Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King

All Dinosaurs included in the DS Game listed in order of appearance in the Dinosaur Encyclopedia and divided by Elemental Attribute, plus their Critical Move, Rarity, Battle Types, and Encyclopedia entries (which usually closely match the descriptions on their arcade cards) (any grammar/punctuation errors, probably for space-saving, are repeated without correction but marked with "[sic]"). Alpha, Super Alpha, and Awakened Dinosaurs are not in the Dinosaur Encyclopedia, as they instead unlock their base species entry, but they are all still obtainable.

Regular Dinosaurs[]

Fire Dinosaurs[]

  • D01 Tyrannosaurus (Paper; 6 star; Attack, Counterstrike): The most famous carnivore of all. Its huge mouth is lined with sharp teeth.
  • D02 Carcharodontosaurus (Rock; 5 star; Defense): A large carnivore. Its name comes from the fact that it has jagged, shark-like teeth.
  • D03 Torvosaurus (Scissors; 4 star; Tie): A large carnivore of the Jurassic Period. It has long teeth and a sturdy build.
  • D04 Acrocanthosaurus (Paper; 3 star; Defense): A large carnivore. It has tall spines like a sail down its neck and back.
  • D05 Giganotosaurus (Rock; 3 star; Attack): Carnivore larger than the Tyrannosaurus. Its head alone is about 180 cm (6 ft) long.
  • D06 Tarbosaurus (Scissors; 2 star; Defense): A prominent Asian carnivore. Similar to the Tyrannosaurus. It has very short arms.
  • D07 Gorgosaurus (Paper; 1 star; Tie): Related to the Tyrannosaurus but has a sleeker body. Its has short arms and long legs.
  • D08 Mapusaurus (Rock; 6 star; Super Crisis): A more recent carnivore resembling the Giganotosaurus[sic] It has knife-like teeth.
  • D09 Daspletosaurus (Scissors; 5 star; Blitz): A carnivore resembling the Tyrannosaurus, with a strong build and powerful jaws.
  • D10 Rajasaurus (Scissors; 3 star; Crisis): A carnivore resembling the Carnotaurus, featuring one horn and a powerful build.
  • D11 Alioramus (Rock; 1 star; Counterstrike): Related to the Tyrannosaurus. It has a long, thin face and little horns on its snout.
  • D12 Siamotyrannus (Rock; 2 star; Crisis): Carnivore discovered in Thailand. Thought to be an early relative of the Tyrannosaurus[sic]

Water Dinosaurs[]

  • D13 Spinosaurus (Rock; 6 star; Blitz, Tie): A carnivore with a sail on its back up to 180 cm (6 ft). It has a crocodile-like face.
  • D14 Amargasaurus (Scissors; 5 star; Attack): A herbivore with two rows of long spines. These spines are extensions of its neck bones.
  • D15 Baryonyx (Paper; 4 star; Defense): A carnivore with a crocodile-like head. It has large claws on its thumbs.
  • D16 Saltasaurus (Rock; 3 star; Attack): A quadrupedal herbivore with bony plate armor and a heavy build.
  • D17 Suchomimus (Scissors; 3 star; Defense): A carnivore thought to eat fish. It has an extremely long, thin face.
  • D18 Camarasaurus (Paper; 2 star; Tie): A quadrupedal herbivore with a long neck. It has a heavy build and a round head.
  • D19 Irritator (Rock; 1 star; Defense): A carnivore with a face like a pterosaur. It has a prominent crest on its head.
  • D20 Ampelosaurus (Scissors; 6 star; Super Counterstrike): A herbivore with spiked armor on its back. It is related to the Titanosaurus.
  • D21 Shunosaurus (Rock; 4 star; Counterstrike): A quadrupedal herbivore discovered in China. It has a spiked club on its tail.
  • D22 Patagosaurus (Rock; 2 star; Blitz): Five of these dinosaurs were found in one spot. They are thought to live in herds.
  • D23 Opisthocoelicaudia (Scissors; 1 star; Crisis): A quadruped herbivore discovered in Mongolia. It has distinctively large hips.
  • D24 Isisaurus (Rock; 6 star; Super Defense): Related to the Titanosaurus, but with various advancements[sic] It has a long, thick neck.
  • D25 Jobaria (Scissors; 4 star; Crisis): It has a heavy build and a thick neck. It eats plants with its scoop-like teeth.

