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Chapter 4: An Antarctic Showdown! (none)


Several days later, and you're back in the D-Lab because Zoe's Stone broke into seven Fragments again from the binding energy fading, when the Alpha Gang breaks in and steals them all over again! The other Stones also decide to reappear and power your DinoShots again because the last few minutes of story were all pointless. Reese has opened the way for you to reach Kalimba Park in Africa…but you're sent to Euro Town instead. It seems Ed also stole some of Zoe's stuff from the D-Lab, and you have to get it back in addition to the Fragments. "It's time to take on the Alpha Gang, one by one, all over again!" Stop sounding so excited about this, Max. At least you can return to the D-Lab from D-Sites now (but can only leave to Euro Town's east Teleporter); speaking of, you can reach Africa through any D-Site's Teleporter Room. Before that, of course, speak to Doc and Torr again, they'll upgrade your equipment for free into the Master's Drill and Ultimate Radar (oddly, Torr won't help until you've visited Doc first, who then calls ahead), which can reach the deepest red pings, allowing you to dig for fossils in Africa, and also to find new special fossils in certain areas of previous continents.


As the game is nonlinear from here on out, let's follow the level rise of random Alpha Droids to the new area first: Africa. Arriving at Kalimba Park, there's only one exit; however, there are a few quests. There's a kid who wants you to give an Ammonite Fossil to her fossil-loving sick friend, rewarding you an Uncut Diamond (after you talk to her again), a profit of 300 chell when sold. Someone called the Straw Man gives you a Wire to trade for a series of things with people across the world, giving you a Soiled Note once you return with a Valuable Urn, the fourth and final item in the chain; it directs you to a scripted African Fossil 5-star Pachyrhinosaurus…despite it being a North American species and already findable there (admittedly rather rare, though). And a kid by the lake wants you to look for their father around Dustberg (East Dust Hills); when he comes home, you'll get a Mystery Fossil Lambeosaurus, but he's got a nasty habit of leaving so this quest is repeatable (the dad also has a quest of his own, but one can't start if you're in the midst of the other one). No hints at an over-arcing story, though.

Take the south gate into Kalimba Desert, a giant area with a constant sandstorm (that has no in-battle effects, thankfully) and random Red Super Alpha Droids levels 50-53 who have all but given up having running strategies and have even invented a few new one-off hints. Red Supply Droids also have the same level 40 trio as Antarctica. Drilling spots at all seem a bit rare here, but African Fossils are by far the most common find at the new depth, though while there are new Dinosaurs available, they only learn the same Moves as those in North America. A kid a bit west wants you to learn how people say "Thank you" in other countries; after speaking with the Mayor/Elder of each town and learning "Merci" (Euro Town), "Bayarlalaa" (Gobi Village), "Thank you (duh)" (Dustberg), and "Qujannamiik" (Polar Point), they'll give you an Advanced Workbook, teaching you "Asante" as well. Before setting out for real, skirt the town's edge to reach the small alcove to the northwest, where behind a tree is another hidden ramp to a narrow cliff path that tracks the whole south edge of the map to find a Manual. The only other path heads east, into the central plateau of the area, which has five exits: back to Kalimba Park the way you just came in the southwest, and also in the central west, northeast, central east, and southeast.

Before exiting anywhere, a pacing man below the center rock outcrop wants a Trilobite Fossil in exchange for a Mystery Fossil Anchiceratops. East past him in the southeast corner is a Red Super Alpha Droid harassing a woman with a level 59-58 Water and Wind pair that starts the pattern of repeating hints from the Droids in the Headquarters; she rewards you a Bronze Mirror. Straight up a ways leads to a Manual.

The southeast exit just leads to a small empty area. The central east exit leads to a lake, Sheila Oasis, on the east shore of which is a woman who wants you to give a Fan Letter to Shu, a famous (and famously good-looking) fossil hunter. You can try catching up to him by bouncing around the world from West Dust Hills (optional) to South Dust Hills (Halfway Plain) to Euro Town (optional) to South Euro Plain, each time being told you just missed him, until finally finding him in East Gobi Plain, giving you a Torn Note to find a set Fossil. North of the lake is a small maze, where many of the random Alpha Droids now use different hints for some reason; straight up through leads to an explorer looking for the Giant Head (or a boulder if you haven't started the Giant Statue quest), who wants a piece of candy, apparently an Alpha Call Drop (the Drop you can't buy). From the kick of its taste, however, he realizes the Giant Head is right under his feet…but decides instead to become a candy hunter and leaves; dig it up yourself. Follow the outer wall counterclockwise to finally lead to the map, in the opposite corner of the desert as the entrance. Meanwhile, south of the lake is a view onto the item case from the wraparound path earlier.

