Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

Here is a list of all the cut content from the DS Game that can be found in the internal game data.

Status: in progress


Alpha Dinosaurs[]

Possible name File name on game data Image Description
(Super?) Alpha Tyrannosaurus A_TyrannosaurusACT.nsbmd and A_Tyranno_boss.nsbmd
Alpha T-rex
(Super?) Alpha Parasaurolophus G_Parasau_boss.nsbmd
Alpha Paras
(Super?) Alpha Edmontonia E_Edomon_boss.nsbmd
Alpha Edmon
(Super?) Alpha Torosaurus D_Toros_boss.nsbmd
Alpha Toros
(Super?) Alpha Spinosaurus D_Spino_boss.nsbmd
Alpha Spino
(Super?) Alpha Giganotosaurus A_Giganot_boss.nsbmd
Alpha Gigano
Ironically, there is a TCG card of Alpha Giganotosaurus
Super Alpha Allosaurus H_Aros_boss.nsbmd
Alpha Allo
It is probably a prototype of Super Alpha Allosaurus.


Possible name File name on game data Image Description
Rex seated pose rex2.md
Rex cut pose
A seated model of Rex. Its original functionality is unknown, though may relate to riding the obstacle-crossing dinosaurs.
Unknow white silhouette
Unknow white man


Encyclopedia text file
  • In the files managing the texts of the game menu, the names of the Dinosaurs "Tobaryu" (nickname for an undescribed Japanese titanosaurian sauropod) and "Ugrosaurus" (a Triceratops synonym) appear in the part managing the encyclopedia, proving that these two Dinosaurs were intended for the DS game.
  • Additionally, Gojirasaurus appears between Charonosaurus and Gastonia, meaning it was probably initially intended to be an Ex Dinosaur, which may explain it not learning a Rarity-based Super Move and learning European Normal Moves despite only being available by N. American Fossil.



Here some animations presents in the DS game data, but no Move Cards in the game use these animations as the Moves themselves. Except for Pachycephalosaurus, Therizinosaurus and some Helper Dinosaurs, each playable dinosaur models has these scrapped animations.

Name Animation Description
Wall Smash
Wall Smash DS
Atomic Bomb
Atomic Bomb DS
Stomping Hammer
Stomping Hammer DS
Stomping Hammer's stomping is part of the Cornered Courage/Final Fury/Frantic Force trio's low-HP animation.
Death Grind
Death Grind DS
Neck Crusher
Neck Crusher DS
Diving Press
Diving Press DS
Venom Fang has Piatnitzkysaurus use Diving Press's animation minus the sand kicking
Escaping animation
Looks like an escape animation, should probably be used when escaping from a fight.


  • While the DS game contains unused text for the name "Tobaryu", it is not to be confused with the arcade game containing an unused HP bar graphic with the name "Tambaryu". Both are informal names of sauropods found in Japan, newly discovered around the time of the franchise near the cities of Toba and Tamba respectively, with sparse information available on "Tobaryu" (known from legs), likely a titanosaur relative, while "Tambaryu" (known from a tail) has since been officially named Tambatitanis and is likely a euhelopodid (which are either also advanced titanosaur relatives or primitive mamenchisaurid relatives).