Lightning Dinosaurs[]

  • D26 Styracosaurus (Scissors; 6 star; Defense): TBD
  • D27 Pachyrhinosaurus (Paper; 5 star; Tie): Herbivore with a thick, solid horn. It has a variety of horns and spikes on its frill[sic]
  • D28 Torosaurus (Rock; 4 star; Attack): A herbivore with a very large neck frill. Its head is over 2 meters (6 feet) long.
  • D29 Triceratops (Scissors; 3 star; Tie): A very famous herbivore with 3 horns. The horns above its eyes are powerful weapons.
  • D30 Chasmosaurus (Paper; 3 star; Attack): A herbivore with three horns. Its large neck frill is edged with spikes.
  • D31 Eucentrosaurus (Rock; 2 star; Defense): Its nasal horn is long and curves forward gently. It lives in large herds.
  • D32 Einiosaurus (Scissors; 1 star; Attack): A herbivore with a thick, forward-curving horn on its snout and sharp frill spikes.
  • D33 Pentaceratops (Paper; 6 star; Super Blitz): Herbivore with a large frill. It has five horns: three horns plus two cheek spikes.
  • D34 Anchiceratops (Rock; 5 star; Counterstrike): A herbivore with a long frill[sic] Its two long horns curve and point somewhat outward.
  • D35 Arrhinoceratops (Scissors; 4 star; Crisis): Herbivore with a wide, square frill. It has three horns, the center one is shorter.
  • D36 Brachyceratops (Paper; 1 star; Blitz): Related to the Triceratops. It has a short frill and horns on its nose and brow.
  • D37 Centrosaurus (Rock; 2 star; Blitz): A herbivore with a long, big horn on its nose. Has short, hooked horns on its frill.
  • D38 Monoclonius (Paper; 2 star; Counterstrike): Herbivore with one horn on its nose. Some say it's the same as the Centrosaurus.

Earth Dinosaurs[]

  • D39 Saichania (Paper; 6 star; Crisis, Tie): A herbivore with spikes all over its body. The club on its tail is a fierce weapon.
  • D40 Stegosaurus (Rock; 5 star; Attack): A herbivore with large plates on its back. Its four-spiked tail is a dangerous weapon.
  • D41 Edmontonia (Scissors; 4 star; Defense): A herbivore with forward-pointing spikes, which it uses as ramming weapons.
  • D42 Ankylosaurus (Paper; 3 star; Attack): An armor-clad herbivore with a heavy build. It has a club on the end of its tail.
  • D43 Kentrosaurus (Rock; 3 star; Defense): A herbivore with sharp spikes down its back. It has large spikes on its shoulders, too.
  • D44 Sauropelta (Scissors; 2 star; Tie): A herbivore with large spikes on its neck and shoulders. Its back is also armored.
  • D45 Wuerhosaurus (Paper; 1 star; Defense): A herbivore with square, bony plates on its back. It is related to the Stegosaurus.
  • D46 Euoplocephalus (Rock; 6 star; Crisis): A herbivore clad with thick armor. Even its eyelids are armored.
  • D47 Nodosaurus (Scissors; 3 star; Crisis): A herbivore with a back covered in armor. Its tail doesn't have a club.
  • D48 Dacentrurus (Paper; 2 star; Blitz): A herbivore with two rows of small plates down its back. Its tail is a spiked weapon.
  • D49 Talarurus (Rock; 1 star; Tie): An armored, herbivorous dinosaur with a thick, barrel shaped body and a small club.

Grass Dinosaurs[]

  • D50 Parasaurolophus (Rock; 6 star; Defense): A herbivore with a very long crest on its head. The crest is hollow inside.
  • D51 Lambeosaurus (Scissors; 5 star; Tie): A herbivore with an unusual crest. It's among the largest of the duck-billed dinosaurs.
  • D52 Shantungosaurus (Paper; 4 star; Attack): Among the largest duck-billed dinosaurs. Has a square jaw. It too can walk on four legs.
  • D53 Maiasaura (Rock; 3 star; Tie): Apparently builds a nest to raise its young. Its name comes from this fact.
  • D54 Iguanodon (Scissors; 3 star; Attack, Blitz, Defense): The first dinosaur ever discovered. Their fossils were found all around world[sic].
  • D55 Tsintaosaurus (Paper; 2 star; Defense): A herbivore with one horn on its head, which apparently isn't used as a weapon.
  • D56 Ouranosaurus (Rock; 1 star; Attack): A herbivore with a large sail on its back, which it uses to control its body temperature.
  • D57 Saurolophus (Scissors; 6 star; Blitz): A large herbivore with a small crest. The crest is an extension of its nose bones.
  • D58 Altirhinus (Paper; 5 star; Crisis): A herbivore with a high, built-up nose. It was first thought to be an Iguanodon.
  • D59 Corythosaurus (Paper; 3 star; Counterstrike): A herbivore with a disk-type crest that is an extension of its nasal passages.
  • D60 Muttaburrasaurus (Scissors; 1 star; Tie): A herbivore with a distinct nose bulge. Its teeth are perfect for shearing plants.