The northeast exit has an empty path to an Ultimate Manual around the corner, also featuring the random Droid strategy changes from the maze. Finally, through the central west exit, a guy wants some Fresh Air from deep in a nearby dungeon (the Alpha Fortress) for his big brother. Past him is an open maze, where going west then north leads to an east/west fork. Heading east brings you to Okapi Oasis, where you'll find a muscular man who trains on the east shore (remember him). Taking the west fork leads clockwise around the left edge, finding a Book of Mastery and the entrance to the Alpha Fortress.

Inside the Alpha Fortress, random Red Supers are levels 57-59, plus 40-trio Red Supply Droids who have suddenly lost their Rock preference. For the map, follow the path north, then take the west fork, followed by a short south branch; having taken the first north fork instead would have led you to a room with three tunnels. The west tunnel is a long decoy dead end; the north tunnel is a much shorter decoy dead end; and the east tunnel goes north to a small empty room with another tunnel leading west to a new section, or at least the east half of it, as the west half is walled off. Here is a Red Super Alpha Droid with a level 59-57 Earth and Water pair, past which is an Ultimate Manual.

Backtracking a bit, continuing west past the map's branch leads to another room with three tunnels. The west tunnel is a short path to a boxed-off corner of a room with an item case you can't reach, while the north tunnel heads west and leads to the rest of the dead-end room with an Ultimate Manual. The east tunnel turns north then west into the west half of the new section, bringing you to a Red Super Alpha Droid with a level 58-59 Water and Wind pair harassing an explorer, who gives you an Uncut Ruby for saving him. East is the blocked-off half available earlier, while west has an empty north branch before heading south, leading to a guy who, for inexplicable reasons, you have to talk to about not taking fossils before you can collect the Fresh Air here yourself.

When you bring it back to the guy who asked for it, however, you'll find you have to be the one to deliver it to his older brother in the northwest house in Euro Town. The brother will give you a Medium Dino Drink, insisting his cheap brother won't give you more than 10 chell himself. Return to the first brother and he will give you 10 chell. Yep, that was Africa.

Alpha Gang Rematches 1[]

As for the rest of the world, a number of new side quests have opened up either since the credits (due to the shower of splintered Reaper's Wrath debris, according to a D-Lab scientist) or since starting Antarctica, but you were too focused on the story to pursue them at the time, right? Spoiler alert, but each Alpha Gang member has returned to their old haunts with newly upgraded teams of Alpha Dinosaurs and a new Element guest, all with full Super Moves, and with the guest seemingly prepped for a Fusion Move off the main team's battlefield. Thankfully, random encounter Alpha Droids haven't changed at all, and you retain all of the maps. And you're still not ready for the Red Supers guarding item cases. There are no new static Alpha Droids anywhere old, so it's a straight shot to the bosses; let's go in order.


Starting in Europe, a new redhead in Euro Town will tell you to look around nearby for Shu, but only after you've talked to the man in South Dust Hills' Halfway Plain (she's not a needed stop, though). Reaching the back of the North Dig Site, Laura's Alpha Wind team is at levels 62, 64, and 65 (which you'll soon find are rather high levels for this round of bosses) and adds a surprise Water Baryonyx in the middle. She gives far fewer hints than any boss before, so get used to her silent pattern. Beating her gets you a Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Goggles, which you send back to the D-Lab through the DinoShot (because you can, apparently); it also reveals an item case hidden inside an Alpha Gang crate, containing a Mystery Fossil Alpha Dilophosaurus to call your very own. Each of the other bosses are also hiding Alpha Fossils like this, which learn mechanical Alpha Moves instead of Super Moves and all take from Asia's Normal Moves list.

