Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King
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Introduction & Chapter 1: The Alpha Gang's Evil Plan Chapter 3: Friend or Foe in North America

Chapter 2: Deep Sleep in Asia[]

Gobi Village[]

Arriving in Gobi Village, which has two exits, you'll find most residents complaining about sleeping family members from the dig site and how it might be the "dragon's curse". Others, however, will inform you how Asian Fossils can only be found with a drill made of Asian Iron, which a merchant in South Gobi Plain is carrying a shipment of for someone near the south gate. A scientist by the satellite dish near the D-Site, Doc's brother Torr, will also upgrade your Excavation Radar into a Deluxe Radar to reveal the deeper yellow pings once you fetch Bamboo from South Gobi Plain—it's a waste of a good invention if people don't use them well. Once you have the new Radar, a new man will decide to appear near the D-Site, asking you to collect a Seed from a tree in South Gobi Plain you could've seen but not collected from earlier; he'll give you an Alpha Stop Drop + for one to block the Alpha Droids he was too scared of to get the Seed himself (this is repeatable immediately, but they can be bought on the next continent). Other side quests involve fetching a special silkie Hen for Blazing Chef Bao to use its eggs for cooking in exchange for an Ancient Bowl, and an old man who needs you to recruit two men to help dig a new well and will reward you with a Mystery Fossil Rajasaurus (you have to talk to everyone and then the well after recruiting the workers). As you attempt to exit the south gate, however, Rod pops up and taunts you about who can find the Stone Fragment first deep in Darkwood Forest, then races off. And start?

South Gobi Plain[]

Scattered around the huge South Gobi Plain are numerous items you can collect for various NPCs, like the Seeds and Bamboo; however, this game holds your hand a bit too tight, meaning solutions to side quests won't be available until you've talked to the person who initiates said event, even if the goal's location is already accessible, so you can't collect any items you haven't been assigned to find yet. The Alpha Droids around here are a new Purple kind that have large frill heads, levels 13-15, and they have a new go-to strategy: after cutting off your Critical Move, they now copy whichever Sign you just won with. Cycling your choices clockwise now will lead to a no-damage win…most of the time, as half of them will choose a new move after being hit by a Critical, and they may instead simply randomly stop following their pattern—the game is getting tougher, after all. They will also neglect to comment more often, whichever play they're making.

Due south you'll find the map and the first well-digger (only if you've been told to look for them), and hanging a left up the incline leads you to Bamboo Mountain. Straying from the main story, heading west you'll find a man who wishes you to talk to a sad woman near the east gate for him, and farther west into North Springleaf Lake brings you to the Hen (you'll have to chase it a bit) and north to a large tree where the Seeds are growing. The northwest corner of this path leads to a Purple frill-head Alpha Droid with 2 level 15 Dinosaurs harassing someone who rewards you for saving them with a Stone Weight, the cheapest sell item save a Leaf. Thanks. (You'll need one later, though, so it saves you drilling randomly.)

South from the lonely man, a Purple frill-head Alpha Droid blocks the way with 2 level 16 Dinosaurs. Shortly after is the merchant, who's sprained his ankle, but gives you the Package to deliver; its recipient will give you some of the Asian Iron for your troubles. Use the D-Site to teleport back to Euro Town so Doc can then upgrade your Mass-Produced Drill into a Custom Drill. Fossils in Asia (or even any radar returns) are quite a bit rarer than in Europe, but you'll find that Asian Dinosaurs learn different Moves than European ones, though they don't start learning any until level 11, so don't be reckless with your fossil cleaning. While still in Europe (or you could've just headed here first), you can talk to the Mayor (twice in a row) to be assigned to fix the broken sign in South Euro Plain with some Paint (because that's all broken wood needs—well, you're given other supplies, that's just all that's named in the Bag) and be rewarded a Mystery Fossil Giganotosaurus. Also, the fossil kid now wants a Magnolia Fossil, giving over a Mystery Fossil Edmontonia this time; he'll alternate his quests in the postgame. Similarly just north, the Necklace girl will now send you to find Mimi, her missing Cat, farther into North Euro Plain, the reward being a Mystery Fossil Saltasaurus; go in and out of town to have her repeat these two indefinitely. Finally, talk to the woman you bought the drink for to hear about a river getting blocked up, finding a man in South Euro Plain (missing before hearing about the issue) throwing rocks into it while angry about his daughter's new boyfriend; going back to her, she'll tell you to tell him she wants him back home, and because he thinks he's "won" he'll stop and give you a Trilobite Fossil he found while gathering the rocks. After this, the woman's request to do her shopping will become repeatable. Anyway, best to get back to Asia now.

