Dinosaur King
Dinosaur King
D-Team Dinosaurs

Ace, Chomp, and Paris.

These are the Dinosaur and Assist Move Card dinosaurs that fell into the D-Team's possession over the course of the anime series. From episodes 18 (Japanese) or 20 (English) to 48 (English skipping 27), a tally screen was shown at the end to display the cards in their possession and, if applicable, their newly obtained card (the English dub's episode 20 began with a recap of all past dinosaurs not paralleled in the original Japanese); Move Cards would be shown but slide off to the side instead of joining the tally, as would new cards the Alpha Gang claimed.

The main D-Team dinosaurs in all media are Chomp (Triceratops, sometimes uniquely yellow instead of gray like the original base model), Ace (Carnotaurus, sometimes uniquely purple-tinted instead of dark gray like the original base model), and Paris (Parasaurolophus, identical to the original base model); Paris is mostly featured in the anime and eventually the arcade, though she and Zoe are not main characters in the DS game or the manga).

Saved Dinosaurs in the Anime[]

Season 1[]

Season 1 Cards

Final tally screen, Dinosaur Cards only, D-Team Acquisition order (episode 48)

D-Kids Dinosaurs final Japanese

End segment tally screen including Assist Move Cards, original appearance order (episode 49, Japanese only) (Ankylosaurus and Anchiceratops are mistakenly swapped)

These dinosaurs were part of Dr. Ancient's collection before the Alpha Gang lost them across the world, from then attempting to reclaim them before the D-Team; the D-Team obtained most of them during their debuts.

Season 2[]

Most of these dinosaurs were recaptured from the Spectral Space Pirates' possession, having been provided by Seth, and were usually obtained during their debuts (Isisaurus uniquely was a wild card dinosaur of unclear origin the Space Pirates had taken control of in the field). Not every one was shown having their card being picked up after their defeat (and some were defeated by the Alpha Gang), but it presumably happened and presumably all were recaptured after the Space Pirates were defeated in the finale, including those the Space Pirates had yet to use.

Saved Dinosaurs in the Manga[]


  • The only species of dinosaur card in the anime not known or assumed to possibly be in the D-Team's possession during the series was Seth's Black T. rex, who dispersed into energy strands upon its defeat instead of returning to its card. Additionally, Microraptor was only seen as a wild dinosaur without a card.

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