The gate to the Stone Circle in South Euro Plain is now open, letting you input combinations of 8 elements as a code to unlock a few new Dinosaurs; they're retrieved from the Ancient Shrine just south, which opens at the right code input, and are sent directly to the D-Site's Dino Room at level 1 when you retrieve their card from the item case inside (it only holds the most recent card unlocked, though). Someone in the D-Lab even tells you the code to get another of your starting Dinosaur, later giving out the code for the opposite Metasequoia trade Mystery Fossil, {but everything else must come from guessing or outside info}. Past the Circle is a small new area of the South Plain, with a Manual up a north turn, that links back to where the Giant Statue guy is. You can also talk to the obstinate dad south of the garden (only after the man in Halfway Plain, with or without hearing from redhead in town) to learn that Shu has already left for Gobi Village or so, and he's happy the conceited fossil hunter's gone.

Continuing back to the Old S. Coal Mine, Ed's Alpha Earth team is surprisingly only at levels 63, 52, and 57, with a Wind Utahraptor in the middle. Beating him gets you a Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Barrette, the boys starting to wonder why the Alpha Gang stole all this stuff from her; the revealed item case contains a Mystery Fossil Alpha Wuerhosaurus.


Heading to Asia, there's a new man in the northwest of Gobi Village who wants the Eternal Ice from the Wire quest, trading a Valuable Urn for it, the fourth and final item in the chain. Looking around town, the guy who needed Asian Iron is now looking for a stronger opponent, necessitating a visit to north Kalimba Desert to find the muscular man by Okapi Oasis, who gives you an Alpha Call Drop + for telling him about his possible opponent. The first guy later regrets his request, wondering why you couldn't find someone weaker, though you can still repeat the quest if you ask again.

A ways into South Gobi Plain, and the boulder blocking the southwestern area of South Springleaf Lake is gone, beyond which you'll suddenly find Red Super Alpha Droids at levels 57-59, though with (mostly) the same strategy as those in the rest of South Gobi, at least for the first two turns or so; Red Supply Droids are also here with the standard level 40 trio without a move preference. Limestone Mountain is up a north path to the west featuring new Droid strategies, with an east detour for a Manual, but there's nothing at the end of the main path.

Entering Darkwood Forest to look for Rod again, the boys split up. His Alpha Lightning team is levels 62, 54, and 59, with a surprise Earth Saichania. Hints are almost nonexistent and there's very little pattern, so you may flounder a few times. And the other boy is suddenly there after the battle despite not having a scene where they caught up. You get a Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Hip Pack, an item case being revealed containing a Mystery Fossil Alpha Einiosaurus.

Heading out to East Gobi Plain, travel east then turn south past two fences to finally find Shu (only after talking to the obstinate dad), who gives you the Torn Note for the Fan Letter before leaving to search for fossils and women; the Note will lead you to a set Fossil (otherwise blocked by a boulder that vanishes when you get the Note) that is either an Asian Fossil Saichania in South Gobi Plain (if Max) or an African Fossil Spinosaurus in Kalimba Desert (if Rex), both with different Battle Types (Tie in both cases) than they are otherwise available with through normal Fossils.

Making it into Wanderwood Forest, Zander's Alpha Fire team is levels 63, 56, and 61, with a surprise Lightning Styracosaurus. Beating him nets you a Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Wristband (the better to avoid her wrath with by returning), the revealed item case containing a Mystery Fossil Alpha Gorgosaurus.

North America[]

Over to North America, and people in Dustberg have new things to say about the Reaper's Wrath incident. The courier who gave you Mr. Dandy's Small Package to deliver (who will now let you repeat the quest) is apparently the one looking for the Straw Man's Wire to fix a fence, trading you a Gold Foot Warmer, the second item in the chain (leave town briefly to reset his dialogue and access both quests if needed). There's also a gentleman who wants you to spread the word about a dinosaur conference he's putting together by talking to every D-Site Branch Head (don't forget Antarctica); he'll reward you with a Bronze Mirror and 1000 chell, as well as giving you the title of Honorary International Dinosaur Conference Observer (it doesn't seem to do anything, though). The east gate has also finally unlocked upon arriving; we'll go there later.

The woman right outside the west gate spotted a good-looking fossil hunter (Shu) pass by ({only if you have the Fan Letter}); you don't need to hear it from her, though, as the search for Shu can begin at his next stop deep in eastern South Dust Hills. A new area farther into West Dust Hills previously blocked by a boulder is now open, leading to Wind-Up Hill, a spiraling path of rope bridges, with a random Droid spike to level 55-59 Red Supers and level 40 trio Supply Droids (who seem to only use Rock), that leads to…nothing? Huh.