The path west of the merchant to South Springleaf Lake is blocked by a boulder that won't move for quite a while, but going south from him leads to an Alpha Call Drop and an archaeologist looking for the Giant Body who wants something towel-like because he's sweating. The answer is an Ancient Underwear, commonly drilled up in Europe, and when he gives up looking and leaves, he opens the way to a set drill item: the Giant Body. One of three down, and the only one before the postgame. He will return to his spot if you leave without drilling it up, but moves again for free, only marking the spot so players can find it again, and oddly, a boulder takes his place after you get the item, forever locking away those now-empty half dozen squares of arid sand, a move which was clearly very necessary and quite important. The boulder's also there if you never talked to the gentleman who's looking for the Giant Statue.

Back on the story path, Darkwood Forest is down the trail south past the Bamboo Forest turn; the boys split up to search. Green frill-head Alpha Droids levels 13-15 act the same as those outside, and while they're silent on many turns, they are usually still following their pattern. Not only will you find few places within the narrow paths of Asian forests to get a full radar sweep, drill spots at all are also rarer than even the Asian plains (being almost nonexistent in the first few turns of the map), so stock plenty of Batteries if you plan to fossil hunt. The map is in the first north branch, and after an empty south branch, the second well digger can be recruited in the west-most branch (again, only if you're looking for them). As you reach an Alpha Droid blocking your way, there's an Alpha Call Drop down the east branch; the Droid is a Purple/Green (it swaps between out of/in battle) frill-head with level 18-19 Dinosaurs. Following the top branch to the east end finds a Medium Dino Drink, and the path south features branches for a Manual and another Red Super Alpha Droid you can't fight yet. Then it brings you to Rod.

Unsurprisingly, Rod has found the Stone Fragment first, which he considers ample payback for you defeating his little sister Laura. Then he challenges you to a battle for who keeps the Fragment. Rod has the first 3-Dinosaur enemy team, a Lightning squad with two level 22s and a level 24 Alpha Einiosaurus complete with several Lightning Moves and the first Alpha Move you've faced. After losing fairly, Rod hands over the Stone Fragment, promising to get even. As he goes to leave, however, he tells you Zander is causing trouble from East Gobi Plain's Wanderwood Forest, as his plan rubs Rod the wrong way and he doesn't want it to succeed. You're automatically teleported back to Gobi Village, where the sleeping sickness is now running rampant, with everyone asleep where they stand save for the few who were inside when it was carried in by the wind from the east. You finally hear more from the Village Elder about a Dragon Skull fossil being found by the lake in East Gobi that was stolen on its way to the D-Site for identification, after which the sleeping sickness rolled in, a curse from the dragon's anger at the Skull's theft. On to East Gobi Plain, then! Right?

East Gobi Plain[]

Before you can enter East Gobi Plain, the man at the gate must tell you to get a Forest Tree Charm from a woodcutter back in Darkwood Forest to protect you from the sleeping curse. He's a ways in being harassed by an Alpha Droid trying to break his charms (neither were there before), and this one is a frill-head Red Droid at level 20-21 with Grass and Water Moves. Once you save the woodcutter, he confirms the Dragon Skull being stolen caused the dragon's curse and sleeping sickness from the dragon's anger, then gives you the wooden charm, which absorbs the curse floating in the air. The man at the gate tells you about bandits beyond the mountains dead east as he lets you through…but the Village Elder stops you almost immediately and asks you to also retrieve the Dragon Skull (like you actually thought you wouldn't).

