • "I'm a thorn in your side!"—blocks player's Critical (new Dinosaur).
    • "Ack… Maybe I ought to lay off the Critical Moves…"—uses non-Critical after hit by non-Critical.
    • "Umm… I won't let you have it your way!"—blocks player's Critical.
    • "I see what's coming! Take this!"—loses to ties.
    • "Yikes! Better play it safe here…"—if 2 options, uses stronger one.
    • "Huh…? Oh boy. What to do…?"—if 2 options for player, matches their stronger.
Static (optional)
Red Super Alpha Droid [3600 Exp, 250 chell]
  • Styracosaurus S (Defense) LV60 (Lightning Strike, Road to Victory, Thunder Swing; ? Normal R)
  • Pachyrhinosaurus P (Tie) LV61 (Flash Frill, Thunder Bazooka, 8MP Lightning P; 5MP Normal S)
  • Pentaceratops P (Super Blitz) LV65 (Lightning Strike, 8MP Lightning S, Buzzing Spear; Maximum Voltage (R))
    • "You think you can win like that?! Ha! I laugh! Ha!"—blocks player's Critical (new Dinosaur).
    • "Hmm… Different move next!"—uses different move after hit by non-Critical.
    • "Hmm… Must be wary of Critical Moves…"—doesn't lose to player's Critical (?)
    • "Heh heh heh… I understand now…"—repeats ties (?)
    • "Hmm… What to do, what to do…"—if 2 options, uses stronger one.
    • "Heh heh heh… I see now!"—uses different move after a win.


See also: DS Game Items
See also: DS Item Tables

Set Items[]

The following Key Items are acquired here.

The following basic Items can be acquired here.

  • Alpha Call Drop (center north item case)
  • Medium Dino Drink (northeast item case 1)
  • Manual (northeast item case 2)

Drilling Table[]

Depths marked by a "*" are not known well enough to be confident of their full item list.

Item (Darkwood Forest) White Ping Yellow Ping Orange Ping* Red Ping*
Leaf/Sprout/Trefoil/Clover Very Common Very Common Common (unknown)
Asian Fossil (not found) Common (not found) Common
Ancient Bowl Uncommon Uncommon (unknown) (unknown)
Ancient Urn (not found) Uncommon (unknown) (unknown)
Bronze Mirror Very Rare (not found) (unknown) (unknown)
Uncut Ruby Rare Rare (unknown) (unknown)
Gold Nugget (not found) Very Rare (unknown) (unknown)
Five-Colored Bead (not found) Very Rare Common (unknown)
Vicarya Fossil Uncommon (not found) (unknown) (unknown)
Baiera Fossil Common (not found) (unknown) (unknown)

Dinosaur Fossils[]

The following can be drilled up randomly as Asian Fossils.

The following can be acquired as set fossils.


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