Going through South Dust Hills to the Alpha Gang Base, Ursula's Alpha Grass team is levels 63, 58, and 63, but is uniquely lacking an Element guest among the rematches. She's not a big fan of hinting at only one move she might use (and sometimes none at all), so prepare for lots of ties. Winning lets you claim a Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Scarf (or maybe it's just a handkerchief, or a bandana instead…), plus a Mystery Fossil Alpha Ouranosaurus from the revealed item case.

Across Great Bird Lake, the surveyor blocking the north branch is gone, leading to Halfway Plain and (stepping off the plateau) a massive random Droid spike to Red Supers with the Dinosaurs from West Dust Hills at levels 55-60. Here you'll find a Manual and a man who tells you that Shu was here but left for Euro Town (only after you've been given the Fan Letter, whether or not you've heard from the woman in West Dust Hills). Continuing to the Warehouse, Seth's Alpha Water team is levels 64, 60, and 65, and finally features Alpha Irritator plus a surprise Grass Lambeosaurus. His hints can be sparse or confusing, but winning gets him to hand over a Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Toothbrush…which Seth refuses to explain the reason behind stealing in the first place (and Zoe might not be happy to get back at this point). As expected, an Alpha Irritator Mystery Fossil is in the revealed item case.

East Dust Hills[]

Heading into the newly open East Dust Hills, where the drilling spots are suddenly as rare as in Africa, there's a woman who needs to find her lost bowl in the forest of tree stumps out east (it has fewer stumps than she makes it out to). The Red Super Alpha Droids are levels 56-61, and they're the farthest from having consistent strategies yet, changing their hints on the fly; oh, and some of their hidden Moves are Fusion Moves, so watch your Battlefield. Red Supply Droids keep the same level 40 trio as before, and their Gastonia are partial to Scissors instead of Rock like the Fukui pair, who prefer it far less by now. Winding north, you'll find a bridge to the east and a plateau to the north. Up the plateau, head east and loop north and back around west to finally get the map. Right nearby is an old man whose fossil has been stolen, seemingly by the dirty Detective Dory, back at it again with some new scheme. Back heading farther north from the plateau entrance, you'll find an explorer searching for the Giant Legs (and a shakeup in random Droid levels but not strategies after stepping off the plateau). There are two things at the center of the winding Vortex Hill before you: a Manual along the hilltop path up the ramp, and a dog along the valley path accessed from the left of the trees next to the ramp (who's missing if you haven't started the Giant Statue quest). Follow the dog back out until it scares the explorer into the forest, who thinks it's a killer wolf, letting you drill up the Giant Legs he was standing over, the only free Giant item.

Over the bridge leading east, the path splits north and south by a crescent lake. Keeping south across the rope bridges, you can turn left and loop around to find the man whose son in Kalimba Park wanted him to come home, but he can't leave until he gets the Rugosa Fossil he came here to find; give him one of yours, then go back to claim your reward. Speaking of going back, the dad has a way of ending up back here a lot, and talking to him without his son's request has him looking for a Nilssonia Fossil instead; trade one of yours with him for a Mystery Fossil Dilophosaurus (Counterstrike Type), but he spins so much in excitement that his new prize flies off. Oh well. Heading right from the rope bridge exit takes you to an Ultimate Manual and a stand of trees with a man whose account makes you suspect Dory stole the woman's bowl you heard about (he's only there if you talked to her already); you decide to try digging up an Ancient Bowl to return to her instead (white pings only), receiving a Large Dino Drink (you can't give her one until you get the drilling idea). This quest can be repeated indefinitely, even without pursuing Dory further (or after you finish the quest), though you must be given the idea by the man every time.