Finding a sad woman, she'll say she's sad for someone who's not the guy asking after her (as usual, she's absent if you haven't heard of her); break the news to him and he'll give you an Alpha Call Drop (ever the hopeless romantic, simply reenter the area and he'll ask you to do it again), and the woman will have her own quest later. You'll find the East Gobi Plain map a few feet east; the Purple frill-head Alpha Droids are a few levels higher, 17-21, but still have much the same strategy. Floating Supply Droids are now Green, and use level 18 Fukuiraptor. An NPC forces you down the south path for now, directing you after the bandits towards a cross-shaped rock, past the named but unimportant Deadleaf Lake, and a west turn takes you to someone who wants a piece of Metasequoia, plus a Medium Dino Drink. At the south end, you'll face an Alpha Droid harassing the pair of bandits, a Green frill-head who's not forthcoming with move hints and uses Wind and Grass Moves at level 18. After that, the bandits admit they stole the Dragon Skull but forgot where they buried it, but it may be near Crescent Pond farther north. Magically the roadblock NPC is gone, and you can access Crescent Pond. There's an Advanced Workbook around the top path, while the Dragon Skull is at the inner curve of the pond; the Skull is another set drill item, requiring the Custom Drill to dig deep enough (but not the Deluxe Radar, if you drill in the right spot). As he's apparently known for forgetting to provide information, you'll have to go back and ask the Village Elder (top left hut) where to put it now (on the way, the bandits say they'll become day traders now); he wants you to return the Skull to the southeast lake in East Gobi, Sprout Lake.

Down that way, a south detour hooks you around to a spring you can talk to but can't take from until after finishing the Asian chapter. Forward takes you to another Green/Purple color-swapping frill-head Alpha Droid with levels 20-21 harassing a person who gives you a Manual when you rescue them; they're next to a broken bridge. A worker (who's missing until you're told where the Skull goes) tells you to get the parts his assistant should've brought: a Stone Weight…and that's it (unlike the Paint for the sign, this is literally it). Once he fixes the bridge, he gives you the Metasequoia that other guy wanted; that guy trades it for another Mystery Fossil, which revives as a 5-star Rarity Dinosaur, either Altirhinus for Max or Daspletosaurus for Rex, the latter of which has its native North American Normal Move list instead of the local Asian, unlike most other Mystery Fossils. Reaching Sprout Lake, place the Dragon Skull and it will slide into the lake to attract the "dragon", a Futabasaurus Suzukii, presumed child of the skull's owner, who lets you ride it to the other side of the lake and back as needed to reach the entrance to Wanderwood Forest, home of Zander's scheme, as it also wants the Alpha Gang out of the forest. As usual, the boys split up (despite only one of them having the anti-sleep charm…).

Inside Wanderwood are level 19-21 Red frill-head Alpha Droids, who keep the same attack pattern as outside (though they oddly drop the recent change-if-Critical habit), even if they sometimes say almost nothing. Radar pings also seem to be nearly nonexistent. Wanderwood is a bit of a maze, and the map is a ways in; take the first left fork and then follow the right path. There's a Medium Dino Drink around the loop of the first right fork, and a Red frill-head Alpha Droid blocking the main way of both left forks with levels 23-24 and a Grass Move. The next dead end right fork contains an Alpha Call Drop, and the main path leads to another Red frill-head Droid, levels 19-20 with another Grass Move. A left detour has another Red Super Alpha Droid you're not ready for, but don't forget the hidden side path to rescue someone from a Red frill-head with levels 22-23 and a Water Move, who gives you a Manual.

And finally we reach Zander, cackling to himself as he fails at cartoon chemistry by mixing Slumbera EX with Snoozium G to cause an explosion he totally meant to make. His chemical concoction is making everyone sleep, and he blows a cloud of it at you, but your friend shoves you aside and gets put to sleep instead! Time for payback. Zander uses Fire Dinosaurs at levels 27, 31, and a level 33 Alpha Gorgosaurus, each with Fire Moves and Gorgo with an Alpha Move; his hints are cryptic, but easy once you decipher them. Defeating him blows up the giant fans spreading the "sleeping sickness" and nets you his Stone Fragment. Fearing Ursula's wrath for failing, Zander slinks away. Your friend wakes up as the sleeping gas wears off and you head back to the D-Lab. Meanwhile at Alpha Gang headquarters, Dr. Z is frustrated at the second major loss, but Ursula detects two new Stone Fragments near Dustberg, USA, and Dr. Z sends her and Seth after them.

From an ethereal void, a voice echoes to Max and Rex in a dream, asking for help… At the D-Lab the next day, Reese continues researching the Alpha Gang as you talk to all the other scientists again, learning info that would've been more convenient to get last time, until Zoe gives more bad news: workers at a dig in Dustberg have suddenly vanished! Time to head out again…

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Introduction & Chapter 1: The Alpha Gang's Evil Plan Chapter 3: Friend or Foe in North America