The D-Team and their dinosaurs

The members of the D-Team (Dキッズ D Kids) are the main protagonists in Dinosaur King and Dinosaur King: Mesozoic Meltdown. The main three in the team are Max Taylor, Rex Owen and Zoe Drake. Their three primary dinosaurs are Chomp the Triceratops, Ace the Carnotaurus, and Paris the Parasaurolophus.


Along with the main three members who go on expeditions to collect the Element Stones and to reclaim the dinosaur cards, two supporting members of the team are Dr. Reese Drake and Dr. Spike Taylor, both of whom run the D-Lab, the D-Team's base of operations in the first series. The during their adventures, the D-Team grows quite a bit in members as more people joined the group, including a young caddy, a Scottish delinquent, and two young princesses.

During their expeditions they save other dinosaurs, and in episodes 10 and 13, Rex uses Ceratosaurus. Their enemies are the Alpha Gang (Team ACT), who aim to use the dinosaurs to build a dinosaur kingdom. In the finale, they team up with the Alpha Gang to stop its rogue member Seth, using Maiasaura, Ceratosaurus, Euoplocephalus, Megaraptor, Fukuisaurus, Allosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Saurophaganax, Ampelosaurus, Stegosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Deinonychus, and Megalosaurus in the battle against the Black T-Rex.

During the Mesozoic Meltdown, the D-Team allies once again with the Alpha Gang to defeat the Spectral Space Pirates after the aliens kidnap their parents. Once again, they go on expeditions not only to reclaim the Pirates' dinosaur cards, but also to acquire the Cosmos Stones.

Due to the Stones in their possession, they are also able to summon any LightningWind, and Grass Dinosaurs.

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Meaning of the NameEdit

The D-Team or anything related to the group in part has a meaning to it's name. The intial "D" obviously stands in short abbreviation for Dinosaur as this is what affiliation as the team goes by. However in the English dub it also means "Danger" as Max proclaims this in the first episode. Both names fit in setting as D-Team is mainly devoted to learning about dinosaurs; They also will commonly get into situation where it is highly risky at times or even in result sacrificing.

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They appear regularly in's 4komas. Notable omake segements are:

  1. The D-Team works at McDonalds. This was made during the time McDonalds was selling Dinosaur King toys in Japan.

In the Dinosaur King manga and arcade, the team only included both Max and Rex, with no presence of Zoe whatsoever; she was introduced in the anime to add a female protagonist, and the manga was made prior to the anime release. Zoe became a playable character in the arcade, along with many other characters, and is a supporting character in the DS Game.