Turning north by the lake lets you pass an old woman who says Dory just went by carrying a Trilobite Fossil; you decide to try digging for one yourselves (yellow pings only) to give to the old man who was robbed (she's not here if you haven't talked to him yet), receiving a Workbook in return ({again repeatedly, again only if she gives you the idea each time}). Head north to a Red Super Alpha Droid harassing a little kid with a level 66-65 Lightning and Earth pair, who gives you an Alpha Call Drop for saving them. There's only one way through the twists and turns (and you don't even have to talk to the people who were robbed{, yet}), leading to a guy and his sheep in front of Mount Tyranno. He's not moving away from blocking a new fly point for the Pteranodon because he doesn't want to lose this sheep like he did his other one or he'll get fired; find it for him by the east shore of the crescent lake back down south where it wasn't when you came by before, but it runs. Like the Hen for Chef Bao, you have to chase it down a few times on your way back to the herder, who then leaves for the ranch. Called by the Shell Mirror, the Pteranodon will now fly you over Mount Tyranno to the entrance of the Alpha Gang Secret Base.

Random Red Super Alpha Droids in the Secret Base are levels 62-65 whose encounter table has two Dinosaurs per Element to pick from instead of one; Supply Droids keep the standard level 40 trio. A ways in north is a fork in the road with an explorer (who is in here, because…?) whose Archaeopteryx Fossil was stolen, presumably by Dory, which you agree to get back; your reward upon completion will be a Five-Colored Bead. Farther north is a small branching maze of cardboard boxes, both the left and right paths leading to tunnels. Left leads to a small empty room; and right leads to a woman being harassed by a Red Super with a level 65 Lightning and Earth pair, rewarding you a Manual for saving her.

Back down the west fork by the explorer is a Red Super with a level 65 Earth and Lightning pair (this is starting to get very familiar), past which is a view onto an item case and (blocked by a fence until talking with the explorer) a long south branch that eventually reaches an empty dead end (where encounters aren't possible for some reason), while the main path turns north before splitting again, but the south way is blocked by a fence. Continuing north is a trio of tunnels: left is a dead end and middle is a shorter dead end, but right leads north and curves west to another room, though there's a hidden east branch halfway there that leads out into darkness, turning south to find a Manual in the case you saw earlier. Back on the main tunnel path, and the new room has more tunnels leading north and west; west is a short northward dead end, while north has a hidden turn west that loops south to the room where the thief keeps his treasure of four item cases containing the map (finally!), a Manual, a Book of Mastery, and the Archaeopteryx Fossil.

After returning the Archaeopteryx Fossil, a bright flash will indicate an unspecified change; as you head back towards the fence {if you heard from both his victims outside?}, you'll spot Detective Dory sneaking back up towards the treasure room. When you arrive, however, your ambush only catches Holiday, who's also after Dory, and he directs you back to the entrance to meet Sheriff Watt. He's not there, however, and the fence is now gone (from talking to Holiday), so head further in. You'll find Watt at the west exit of a small landing (return later to find it's empty beyond him), who directs you to check past the room's south exit blocked by a Red Super Alpha Droid with yet another Lightning and Earth pair, both level 64. Continue through the empty hallway (reaching a fence halfway in if you skipped talking to Watt) until reaching another fence; unlike the one from the Warehouse, this rickety old thing only needs a body slam…to make it explode…okay. And you spot Dory in the room beyond it, knocked unconscious by the exploding fence. You run up and grab him, Watt and Holiday arriving to take Dory in, but as you reach the entrance, they're suddenly holding the explorer instead, Dory's voice taunting you all that he's escaped again! The sheriffs vow to get him someday, making the boys honorary deputies and giving you a Sheriff's Badge (just like the one you'd retrieved earlier). You can head back to the deepest corner of the Secret Base beyond where Dory was now, but with only more empty rooms farther in (kind of a trend, isn't it?).


With the rest of the world dealt with, it's time to return to Antarctica to beat Dr. Z again (or you could've, y'know, come here after only beating the other Alpha Gang members, that works too). Despite the other new D-Site destinations, you still have to use the teleporter in Euro Town to reach Antarctica. Heading through Polar Point, the surveyor blocking the path north has moved on, letting you head east to a pair of plateaus (atop which, but not just off of which, feature the Alpha Droids mixing up their strategies to match those in Africa), with an Ultimate Manual in the north, and in the south, the NPC who wants the Gold Foot Warmer, trading it for Eternal Ice, the third item in the Wire chain (not to be confused with the Antarctic Ice). At the entrance to the Alpha Gang HQ, Rex will stop the pair if you don't have the first six Stone Fragments.