Wind Dinosaurs[]

  • D61 Carnotaurus (Scissors; 3 star; Attack): Carnivore with a short snout. It has long horns above its eyes and long hind legs.
  • D62 Utahraptor (Paper; 5 star; Defense): A carnivore with sharp claws. Claws[sic] on its hind legs can be as long as 30 cm (12 inches).
  • D63 Ceratosaurus (Rock; 4 star; Counterstrike, Tie): A carnivore with three horns on its head, four-fingered hands and armor on its back.
  • D64 Allosaurus (Scissors; 3 star; Tie, Counterstrike, Blitz): A carnivore representative of the Jurassic Period. It is a fierce and effective hunter.
  • D65 Neovenator (Paper; 3 star; Attack): A sleek carnivore with a low crest on its head. It is related to the Allosaurus.
  • D66 Monolophosaurus (Rock; 2 star; Defense): A carnivore with one crest on its head. Thought to be related to the Allosaurus.
  • D67 Dilophosaurus (Scissors; 1 star; Defense, Counterstrike): A carnivore with two crests on its head. This dinosaur is from a very early period.
  • D68 Megaraptor (Paper; 6 star; Counterstrike): TBD
  • D69 Deltadromeus (Scissors; 4 star; Blitz): A carnivore thought to live by rivers. Can apparently run extremely quickly.
  • D70 Eustreptospondylus (Scissors; 2 star; Crisis): Bipedal carnivore discovered in Europe. It has very primitive characteristics.
  • D71 Liliensternus (Paper; 1 star; Attack): A carnivore from before the Jurassic Period. Has a sleek body. Resembles Dilophosaurus[sic]
  • D72 Gojirasaurus (Rock; 1 star; Blitz): A carnivore from a very early period. It's named after a well-known Japanese monster.

Other Dinosaurs[]

Extra Dinosaurs[]

Though not numbered, their entries are ordered. These Dinosaurs do not count towards Dinoman's rewards. None are available by normal drilling and only one by Mystery Fossil (Eoraptor); the others that can be obtained are exclusively available through the Stone Circle, but many cannot be legitimately obtained by the player, and some aren't even used by enemies. Due to player mechanics, Chomp and Ace can only be owned at once if one was traded in.

  • Ex Eoraptor (Scissors; 6 question mark; Attack): The earliest of all know dinosaurs. Also thought the ancestor of all dinosaurs.
  • Ex Megalosaurus (Rock; 6 question mark; Defense): The first dinosaur to be named. There are still many unanswered questions about it.
  • Ex Therizinosaurus (Rock; 6 question mark; Counterstrike): A dinosaur with scythe-like claws on its forelimbs that are over 70 cm (2 feet) long.
  • Ex Pachycephalosaurus (Scissors; 6 question mark; Blitz): Herbivore with a helmet-like head. Its helmet is nearly 25 cm (10 inches) thick.
  • Ex Deinonychus (Paper; 6 question mark; Crisis): A small carnivore with sharp claws. It attacks its prey in packs.
  • Ex Chomp (Triceratops) (Scissors; 4 star; Super Crisis): A mischievous dinosaur that snaps at just about anything but has heaps of fight. (Max)
  • Ex Ace (Carnotaurus) (Scissors; 4 star; Super Blitz): A dinosaur with cool horns like an ogre. Ace is great at speedy attacks. (Rex)
  • Ex Paris (Parasaurolophus) (Paper; 4 star; Super Counterstrike): Its long crest is kinda cute, don't you think? It can hum the songs I teach it! (Zoe)
  • Ex Terry (Tyrannosaurus) (Paper; 4 star; Super Attack): Violent and disobedient, this dinosaur is always trying to rip Dr. Z's beard off.
  • Ex Spiny (Spinosaurus) (Rock; 4 star; Super Defense): It is always trying to eat everything in sight with its big, long mouth.
  • Ex Tank (Saichania) (Paper; 4 star; Super Tie): It is covered in spikes to protect it from its enemies. Way too prickly to hug.
  • Ex Saurophaganax (Scissors; 6 star; Super Attack): An extremely big relative of the Allosaurus. Attacks prey with sharp teeth and claws.
  • Ex Mini-King (Scissors; 1 star; Counterstrike): Small, but powerful when it needs to be. It is not clear what it'll grow up to be.
  • Ex Fukuisaurus (Rock; 2 star; Crisis): TBD
  • Ex Fukuiraptor (Paper; 2 star; Blitz): TBD
  • Ex Charonosaurus (Rock; 5 star; Counterstrike{?}): TBD
  • Ex Gastonia (Scissors; 3 star; Attack): TBD

Helper Dinosaurs[]

These Dinosaurs (including pterosaurs and a plesiosaur) are featured in Move Cards. They do not count towards Dinoman's rewards, though they are included in the Status screen's Dinosaur count, which may lead to some confusion. Listed are the Moves they are included in, divided by groupings of parallel Moves.