Entering the Headquarters again, there are now 12 Red Super Alpha Droids spread across the old boss rush grid; hoo boy. Between them, they have two identical Super Move-packing teams for each Element, though with each often following different strategies (well, "strategies", often better described as chaos theory). Placed first before the grid is Wind, three dinos at level 61 with almost incoherent hints even less helpful than the last round of HQ Droids, defeating whom blows up the fence behind it to open the way to madness. The center column and first row side fences are back, so there are a pair of Droids available, to the near left being an Earth trio at level 62, who starts the area-wide pattern of not even consistently repeating wins amid usually just choosing different moves than last time, and to the near right being a Grass trio at level 61, each unlocking a new Droid next to and behind them with their defeats.

Back to the far left, you'll find a repeat of the level 62 Earth trio, and at the far right a level 63 Water trio, each unlocking another Droid behind them when beaten. Starting at the far left of the next row in, there's a level 62 Fire trio, a level 63 Lightning trio, the center column (which blows up after defeating the first Droid plus {probably} any five others), a repeated level 63 Lightning trio, and at the far right a repeated level 61 Grass trio. Now for the back corners, accessible as soon as the Droid by their side of the central column is defeated, where left is a repeated level 61 Wind trio, and right is a repeated level 62 Fire trio. Blocked by a fence until after defeating {any combination of} all but two, after the grid is one final level 63 Water trio, but with a different middle member than the first one. As in other areas, all item cases are as empty as you last left them, though the two returning side fences around the final Droid explode once you've beaten all twelve in case you didn't get the Books of Mastery the first time through.

Time to move on to the Command Center and face Dr. Z again for the final Stone Fragment and item stolen from Zoe, who proclaims beating you will give him control of the world! Using the same usually unhelpful hints as before, his mostly Fire team is now levels 67, 69, and 70, with another unfairly strong Saurophaganax in the middle, while rounding off with a surprise Secret Eoraptor, who can use and is given Super Moves of multiple different Elements, including the nasty trick of Angel Breath, which can revive a fallen teammate! Managing to win hard-fought and dragged-out awards you the final Stone Fragment and Zoe's favorite Pillow, hopefully satisfying her. Speaking of, Dr. Z insists you couldn't fathom why he took Zoe's stuff, immediately letting slip he's trying to understand the Stone Fragments, then blaming Ed for stealing the "important-looking items" from Zoe's room instead of Reese's like he was told. The boys accost the genius of not trying to figure the mystery out himself, but Dr. Z rushes past them to escape, grabbing all the Stone Fragments back in the process! Reese calls in to check up, Zoe thanking Rex for a job well-done (hey, Max is here, too), but the boys are resolute to get the Fragments back all over again! Again… Cue the credits for a second time!

Again Dr. Z slinks out through the Headquarters, vowing to solve the mystery of the Stone Fragments to finally ride on a dinosaur's back.

Alpha Gang Rematches 2[]

Several more days later, and the D-Lab has still had no more sign of the Stone Fragments, the Alpha Gang somehow masking their auras. Reese sends the boys out to fight the lingering Alpha Droids while gathering info, Zoe wanting the Fragments back for her own DinoShot, too. The boys use the Teleporter to head out again.

Arriving in Euro Town again, there's not much more to do (unless you skipped something) other than head out for the Alpha Gang again, in any order you desire. You'll find them back in their same old haunts, the new battles with higher-leveled versions of their battle teams from the last round of rematches, matching Dinosaurs and Moves for the six lackey members, though you have to actually talk to them to trigger the battles, not just by getting too close like previously.

Europe 2[]

Laura can be fought again in the North Dig Site, wielding a level 65 version of her last Wind-Water-Wind Alpha team with new ways of saying a few old hints, though once you win, she refuses to return the Stone Fragment and runs off. Following this, you can finally go to the corner to face the first of the Red Super Alpha Droids who've been telling you you're not strong enough yet, whose full level 60, 61, and 64 Wind team pulls its Dinosaurs, Moves, and some of its hints from the Headquarters' second round of Droids. Defeating it unlocks access to the item case behind it, inside of which is a Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Allosaurus, the final group of Dinosaurs available, who use North America's Normal Moves list, {though only learn the same Alpha Moves as the other Alpha Dinosaurs}.

You can challenge Ed again in the Old S. Coal Mine, fighting a level 67 version of his last Earth-Wind-Earth Alpha team with almost an all-new strategy, but after his defeat, he also high-tails it outta there still holding the Stone Fragment. Oh, so it's gonna be like this, is it? Head back over to the Red Super Droid who dismissed you before, and take down its level 61, 60, and 63 Earth team repeated from the Headquarters to access the Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Kentrosaurus in the item case it guarded.

Asia 2[]

Hunt down Rod again in Darkwood Forest, whose level 65 version Lightning-Earth-Lightning Alpha team has a new strategy that reuses many of his old keywords in new phrases to indicate different incoming plays than before, but you're his main rival and he'll settle the score later, leaving with the Stone Fragment. Head back up to fight the holdout Red Super with a full level 60, 61, and 65 Lightning Headquarters team, after which grants you access to its item case's Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Chasmosaurus.

Waiting in Wanderwood Forest again is Zander with his Fire-Lightning-Fire Alpha team's level 67 version and a largely-new strategy, but fearing Ursula's wrath (yet again), he ditches after his defeat, keeping the Stone Fragment. Backtrack to the boastful Red Super Droid to surprisingly find a full Grass team from the Headquarters at levels 61, 60, and 65 (maybe it's monitoring his failures for Ursula…?), but it's still guarding the expected Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Acrocanthosaurus in its item case.

North America 2[]

Catching up to her again in the Alpha Gang Base, Ursula is angry that you only think she's "not bad-looking", sending her level 65 full Grass Alpha team version at you with some old hints and some new hints that sound like old ones but mean new things (as well as the unique glitch of her final Grass Dinosaur having a Fire Super Move by mistake), declaring upon her defeat she'll keep the Stone Fragment until she can punish you, then leaves. Head all the way down to the confident Red Super with the misplaced full Fire Headquarters level 60, 61, and 64 team, gathering the Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Iguanodon from the item case in the small room past it.

Seth is surprised you found him again in the Warehouse…in the same place as always (as the boys point out). He's got an entirely new strategy for the level 67 version of his Water-Grass-Water Alpha team but with obvious hints, though despite his loss he'll keep the Stone Fragment until next time. Trace back to and through the maze to reach the last stubborn Red Super (hugging the right edge brings you right to it); beating its level 61, 60, and 63 Headquarters Water team lets you take the Mystery Fossil Super Alpha Suchomimus from the item case beyond it.

Antarctica 2[]

And now, after defeating all of his minions (and finding all of those cop-out responses), it's time to return to Antarctica and face Dr. Z one last time, though with no restrictions of needing to have defeated the rest of the Alpha Gang first like last time, so they were just being sore losers for the sake of it. Oddly, the NPC outside the Headquarters claims only Zander is still here in Antarctica, though it's actually Dr. Z; they must all look alike to him.

Inside the Headquarters is completely empty now, letting you enter the Command Center unimpeded, where you find Dr. Z, but can slip right past him and acquire a Mystery Fossil Parasaurolophus from an unguarded item crate instead. Trading the revived Dinosaur to another copy of the game, if possible, will grant the player access to an Awakened Parasaurolophus in its place (but it's got all the same 6-star Defense stats as its regular form, so…).

Actually fighting Dr. Z again, he admits his real dream of dinosaur-riding, before coming at you with his crazily unfair level 70, 72, and 75 Fire-leaning team of two Saurophaganax and an Eoraptor, not only with Angel Breath again, but also all with the sinister Burst of Flames to damage the Dinosaurs you haven't even sent into battle yet! He only uses his old hints, but even if you win through the hidden Tie Bomb Moves, which nearly wipe out both sides in the event of a tie, as with the others, Dr. Z still races off declaring you'll never take the Stone Fragments.

The Adventure Never Ends[]

And…that's it for the events of the main and follow-up stories, the game is now a sandbox. By simply leaving and re-entering the location, you can rematch the Alpha Gang's latest teams as many times as desired (and could have since they were available), such as for farming chell or EXP. Continue drilling for Fossils to fill up your Dinosaur Encyclopedia and level up your Dinosaurs to learn new Moves, and then link up games and battle other players (if you're playing in an era where the DS network features still operate). Ownership of the Stone Fragments is never resolved, but if you open up your Status menu, you'll find that since the second credits, you've had the (image of the) complete third Stone with you all along. There's really nothing more to teach you. You've come a long way. You're a true Dinosaur King.

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