  • H01 Tapejara: A pterosaur with a crest on its head. It is unclear how it uses this crest.
    • Chaser Attack (Normal, Scissors), Pursuit (Normal, Paper), Take Down (Normal, Rock)
    • Counterattack (Normal, Paper), Ambush (Normal, Rock), Counteroffensive (Normal, Scissors)
  • H02 Velociraptor: A carnivore that has sharp claws on its hands and feet. Not very big, but ferocious.
    • Raptor Dive (Normal, Rock), Raptor Attack (Normal, Scissors), Raptor Shock (Normal, Paper)
    • Move Block (Normal, Rock), Critical Block (Normal, Scissors), Move Super Block (Normal, Paper)
  • H03 Cryolophosaurus: A carnivore discovered in Antarctica. It has a distinctive crest on its head[sic]
    • Rejuvenation (Normal, Rock), Light Recovery (Normal, Scissors), Intense Recovery (Normal, Paper)
    • Tie Recovery (Normal, Scissors), Special Recovery (Normal, Paper)
    • Mysterious Air (Wind, Scissors)
  • H04 Segnosaurus: A thick-bodied dinosaur with sharp claws. Little was known about it for a long time.
    • Claws of Revelation (Normal, Rock), Claws of Obscuration (Normal, Scissors), Claws of Interference (Normal, Paper)
    • Segnosaurus Punch (Normal, Rock), Segnosaurus Chop (Normal, Scissors), Segnosaurus Slap (Normal, Paper)
  • H05 Pawpawsaurus: A herbivore with armor that looks like rows of pebbles. Resembles the Sauropelta.
  • H06 Piatnitzkysaurus: A carnivore with a nimble body. It apparently attacks its prey in packs.
  • H07 Oviraptor: An odd-faced dinosaur. Unlike its name, it apparently takes good care of its eggs.
  • H08 Seismosaurus: One of the largest dinosaurs, with long[sic] neck and tail. Its neck helps it reach its food.
  • H09 Pteranodon: A pterosaur with a big crest and long, toothless beak. It is technically not a dinosaur[sic]
    • Metal Wing (Grass, Paper), Diamond Wing (Grass, Paper)
    • Eternal Herb (Grass, Rock)
  • H10 Leaellynasaura: Because of this dinosaur's huge eyes, it is thought that it might be nocturnal.
    • Scissors Remedy (Normal, Scissors), Paper Remedy (Normal, Paper), Rock Remedy (Normal, Rock)
    • Light MP Recovery (Normal, Rock)
  • H11 Troodon: Dinosaur[sic] with saw-like teeth. It's pretty smart, with a large brain and big eyes.
    • MP Block (Normal, Rock), Endless MP (Normal, Scissors), MP Charge (Normal, Paper)
  • H12 Stegoceras: A herbivore with a thick skull dome. It appears to head-butt with this dome.
  • H13 Quetzalcoatlus: A pterosaur thought to be the largest flying creature in history. It has a long beak.
  • H14 Futabasaurus Suzukii: A dinosaur with a long neck. The scientific name was given to this dinosaur in 2006.
  • H15 Supersaurus: Related to Diplodocus. One of the largest dinosaurs ever. It has a long neck and tail.

Awakened Dinosaurs[]

These Dinosaurs are not featured directly in the Encyclopedia; they presumably unlock their base species entry, though cannot be legitimately obtained without already having their base species to check, except through trading.

Alpha Dinosaurs[]

These Dinosaurs are not featured directly in the Encyclopedia; they will unlock their base species entry if obtained first.

Hacked Dinosaurs[]

These EX Dinosaurs can't be obtained without a cheating device (except Deinonychus, who was distributed only one time and only in Japan).

Scrapped Dinosaurs[]

See also: DS Game Unused Elements

These Dinosaurs were planned to be playable but were canceled; however, traces remain in the game's programming.

  • Ugrosaurus
  • Tobaryu
  • (Super?) Alpha Tyrannosaurus
  • (Super?) Alpha Torosaurus
  • (Super?) Alpha Parasaurolophus
  • (Super?) Alpha Spinosaurus
  • (Super?) Alpha Edmontonia
  • (Super?) Alpha Giganotosaurus